Unveiling of the Christ-Self

“If the Source of Truth is within you, then it is your own revelation toward which we work. Never forget that establishing your identity has been the only aim of this entire course of study. Realize how often you have forgotten this, despite the many repetitions of our aim, and you will be more aware of your resistance and your need to let it go.” (ACOL, T3:8.2)

This quotation gets into the theology of A Course of Love. The Source of Truth is God Himself, and this Source is sourced in the Christ-Self, an all-embracing Self Whom we share with the All, including other people, our brothers and sisters. We are seeking to come to understanding of this Christ-Self, one who has been overshadowed for eons in our own minds by the ego. Our “own revelation” is the unveiling of this Christ-Self, One with God, One with our mind and heart, One with our brothers and sisters in this world and beyond. This revelation will establish our identity, the purpose, we are told to the entire course of study on which we are embarked. The entire ACOL. Later a new purpose will be announced by Jesus, when he is certain that we have established a new identity, free of the ego. But for now our purpose is the establishment of our true identity, which is the Christ-Self hidden deep within each of us.

We haven’t been carrying this purpose in our minds, and Jesus is right about this. We are brought up short by his assertion, here, that we have resistance to the aim of ACOL. How might this resistance play out?

Well, it could be very bad indeed. It is not impossible that we will establish another ego-self when the original one falls away. We might do this if we are not open enough to what our heart is trying to say. If we listen to both mind and heart in wholeheartedness, allow the Self to come out and play, and join with our brothers and sisters—then the fear that we will establish another ego-self will be unfounded. Then and only then will we have given up our resistance to Jesus’s urging that we go on to establish our true identity, the Christ-Self who has learned, yes, learned what it means to be immersed in true reality. We may not immediately remember that the Christ-Self does learn, for our first reaction would be that this Self knows all that is necessary to life in the real world, or true reality. But learn it does, and we are the means.

We are told that the amassed teaching of the past is not going to be how we move into the new world we are going to create. We will observe, and then be in-formed by that world and our own intuitive insight, an insight that is God-driven. This observation is our new way of learning, the way that allows us more say in the matter of what we learn. We won’t want others to choose our lessons for us. We stay in the driver’s seat.

Bid the new revelations to come today. We are ready, and it is not arrogance to claim what is our inheritance and our birthright. We have indeed left the ego-self behind, and life will smooth out tremendously in the wake of the emergence of the real Self.


May I turn over all I can’t handle to You alone. May I realize that there is much, very much, that I can’t handle. The world is very much with me today. I would ask to see Your truth in this world.

Be with me as I seek to walk a fresh pathway today. A pathway strewn with flowers, a pathway of true reality. May I be reassured that You hold the world in your hands, and You won’t let me down.


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