Our New Goal: Changing Consciousness to the Eternal

“Matter or form is bound by time. Spirit is not. The House of Truth cannot be bound by time and be a House of Truth. How then can the personal self begin to realize the human experience outside of time? The answer is thus: by changing the consciousness of the personal self from a time-bound state of consciousness to an eternal state of consciousness. This change, as has been said before, is the miracle. This miracle is the goal toward which we now work.

“Realize that prior to this point, our goal was returning to your aware¬ness the truth of your identity. By changing our goal now, I am assuring you that you have become aware of the truth of your identity. The goal of this Course has been accomplished.” (ACOL, T3:12.4 – 12.5)

The passage for today is a very important turning point in A Course of Love. Jesus tells us that the initial goal of this Course has been effected. We have left the ego behind and by so doing we have formed a new identity. The blocks to the awareness of love have been removed. We are possessors of a new identity, the real Self, a Christ-Self, who will transform the little, or personal, self into something that knows its way around eternity, time-bound no longer.

We are now solidly in the place of miracles. We will recognize miracles when time loses its importance to us, and we realize that we are seeing things found only in eternity. When we live as though we are outside time and space, our vision is recharged, our eyes are cleared, we grasp the eternal. We do not leave our physical bodies behind, though. We are fast moving toward the elevated Self of form that will occupy Jesus’s words in the final book of A Course of Love, the Dialogues.

Our elevated Self of form recognizes that the body may not be real (in my interpretation), but it feels real to us, and therefore we would be unwise to try to discount and especially unwise to reject it. The things of the body occupy us quite a lot in our physical world. But it is the intangible things of the spirit that are most important, and these things transform the physical when it is elevated. This transformation effects great change in our world, either change or recreation. Some of will embody change, and some of us will simply create anew. There is room for both actions in our world. Jesus’s emphasis, though, is on creating the new world, not just in making changes within it. And when we commune with God, deep within us, we get some ideas of how to go about co-creating a new world.

We don’t have to have plans. Indeed, trying to weave plans will slow us down and even lead us wrongly. Instead, follow guidance that comes from within, the Christ-Self Itself. This Self knows in a way that our personal self has never known. And knowledge is our great need now. Commune with the depths, and see if we don’t really “know” for the first time ever.


What a blessing this change in goal really is! To see the eternal in everyday life will be a miracle indeed. Thank You.

May I focus on those things which are eternal as I live each day of my future. Your way will succeed in ways that nothing else ever could. I am appreciative that I realize that.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

3 thoughts on “Our New Goal: Changing Consciousness to the Eternal”

  1. Thank you yet again, Celia, for this encouragement on our way. The shift in awareness of my new identity creeps up on/in me, almost unawares. A shift in attitude about how old I am at 83 (it does come into my mind how long do I have etc)— who cares? I’m in an eternal journey—not just a physical body. Also a feeling of being full, being fulfilled. No restless hole inside to fill with food, entertainment, whatever. The renewed passion for relating to what I know of God, no matter it’s mostly mystery. Asking the question many times a day “What would love do now, what would love do in this situation…” And on the transformation continues.

    1. We are in an eternity, and death is like walking through an open door. This latter point is from Ruth Montgomery’s Guides; she was an automatic writer from the last century. I recommend The World Beyond for anybody wondering about how life will be on the Other Side.

      Take care. And many thanks. You are one of my favorite new friends in the ACOL community. I enjoyed your revealing feature in the Embrace newsletter.

      Love, Celia

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