What We Have Made of Our Lives Is Not the Real Person Whom We Are

“I have always loved you for I have always recognized you. While your recognition of your Self has come a long way through your learning of this Course, your self is still seen as a stumbling block.” (ACOL, T3:3.9)

Jesus says elsewhere that he has not loved our ego, because our ego has not been lovable. But he always saw beyond and beneath our egos, and so his love is steadfast and continuing, always there. He makes his assertion go back in time as well. Indeed, we are blessed to know that whatever mess we have made of our lives, encouraged by the nefarious ego, is not the real person who we are. Our real Self, the Christ-Self, is and has always been, lovable.

We don’t need to see our “little,” or personal self as a stumbling block. Once we have released the Self from within, we will exist in our personal selves only as the self whom we present to others. This is a persona, but we can believe that it is a persona informed by goodness, by God Himself, and as such it is no longer a separating factor as has been the egoic self.

The persona whom we are has therefore evolved to something better as we have proceeded on our path. We are reflecting from the Christ-Self when we now evoke the personal self. And this is a good thing indeed.

It is reassuring to me in the extreme that Jesus has always seen beyond and beneath our machinations brought on by the insanity of the ego. We have been insane, mad, and now we are emerging into the light of day. With our egos gone, we are led by A Course of Love to establish a new identity. Before we were instructed in doing so, we may have floundered. And in an egoless state that composed a false humility, we may have really been in danger of taking up a new ego. Certainly we don’t want that. Ask help today in forming a new persona around the Self Who is deep within.

We will not have long to wait.


Thank You for the reassurance that we are not really the self that we have presumed ourselves to be. I know that when I let go and let You take over, I can become someone better than I have been in the past. I don’t even need to “try” to improve, though. The change will happen all by itself, as the Self deep within in emerges from the shell in which I have kept it encased.

Thank You for being here for me, always and forever. Help me to relinquish fuzzy thinking, to instead think clearly, with You in charge.

I do love You. I have always loved You.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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