Jesus: “I Have Always Loved You because I Have Always Recognized You”

“Your personal self is dear to you and dear to me as well. I have always loved you because I have always recognized you. What cannot be recognized or known cannot be loved. While your ego has not been loveable, you have always been. Here is where you need realize that the personal self that is dear to you is not your ego-self and never has been.” (ACOL, T3:3.1)

In these personal words from Jesus to us, we learn that Jesus’s love for us palpable. Do we not sense it? We love this personal self of ours, but we never loved the egoic self. The egoic, fearful, self, did not merit love, for it was lost in the mire of illusion. But shining through it all was the personal self that was hiding the real Self, found deep within us. This Self has not been able to function very often, but in the explosions that erupted in the house of illusions, it did function to find treasures, our treasures of art and religion, even science. The personal self that allowed this Self to come out and play is the self that Jesus has always loved and loves still. We can find a home in this personal self.

As Jesus says, this personal self is not the egoic self. The egoic self is gone from us, though many of us find this hard to believe, for patterns of egoic reflection do still persist, often. These patterns will fall away gently, without pressure, for we have something much better now. All we must do is turn aside from egotistical leanings whenever we recognize these thought processes in ourselves. “Gently” is the watchword.

Enjoy our personal selves today. These are our new personas, the new self who we will portray for our brothers and sisters to see. We need not be ashamed of these selves. They are our savior from our egoic selves. And well it is that we have a Christ-Self Who can effect such a transformation.


I am gladly giving up an egoic self, revealing a new personal self that I show to others and that comes into being because of the Christ-Self whom I am just now recognizing. Thank You for this change.

It helps me to see You as a God to Whom I can talk, though I realize that I am actually communing with You, deep within me. I dissociate Your being from me, and this helps me. But I would no longer see you as external to myself. You dwell in the center of all of us, the heart that speaks to us now. I don’t pretend to fully understand, but I do get glimpses of what this concept means.

Be with me for a fearless day. No worries, no anxieties, no fears. Don’t let my fearful imagination push aside the glimpses of enlightenment, through serenity, that You would show to me.


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