Genuineness in Our Relationships Leads to Christ-consciousness

“Giving and receiving are one in truth.

“By saying that giving and receiving are one in truth it is being said that you are lacking only in what you do not give. The belief in lack is a temp¬tation of the human experience. This will relate to all situations in which you feel you have something to gain from some “other.” Again, this will be related to old patterns of dissatisfaction with the self.” (ACOL, T3:16.9 – 16.10)

Before reading A Course of Love, we probably never gave any thought that dissatisfaction with the self would be involved with the idea of lack and trying to gain something from another. But if we aren’t dissatisfied with ourselves, we know that we are complete as we are, that we have no need to gain from another unless we are also giving to that other brother or sister as well. And giving and receiving are one. In physical bodies, we must see that we reach out, and then something is reciprocated—and the reverse, someone gives us something, and we respond.

Since we are all One, this dynamic makes sense only when we think of our relationships with others. This is “unity and relationship” in action. Our Self, One with all, nevertheless gives and receives in our physical world, because we are discrete entities occupying separate bodies.

Let us not be dissatisfied with ourselves any longer. We do all have flaws, but we can change these things just by asking the Almighty to clean us up. We do not have to reach to an “ideal” self to know that we are alright just as we are, that we need only to be who we are in interactions with others.

This will allow a genuineness in our relationships that is like nothing else. Others will want to flock around us, not for what we can give them, but purely to be in our company.

Unless the ego rises up again, we have nothing to fear from recognizing this dynamic. And we have some say in whether or not we fall into egotistical thinking once again.


So often I wonder how I might be a better person. But this is not the right tack, according to A Course of Love. I would be reaching for an “ideal” self, and this would be an idol. So help me to know that flaws can fall away, actually, just by wishing them away. That simple, and that profound.

Be with me on this day, a day filled with possibility and blessings. May I know that the urges that I feel about what to do and say need to be coming from You, or I will guide my actions wrongly. Get through to me, please.

Thank You.



Cease Struggling to be Other than Who We Are in Truth

“You are already accomplished.

“By saying that you are not only accomplished, but The Accomplished, it is being said that you are already what you have sought to be. Thus, in order to live by the truth, you must live in the world as The Accomplished and cease struggling to be other than who you are in truth.” (ACOL, T3:16.7 – 16.8)

We may not like everything about ourselves. We may still think (or know) that we get angry too easily and too often. We may attack, at least verbally. But flaws such as this can be rectified. And when we have someone like Jesus saying that we are already The Accomplished, we are encouraged to think better of ourselves and to leave character flaws behind us.

We need to be who we are. If we don’t like who that is, we still don’t reach toward an ideal self. This is a persona that actually means nothing, for it is made up of bits and pieces from our past—ideas of great people whom we would like to emulate. But we don’t need role models any longer. We need to stop in our tracks and know that we are really alright just as we are. Even with all our flaws.

If our flaws are hurting ourselves and others, we will want to evolve. We will want to make peace with ourselves and with all others. This is how being “accomplished” can help us; we can know that we already know how to make peace in our troubled world. And what we don’t know, we can learn from turning inward to the Christ-Self, part of God Himself.

Get quiet today. Simmer down if overwrought. The best ways of men and women are still available to us. The best future is still ahead of us.

We have much to be thankful for, and our sense that we are who we are, and are not apologetic for it, is a step in the right direction.


Help me walk through this day calm and easy. It is so often unavoidable in getting overwrought, but this will avail nothing. Peace is my way. The best way.

May I do nothing today that would go against Your will for me, knowing, as I do, that my ideal will is exactly Yours for me. Thank You for being there for me, always and forever.


We Are Born Anew

“You are accomplished.

Giving and receiving are one in truth.
There is no loss but only gain within the laws of love.
Special relationships have been replaced by holy relationship.

“What we are adding now to these beliefs is the idea that these beliefs can be represented in form. These beliefs can, with the help of the new thought system, change the very nature of the self described by the words human being. This calls for still more forgetting as you must consciously let go of all your ideas of the limitations inherent in your concept of what it means to be a human being.” (ACOL, T3:15.15 – 15.16)

If we turn inward, we will realize that we have always felt limitations in living our lives. Some of these limitations were external, from our parents and teachers as we were growing up, and from our significant others when we reached adulthood. But more extreme limitations were felt from within. We felt we were not good enough, bright enough, accomplished enough to succeed at what we wanted to do in life. And these are ideas are what need to come to a close.

What does it mean to say that we are “accomplished.” We have succeeded, even when we think we haven’t. We have taken unto ourselves a gigantic learning feat in leaving behind the ego in favor of the Christ-Self. We are ready for what will transpire in the future (even when we aren’t entirely sure of this).

Giving and receiving are one. This makes sense when we realize that we embody form, physical bodies. And these bodies interact with one another. What we give, we receive; and vice-versus. This behooves us to choose wisely, informed by guidance.

We will not lose anything in this life. This is cause for rejoicing.

And, at the point that we are in ACOL, we have replaced special relationships with the holy. This is a shift that started when reading A Course in Miracles, and continues even now. We have lost nothing by giving up special relationships. We have only gained, for remember, “There is no loss but only gain within the laws of love.”

As we take these wonderful ideas unto ourselves, we are born anew. We leave any sense that we are limited in the dust below our feet. We walk ahead, unburdened by the past.

And all is well.


May this day go well. May I enjoy the warm feeling that reading A Course of Love gives me. May I carry this warm feeling, a feeling coming from my heart, into daily life.

Be with me today. Help me to thank You properly for my many blessings. Let me take nothing for granted, especially not You.


Let Us Walk into a Better World

“These Treatises are no longer concerned with coursework as the work of this Course has been accomplished in you. These Treatises are simply concerned with assisting you to live what you have learned. Learning was needed in order to return you to your Self. Despite whatever method you feel you used to learn what you have learned, what this Course did was bypass the way of learning of the ego and call upon the Christ in you to learn anew. That learning put an end to the old. Living what you have learned will usher in the new.” (ACOL, T3:15.13)

Jesus is getting ready for us, as strange as it may sound, to leave learning behind—in favor of simple observation of our inner and outer worlds. Previously, we learned through our ego, and what we learned did not help us to have a better world, not at all. Then, after beginning A Course of Love, we learned through our Christ-Self, the inner entity who is one with God, and in doing this, we recognized that we were leaving the ego behind.

The ego got us in such fixes. We were engaged in power struggles, shouting matches, violence of all types. At least now, with the Christ-Self, we know better. And soon we will have learned all that the Christ-Self needs to learn through traditional means of reading learned texts. Then we will observe, directly and simply, and let the Christ-Self continue in its learning by a new method.

We may have some trouble believing that a Christ-Self would even be in need of learning. But Jesus says “yes,” and we can imagine that an inner entity, one with God but hidden from view for eons, might have need of learning anew how to live in our world. This much is clear: Jesus says that the Christ-Self is learning with us now. And that is enough for me. I do trust what Jesus has to say.

Let the Christ-Self teach what It can teach. Let It learn what It needs to learn. Teaching and learning go together, and we have not yet given up both. But we will. Jesus was the example life from 2,000 years ago, and soon he will tell us that his teaching and learning functions are no longer relevant for our thought. We will make observations of our real life in this world. And these observations will take us, ultimately, to an in-forming that will change everything.

These are the final thoughts of ACOL.


Thank You for all that You have done for me today. I am learning to say “thank You” more often. It gives me a sense of gratitude, inwardly, and gratefulness leads to a happy day.

Be with me as this day draws to a close. Help my viewers to accept the words of Jesus in A Course of Love. Let us have open hearts, open hearts that will speak to our minds, and then we will be well on our way to a newly created world, a world that is nothing short of heaven on earth.


Allow Hope to Transform Our Day

“You must now birth the idea that human beings do indeed change. While you have known instinctively that there is a core, a center to each that is unchangeable, you must now give up the idea that this core or center has been represented by the past. You must forget the idea that the future cannot be different than the past.” (ACOL, T3:15.7)

Our core is the inner Christ-Self, and this Self has not been accurately portrayed by the “little,” or personal self. The personal self has been a persona, and previously it was an egoic persona. Now it is the self only that we present to our brothers and sisters, but it is a self that has been informed by the Christ-Self, the core that does not change. Never presented to others beforehand, of course we didn’t know what people were really like. We had never shown our true face.

Yes, when we allow the Christ-Self to emerge, and when this Christ-Self informs the personal self, we will see that our brothers and sisters will change. We will see that we change. Our misgivings about past misdeeds can be forgotten. The inner core was not represented in deeds of hostility. The Christ-Self is loving and peaceful, and this face will be seen now. The egoic self is no more, in us who are reading A Course of Love. And the personal self that we present to others will be a new face when it is informed by the emergent Christ-Self.

There is much hope in the passage for today. People who have executed deeds that are deplorable can be seen to change, because their core is good. And when they come to understand the Self Who is deep within, they can exhibit good behavior, behavior that has not seen the light of day until now.

The ego needs to die, and this is not the ego of Freud, but the ego presented in ACIM and ACOL, a false version of the self. The ego that needs to die lives in fear, and we know that living in fear is no way to live at all.

Allow hope to transform our day. All people have the potential to become new when a new identity emerges from deep within. This is the transforming hope for our world.


I am going to allow hope to transform this day, the first day of the rest of my life. Hope quells illness, among other things. It alleviates any “down” feeling that we have. It is vastly underrated.

Be with me today. Help me to love with an ever-greater love. And may I reach out to those I encounter with genuine love.


Genuine Relationships Are the Soul of Love

“Some of you have had more experience with new beginnings than others. For most mature adults, some form of new beginning has taken place or been offered. Often, those within the relationship of marriage have had occasion to choose to forgive the past and begin again to build a new relationship. Others, in a similar relationship, might have chosen to let the past go and enter into new relationships. Parents have welcomed home errant children to give them the chance to begin again. At all stages of life new friendships are formed and the relationship with each new friend provides for a new beginning.” (ACOL, T3:15.1)

We are caught in a new beginning right now, the culmination of the joining of heart and mind into wholeheartedness, and the joining of unity and relationship to form our place in this world. We can be optimistic about the future, or we can let fear overcome us, and drop into depression and self-doubt. All self-doubt, Jesus tells us, is really fear, and he has also in A Course of Love (as in A Course in Miracles) told us that there are only two emotions, love and fear. Of course, he asks us in this new beginning to choose love. And we know from our own new beginnings in our lives that the most successful of new beginnings are those that have been welcomed by love.

Relationship is everything, actually. Our individuated portions of the Self have come together in relationships that will destroy, or will transform, our world. Each of us is an individuated portion of the Self, for the Self, in unity, is One. Understanding this takes a mystical frame of mind. But mystical experiences are known to many of us, and they can be known by all of us if our mind does not close down, lost in skepticism that what we are experiencing is real.

So let us consider our new beginnings from our lives. If we formed a new relationship with our beloved after a rupture, if we formed a new relationship with a new beloved, if we welcomed home a wayward child—then we are easily led to follow Jesus’s thinking, because we know, first hand, what he is comparing real relationship to. Real relationships are the soul of Love. First, we meld together heart and mind to form wholeheartedness, and so we have an inner relationship to truth that serves us in good stead. Then we reach outward with the Self, the Christ-Self Who has been cloaked in the depths of our psyche for eons. This Self, shared with all others, forms relationships with our brothers and sisters in Love. And then we know that we will need never feel alone again.

Our union with our brothers and sisters, in relationships that are full of love, will allow us to proceed peacefully in our world. We will know intuitively and mystically that we are One with everyone, and when we know that, we cannot harm, for we know that we would only be hurting ourselves.


I seek to expand my circle of close friends to even more brothers and sisters. This expansion of relationship will give me a broader community and help me to follow more precisely the tenets of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. The way back to God is paved by our relationships, our real relationship honed in love. There is no other answer as to how to live well in this world.

Be with me today, as always. Give me good energy to succeed in making a contribution to this difficult world. May I come to see this world as less difficult as I walk ever closer with You.

The way is not difficult with You hold my hand.


Now We Know that We Are Safe

“Atonement, or correction, is not of you but of God. You might think of this in terms of nature and look upon nature’s ability to correct itself. You are a part of nature. Your body can correct or heal itself, and so can your mind and heart…if they are allowed to do so. A time-bound consciousness that hangs onto the past as if it were the truth, allows not correction to take place. The past is no more and neither the present nor the future can be built upon it. This is why we have spent so much time unlearning and why we continue with lessons of forgetting.” (ACOL, T3:14.12)

We all know that the physical body heals itself, though sometimes we do choose healing means to augment the natural. Now Jesus is telling us that the mind and heart will also heal itself, if left to its own devices. And we need to leave it to its own devices, not to egg it on with “remedies” that actually preserve the problem.

A Course in Miracles speaks of our feeling concerned that the contribution that we add to that of the Holy Spirit actually needs to be so little. Very little is actually asked of us. We can even be somewhat passive in accepting the help of the universe.

In this acceptance from God and His universe, we grow emotionally and spiritually. We are no longer bent on finding our own way. We rest in a larger truth, that the things that we know will emerge from the depths, and we will be alright, finally.

Now we listen to the Christ-Self, for the time of the Holy Spirit has passed. He was a intermediary, because we were fearful of approaching God directly. Now we know that we are safe, and now we know that we aren’t fearful of God any longer.

Our progress can and will be faster.


Nature, You, can heal our mind and heart. What a great choice this makes—for us to relax and let You do Your lovely work, healing us. The way back to You is paved with good blessings. And when we finally reach You, we are indeed blessed.

May this day be a happy one. May this day show me, once again, that turning to You heals. There is no faster way to healing than the one that You point out.