Expressions of Love, Created & Observed within the Realm of Physicality

“Why would you ever have chosen to obscure the truth? As we have already shown, to have chosen to express the Self in physical form was a choice consistent with the laws of love. There was no need for the Self to be separate in order for this to be so, but there was a need for the Self to have an observable form and to exist in relationship with others with observ¬able forms. This was simply so that expressions of love could be created and observed within the realm of physicality.” (ACOL, T3:17.1)

This is an explanation that we have needed to read. A world of physical bodies was not a rejection of God. Yet we forgot that we were not separate from Him, and this frightened us, and out of this fear, we thought that we rejected our Maker. This, in turn, led to the ego, with all of its frightening consequences. And this was all so unnecessary.

There were things that we needed to learn in a physical world. But we were impatient, and, as part of our evolution, we chose to imagine ourselves alone and lonely in a forsaken world. How foolish we were!

But God did not let us go. He created a plan simultaneous with our need for a plan. He gave us a way back. And finally we are taking that pathway.

Physical form does not negate love. Separation from God tries to negate love, but even that doesn’t succeed for long. There have always been times when we felt close to the Almighty, even when we were atheists or agnostics. And now that we know that God truly is the ground of all Being, we can rest easy. Our way back to Him is happening. Now. Every day.

We were expressing love in a new way when we took form as physical beings. That fear intruded was a mistake that could not happen, but did. This is the paradox. But now we know that God never abandoned us. This may take some faith to believe, but if we are honest, we will recognize that at our lowest point, there has been a sense of solace that overtakes us.

That sense of solace will never leave us. And this, God Himself, will guide us as to how to live well in a physical world, something we have heretofore not known.


We have learned to love our bodies. We feel at home in them. And there is nothing wrong with that. Separation from You did not have to happen, and now

I am taking steps to see that that separation, illusory though it was, is
ended. Thank You for the guidance that You are giving me, some in A Course of Love, some internally from my own intuitive sense.

Be with me today as I enjoy reading and reflecting on You. This gives me some of the best feelings that I could ever entertain. Thank You for being here for me. Thank You for being You.


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