New Way of Expression in a Form that Would Expand Awareness

“The choice to represent your Self in form was a choice for sepa¬ration but not because separation itself was desired as you have assumed. This is the assumption you have accepted in much the same way you have accepted your free will as that which allows you to be separate from and independent of God. Once this assumption was accepted, the duality of your existence became paramount, became the only means you saw of deciphering the world around you and your role within it. Separation, alone¬ness, independence, individuality—these became the purpose you assumed rather than the purpose you started out to achieve—that of a new way of expression in a form that would expand awareness, through relationship, of self and others.” (ACOL, T3:2.3)

The quotation for today is very, very important, for toward the end of the quotation we find our reason for being, our purpose. We came into physical form to find a “new way of expression,” a form that would “expand awareness” through “relationship, of self and others.” The manifestation of our new form of creation included separation, but not because our original purpose was to separate from God. We just became too eager, like adolescent children who are hell-bent on experiencing all that this curious world has to offer. God “let go,” because he saw that to thwart our will would be to remove free will from us, something that He did not want to do, for He did not want pawns in a world of form. So the choice for separation became a mutual choice between God and us, and we were set on our pathway into despair, all because we were not ready to learn any other way, because we were too eager to take our time and learn easily the things that needed to be learned in a physical environment and in our physical forms.

These are the tenets from A Course of Love that explain why we are and what we are about—previously, in our suffering world that demanded the making of an ego to hold everything together. Or so we thought. The ego was a sorry substitute for real creation, because, since we had invented fear, we also made a fearful self to survive as best it could in this fearful world.

Now we are ready to make our way back to God. We are ready to embody form, the elevated Self of form, in a world that will be newly created by the Christ-Self Who has learned much after eons of false learning. We are beginning to realize that interdependence, with our brothers and sisters, is the better way, for there is a reason that we are in a world with billions of other people. We were never meant to be alone in isolated independence, with special relationships of a few who would try, in vain, to lend us support, emotional and otherwise.

We are ready to fulfill our original purpose, adolescents no longer. In maturity, we have learned much, and we know the Christ Self can fulfill us in ways that the egoic self never could. We will live in harmony and peace, and in joy. Our happiness will be complete, and with it, our return to God is effected.


Be with me today, in thick and thin, good and bad, right and wrong. I seek to do the right, but I know that isn’t enough. Good intentions are never enough. Guide me, my prayer always.

Thank You for this good day. I am calm today, and I would stay that way. I would find a way to let this calm permeate my world. And I know that this improvement is of Your doing. Thank You.


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