Listen for What Is Full of Love, What Is Gentle

“Realize that this is how you have learned in the past and that all that is from the past is what you are being called to forget. Thus when uncer¬tainty arises, you need but remind yourself that the time for uncertainty is past. Uncertainty will not now come to teach you lessons you have already learned but will only visit you as an echo from the past. It is a habit, a pattern of the old thought system. All you must do is not listen to it. Its voice will not be gentle or full of love. Its voice will hold the unmistakable edge of fear.” (ACOL, T3:10.11)

This quotation builds upon the quotation from yesterday. When we are uncertain or experiencing self-doubt, we are really living in fear. And this fear can and ought to be avoided. Look to the heart to still the fear, for this fear is only a pattern of the ego that can be overcome. Patterns of the time of the ego may continue to plague us for a while, but listening to the heart quells all such confusion.

Listen for what is full of love, what is gentle. Turn aside from uncertainty by gently opening the heart to what is transpiring in our world. The heart will always guide rightly.

And the self-doubt with which we have been plagued will dissipate as mists before the sun.

If self-doubt seems to linger, then ask a few pointed questions. What is happening in our lives that hasn’t happened until now? Why are we unsure and plagued with uncertainty?

Our minds may be affected by passing illness. We don’t think well when illness is predominant in what we are experiencing. In such cases, we may need simply to wait it out. Lie low for a while. Don’t make decisions from a place of uncertainty. If decisions are necessary, commune with our inner God for long periods of time. He will not mislead.

We may find that the period of uncertainty is a time of testing. Do we know how to distinguish genuine guidance from passing fancy? If not, now is the time to learn. We may not be at our best, but this too can be a way of learning from observation of our world. Maybe our observations tell us that we are not clicking along very well. If so, we need to retreat from the world into our inner sanctuary, and let God take over, ever more.

Uncertainty will pass if we follow God’s direction, and He is present in the Christ-Self, our new Self, the new Self Who will create a new world.


I find myself wanting to go in many directions all at once, and this fuels uncertainty—the last thing that I want. Help me with this. Help us with this. Uncertainty is self-doubt, and self-doubt is fear—egoic in nature. I thought that I had left the ego behind, but perhaps its echo is still with me. Please let the ego fall away, once and for all.

Be with me today. Help me to have a good day, now and always. My constant prayer, said every morning.

Help me to discern guidance accurately. Help me to play with You, for You are lighthearted and loving, most of all.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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