Love Is the True & Real Answer to All Our Troubles

“This idea is an idea of love. It is an idea that makes perfect sense and it is its very sense that makes it seem meaningless in a world gone mad. It is an idea that says only that which comes from love is real. It is an idea that says only that which fits within the laws of love is reality. It is an idea that says all that love would not create does not exist. It is an idea that says that if you live from love and within love’s laws you will create only love. It is an idea that accepts that this can be done and can be done by you in the here and now. To accept these ideas without accepting their ability to be applied is to change your beliefs without changing your ideas. This many have done. This you surely do not want to do.” (ACOL, T3:9.1)

This quotation for today is a primer on love, a primer on love from A Course of Love, even though Jesus has said in both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love that love cannot be “learned.” It seems evident, though, that an understanding of love can be intuited, and when we read ACOL, especially, diligently and with focusing on our heart, we feel a mellow sensation that invites us to love wholeheartedly.

Reality means love; this is what Jesus is saying. And with that, we can understand that maybe what I have been saying, that reality is composed of intangibles like harmony, peace, joy, empathy, is true. These intangibles don’t depend on feeling that the physical world is real. We don’t have to go there; we don’t have to debate how many angels dance on the head of a pin, as the medievalists did. We don’t have to imagine that because Jesus in ACOL takes the body seriously, it is a contradiction with the non-dualistic A Course in Miracles. Readers of ACIM and ACOL are both aware of a physical reality, but we are also aware of the non-physical, mystical aspect of reality as well. And true reality is immersed in this non-physical, mystical truth (or so I think).

Love needs no debate. This eternal truth is here for all to see, and if we follow the principles of ACIM and ACOL, others in our world will see a truth about us that has eluded them previously. ACIM speaks of a way that is not of this world, the way in which people walk the earth, seeming to be as they have been, but in actuality being very different. That Workbook lesson is reflected in ACOL as well, when Jesus tells us that others will be attracted to what we have, and will want to be in our company, wanting what we have. This is not a lesson for the reemergence of ego; it is a lesson for the living of love. And we will be living love whenever we realize that being in this world but not of it is the way that we want to walk.

As Jesus said in ACOL, if scientists proclaimed that a mysterious substance had been discovered in the universe that would make everything run smoothly, we would listen. And if this substance were determined to be love, we would wonder why we had not seen it all before. This is where we are in regard to love—a mysterious substance that can heal us, that can give us peace and happiness, that can make our lives worth living, maybe for the first time ever.

Let love direct our walk today. Lead with our heart, for the heart knows of what I speak. The warm and fuzzy feeling that comes over many of us as we read A Course of Love is the intuition that love is the real and true answer to all our troubles. Find that truth today.


When I pray to love more deeply, You warm my heart. When I pray to convey my love to my significant others, You show me how and what to do, intuitively. This business of loving is very powerful indeed. No other mysterious substance in the universe can come close.

Be with me as I seek to walk Your way, always in love. Living in love is a grand and great goal, and taking that goal unto myself is what I want to do with this day. With every day.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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