The Pathway Is Easy & Strewn with Good Wishes

“A question has been asked and a response is awaited. Are you willing to be chosen? Are you willing to be the chosen of God? All are asked. What is your answer?” (ACOL, T4:1.5)

Jesus goes to great lengths to tell us in A Course of Love that ALL are chosen, and that all have always been chosen. We have often heard that various members of different faith believe themselves to be the chosen of God. In ACOL, we learn that this is a misconception. God reaches out to all. And now we are ready to accept our place as His chosen. At least, we hope that we are. All are offered the hand of God. But it is possible that only some will accept. We must be among that number.

We might imagine that many things will be asked of us as God’s chosen, the ones who have affirmed that we accept His anointing of us with these words. But we would be particularly mistaken if we believed that more than service were being asked of us. Elsewhere we are told that we are The Accomplished, and so seeking to develop talents to move beyond being accomplished would not seem to be in order. Of course, we can develop talents for service, and this would be completely in line with ACOL. But we are particularly encouraged not to struggle to witness for God. Struggling is not necessary, though striving to understand the concepts of ACOL is necessary. The pathway is easy and strewn with good wishes. We have all that we need truly, for needs are answered at the time of their recognition. And so there are no needs. Our blessings truly are manifold.

So, in accepting this call to be the chosen of God, what awaits us in the future? Actually, the most that awaits is not a call for work, but for ease. Doing God’s Will is not laborious. Once we understand what He is asking us to do, we will do it willingly and without strain. And each will have a different task, a task that only he/she can fulfill so well.


It is reassuring to note that all are chosen by You. All. And all the time. Let us go easy with this assurance. Let me be relaxed as I seek to know what next thing you want of me. I know that productivity is not a god, though, and so productivity in and of itself is not the answer.

But You do want some means of service to others, my brothers and sisters on this earth. Help me to anser that call, always and forever.

Be with me as I seek to know what You would ask of me.



Our Way Will Be Transformed

“Observe the personal self with one last act of love and devotion, and in so doing transform the personal self into a representation of the truth. Realize that what we have called “closed eyes” observation is really the observation of a Self beyond the personal self. To call forth observance is to call forth the sight of your true Self. To call forth the sight of your true Self is to call your true Self into observable form. Calling the true Self forth into observable form is the end of the old and the beginning of the new.” (ACOL, T3:22.17)

We are on the cusp of the “Treatise on the New,” seeing here the last daily quotation from the treatise on the personal self. And in observing the self, the Self, we see what we have heretofore found lacking in our everyday life. Others’ words did not ever teach us as much as observing from the events of our life might. And when we observe from the events of our life, everything and everyone is taking us home to God, transforming the egoic personal self into a real personal self that reflects the inner Christ-Self.

What a blessing this is! When we welcome the Christ-Self out to play, we can cease worrying about anything at all. Our way will be transformed. We will experience love in a different fashion from all the preceding years, years in which special love led to dramatic highs and lows that disturbed our tranquility.

We are done with all that now. We are on the home stretch. And the joy of living in the present in upon us. We love our brothers and sisters, all of them, with a greatness that heretofore eluded us. Our significant others do not have to ever worry about diminished love for them now that we are turning aside from loving in a special way. The special way was flawed, and it could lead to a cessation of love as much as anything. Holy love is always there. And our significant others are likely the first recipients of this holy love.

I so much want to show holy love for all of my significant others. I want them to feel the depth of my love, and I want that deep love to be unwavering. Help me to realize this greater way of viewing love. Indeed, it is Love with a capital “L.”
Be with me today as I seek to follow in Your footsteps. Help me to commune with my inner Christ-Self so that I know what and how to effect change, good change, that will be lasting.
Thank You for being with me on yet another glorious day.

Life Is Showing Us Something Very Grand

“The ability to cease all acts of comparison will arise out of this observa¬tion of your new Self, for you cannot observe your new Self without observing the truth that has always existed. The truth that has always existed is our oneness, and what you will observe about your new Self you will observe about all. We will be one body, one Self. No comparison will be possible. You will realize that differences but lie in expression and representation of the truth, never in the truth itself.” (ACOL, T3:22.11)

In this world in which we encourage diversity and respect it, it can be difficult to read Jesus’s words that we are actually all the same, but just live with different expressions of our being. This does not need to be read as a turning aside from diversity, because knowing that we are all equal can be a comforting thought. Since we express ourselves differently, though, diversity is still maintained. Our sameness is at base only. Expressions vary.

We are One. This is why at base we are the same and at base we are equal. We live the same truth also, and this truth is the true reality of our being—the harmony, peace, and the love that elicits that harmony and peace. We need to stop comparing ourselves to each other. This is a holdover from the days of the ego, and, like the ego, is best left behind. Comparisons only make us feel bad, for there always will be those who seem—I say “seem”—to have more. Actually, in eternity we are all given equal gifts. And the manner in which we express those gifts finds a place in time.

We need to observe our new Self, the new Self Who we share with all others. This is serving the new tool of observation as a means of learning, no longer depending on others, but depending on what life is showing us. And life is showing us something very grand, if we only have eyes to see.


May I reach out to others today, not by seeking to compare myself to them in any way, but simply to be there for them. All of us need each other. I can’t get along without other people, I know, and that is true for all of us, however much we might deny it.

Be with me on this lovely day, so that I enjoy the blessings that You have so abundantly rained down upon me. May I have a glimpse of enlightenment today. I know that this is happening when I am at peace, feeling joy, and being grateful.


Flow with What Comes, in Grace

“The injunction that you resign as your own teacher originated in A Course in Miracles and was furthered here. Along with this resignation is the concept of receiving rather than planning. Your feeling that a specific role is required of you, or that you have a specific thing to do of which you need to be aware, are functions of the pattern of the planning process that once so ruled your mind. To be willing to receive instead of plan is to break the pattern of planning.” (ACOL, T3:22.5)

All of us still try to plan our days, and these days stretch into weeks and months, with planning for our lives being a prominent feature. But Jesus says that planning is misguided. Indeed, in A Course in Miracles, planning that was not prompted by the Holy Spirit was said to be one way that we would fall off the pathway, one way that we would fail to reach Awakening. (The other two ways were attack and making judgments.) Now Jesus continues the line of thought from ACIM. He extends his words of advice to a directive to “receive” instead of plan. And with this receiving, we are ensuring that we are falling in line with God’s will, a will that is actually our own true will.

Receive today rather than plan. Don’t try to be predictive about the future; Jesus doesn’t. Just take what comes with the grace in which it is given.


I want to show grace today in all my dealings. I have such high hopes, and I sometimes don’t measure up. Help me to accept Your grace that all is well. Help me to know that You are smoothing the way, always.

Be with me as this day unfolds. Help me to apologize if I need to, and the to drop it. Mistakes happen, but I make a mistake, again, when I cling to a mistake.

Thank You for guiding me aright. Thank You for A Course of Love.


We Simply All Need to Help Each Other

“Surely there are already those called to represent not only their true Selves but this Course to the world. If this had not been the case, you would not be taking this Course. It would not be available, and it would not be known to you. So even while I have said that no one is called to leader¬ship and while I have surely meant this and do not call for leaders to amass followers, I do not mean to dissuade any of you who feel a call to represent this Course and the teachings of this Course with your lives and work. Those who feel this call are surely needed. And each of you will find the sharing of this Course to be among the easiest of ways to share what you have learned. You will almost certainly feel eagerness to share it and joy whenever and wherever you are able to do so. But some of you will find that you do no more than mention this Course as the one, or only one of the teachings that has led you to the truth.” (ACOL, T3:22.2)

Jesus is speaking to each of us, readers of A Course of Love, in this quotation, letting us know what might be expected. Certainly he is speaking to those of us who are promulgating the message. But he is also speaking to those who are simply living the message with their lives. Perhaps a mention of ACOL is all that we need to do. Perhaps just letting someone else know where our new ideas come from is enough.

Those of us who are actively spreading the word of ACOL are encouraged not to take ourselves too seriously. Nobody in this era ought to set himself/herself up as an authority, but the Christ-Self which we all share is the only authority, and we can still make mistakes in discerning what this authority is telling us.

We don’t need leaders to develop a following. We simply all need to help each other. The way back is not hard if we pull together. Let’s just make certain that we hold tightly to each other’s hand in this circle we are making.


Thank You for another good day. There are moments in everyone’s day that don’t measure up, but when we live in unity with one another, this happens less frequently. May I join with others, my brothers and sisters, in a display of unity that will warm Jesus’s heart.

Be with me in the coming hours of this day. I ask for Your patience. You are not through with me yet.


Peace & Harmony Abide in True Reality

“No leaders and no followers are needed. This is quite obviously an old way of thinking. While no one is called to evangelize, all are called equally to represent the truth and to observance of the truth.” (ACOL, T3:21.24)

We may feel disappointed, and yet relieved, that we are not called to proselytize anybody. And this is really what it means to evangelize. But we do live well, and in this representation we are representing our new understanding of God and the way that life ought to be lived. This new way is a way of truth, a truth that is living in true reality. This true reality is, first of all, one of peace and harmony. It is the manner of living in love. We don’t allow conflict to get a hold in our life. We don’t allow dissension with others to bother our peace of mind. We are at peace without the ego, and it is only a return to the ego, something we don’t want, that would bring conflict and dissension back into our lives.

We don’t need to put anybody on a pedestal as a “leader,” for we are all equal. We all have equal access to the truth. Not everybody will come away with the same set of tenets that tell him or her how to live a life, but all will know a closer walk with God that will be our salvation, our saving grace.

Our new personal self, aligned with the Christ-Self, will save us, finally and ultimately. We are getting into a way of life, ultimately, that will work. We just take each day as it comes, in peace, confident that God has everything in hand.

And this gives true reality a chance to save us.


Thank You for being You. My heart is full today, my spirits high. Would that every day would be as grand as this one!

Help me to be patient with the oscillations of life. I do know, though, that following You consistently gives me a life that works. And making my life work, in true reality, is a blessing beyond compare.


Remove the Veils from Our Eyes

“And yet, what might seem contradictory is that I have said that we can also use the certainty you have felt about your identity for our new purpose, the purpose of the miracle that will allow you to exist as who you are in human form. How, you might rightly ask, can you cease to identify yourself as you always have and use the only identity you have been certain of for a new purpose?” (ACOL, T3:21.19)

We would like to experience miracles all the time, and with the art of thought, we can do so. The art of thought is the miracle-readiness in which we ought to hold ourselves. It is the way in which the new personal self takes hold. The new identity. When we live in the sense that everything is a miracle, we live rightly. Although there is a point in which miracles cease to be meaningful (according to A Course o of Love), we are not there yet. And we can use looser definitions for a miracle. These looser definitions do, indeed, let us see that everything coming from the hand of God is a miracle.

We need to develop a new identity, for, after all, this is the purpose of the existence of A Course of Love. This new ego-less identity will take us far, give us great benefits, allow us to live peaceably and well. This new identity will give us great happiness, a happiness and joy that is unending. And do we not all want that?

The Self will come into its own when the ego is forsaken. We will not be far from enlightenment, for we will recognize that it is only our own hand that will open the door to a full life. We closed that door when we exited from the Kingdom in presumed separation. Now, maybe, we are ready to turn the doorknob again.

Let fears and anxieties subside, for these are borne of an ego that doesn’t trust God. Trust in God’s good graces to save us from ourselves. He is living through us, and so He can do what no “separated” self could ever do. He will achieve for us. He will remove the veils from our eyes, releasing our vision once again.

We don’t remember how good it was to live in unity with God. Maybe we are now ready to try this again, with a better outcome this time.


I am delighted to feel Your comfort 24/7. A great blessing. May You never withdraw from me, but keep me always close to Your side.

May this day end well. May my brothers and sisters have a similar outcome. May the prayers that I pray be heard, always and forever.