Bitterness Is to the Heart What Ego Is to the Mind

“While many of you who have read this far and learned this much may not be those whose bitterness is mighty and held tightly to themselves, bitterness must still be discussed. While bitterness remains, vengeance will remain. You have been shown that God is not a God of vengeance but that you are still in the process of learning that your Self is not vengeful.” (ACOL, T3:6.4)

We need to remove from our hearts the concept of a vengeful Self. The Self is our part of God, and as such, not vengeful at all. And bitterness, Jesus says elsewhere, is to the heart what the ego is to the mind. And certainly the ego is insanity to the mind. Perhaps we can extend this thought to recognize that bitterness is insanity to the heart, and, as such, will keep our instincts embroiled in fears and speculation about fairness in our world that can only debilitate.

Our bitterness often comes from the sense that we are “have not’s” in a world in which many others have much more. If we have read this far, we are not as concerned with material blessings as with emotional ones—the peace and calm that we long to have in a troubled world and, perhaps, in a troubled self. Jesus says elsewhere that we have come to enjoy much more peace in our inner world than ever before. But he wants us to go further and change, or better still, create a new world. This we won’t do if bitterness wraps its tentacles around our heart. This we can’t do under such circumstances.

Jesus recognizes that we likely have less bitterness, as readers of A Course of Love, then some others in this world. But we need to eliminate the vestiges of bitterness at their root, which is a sense that we still want rewards for being good, for doing God’s will, for following Jesus. The sense that we want reward must, Jesus tells us elsewhere, be “done without.” And we can easily do this when we work to remove bitterness from our hearts. God is not vengeful, and, as our role model, neither is Jesus. We need to realize that our Self has not been out to get us, that this Self—this Christ-Self—has never done anything that would harm us. We have made mistakes in our egoic self, but mistakes that can be rectified, and forgiven, and then we march on.

Our world will never be the same when we do decide to march on, feeling no need for particular rewards, feeling no need for being bitter.


I need to realize that the few things that go wrong in my world are not reason to color my day with regret and bitterness. Much more goes right, and this is true for everyone. If we focus on a lack of gratitude for what is before us, we will never be satisfied. And bitterness will have a toehold in our heart.

Let me be at peace today, in Your Arms. This will give me a good day, for nothing will go right if I am dissatisfied, and a ungratefulness makes for dissatisfaction. I would be eminently grateful today for the many blessings that surround me. May others who read these words feel the same way.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

2 thoughts on “Bitterness Is to the Heart What Ego Is to the Mind”

  1. Awesome prayer and message…it reminded me of a poem I wrote with a similar message

    “Forgive To Have Inner Peace.”

    There are many alive among
    us who live embracing certain
    unhappiness each day

    They are so full of such
    hatred for another who may
    have hurt them in some way

    They find they can never
    release the pain inflicted
    deep within their lives

    They hold onto that hurt each
    day as they live never letting
    hatreds flame To die

    They want them to suffer much
    each moment of their daily
    lives in many ways

    Only finding in the end the only
    ones who suffer are those whose
    hearts became hatred’s lasting

    Many say by their words they love
    God above all, yet they still allow
    the hurt in their lives to stay

    When there is One who paid the
    ultimate price casting away all
    of hatreds most painful chains

    Many still are turning away from
    the living One who died setting
    all of their lives free one time

    Not ever realizing as hatred
    lives within their consciences
    and hearts its power will never
    let them be

    You can never really be forgiven
    by the One who never a day in His
    life was found to sin

    Unless you open up your hearts,
    spirits, and souls allowing His
    forgiving grace to truly enter in

    When He died upon that old wooden
    Cross, one time for the many sins
    committed by all who live

    What was committed yesterday,
    today, and tomorrow, by His
    selfless sacrifice, and amazing
    grace He did forgive

    It was the greatest gift, the
    purest genuine act of love,
    of forgiveness done in this
    world by anyone

    With that one-act of love He
    sought to teach by His singular
    sacrifice on the cross how true
    healing really begun

    His prayer while dying was Father,
    please, forgive them for they know
    not what they do this day

    While He chose not to condemn us
    for the many sins and the hatred
    that to this day is constantly on

    Reminding what He taught us in His
    spoken word at the Sermon on the
    mount he left to us a genuine

    To finding peace and freedom in
    our lives and how to really make
    that peace in our lives to stay

    Forgiveness is the one special
    key which can really chase hatreds
    ugly spirit away

    Just as He paid the price for a
    debt to God which we humans in our
    lives alone could never repay.

    We must forgive the sins committed
    against us by others and the sins we
    committed against others no matter
    how small or large…then alone in
    prayer before Christ in a quiet place
    Forgive ourselves for our own sins.
    He in one act upon the cross, forgave
    us all one time instantly…believing
    in our Lord God can we not also forgive
    doing the same and receive the blessing
    of peace blossoming in our lives as it
    is nurtured by His amazing grace and love.
    Why do we hold onto past baggage when in
    Christ we are born anew, forgiven and set

    May your life continue to be amazingly and abundantly blessed dear sister!

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