Glorious New Beginning

“As was said in A Course of Love, the idea of suffering is what has gone so wrong within God’s creation. As was said in “A Treatise on the Art of Thought,” the idea of love can replace the idea of suffering but it is chosen not because of the suffering that seems to make no sense of love. Bitterness is the cause of this inability to make a new choice and what keeps the cycle of suffering in motion.” (ACOL, T3:8.7)

Bitterness is to the heart what fear is to the mind. Jesus tells us this in A Course of Love. And bitterness is harder to sense. We may find the idea foreign to ourselves, but if we look deep within, we will see that we have failed to be tolerant and kind due to the bitterness that saw life as unfair.

And life may seem unfair for a very long time. It is an axiom of modern living, “Life is unfair.”

Can we change this mantra now? Can we really see a way out? If we make sense of love, we will leave suffering behind, suffering of all kinds—including bitterness. Would it not make supreme good sense to finally try love? This elixir has not really been tried, even in the heart, due to the bitterness there that said that life is unfair. If scientists told us that something very grand had been discovered that would cure all of our ills, we would listen. And then if they called this thing “love,” we would turn a blind eye to it once again. But love has never been tried, not really. We have been too caught up in our suffering, suffering that led to the bitterness that I have been describing.

Free our hearts today. Stop trying to imagine why and how suffering has happened. Just simply leave it behind. Suffering is a mistake in a creation that presumably can have no mistakes. But the mistake did happen, because we chose not to thrust off separation. We rejected God in our adolescence as homo sapiens. We knew no other way out.

We do know a way out now. And Jesus is giving us that way in A Course of Love. We are establishing a new identity free of the ego. And everything will be so very different and so very much better.

Depend on it. Stake your life on it. Claim it. And eschew the bitterness that has kept our hearts locked up.

There is no better way to a glorious new beginning, a glorious new future.


Thank You for this good day. I am very hopeful that given a new frame of mind, one that does not allow the heart to sense unfairness in our world, that all will be better. Even that suffering will end, for I bring so much of my pain on myself. In that, I am like everybody else. We all choose suffering, when there is a better way. We can open up to hope, and then we will be much more inclined never to let pain escalate into suffering.

Pain that is emotional is particularly easy to fix; thank You for that. Physical pain changes with the degree to which we focus on it. Science has proved that a mind distracted from pain, makes that pain more bearable. Let’s prove that to ourselves today, if we sense pain of any kind threatening to overcome our good attitude.

Be with me as I try to gain the motivation to follow Your way in my world. Thank You.


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