Pioneers to a New World

“You are as pioneers to this new world. Its mere existence will attract others and each will find the price of admission is their willingness to leave the old behind. This is a price they must freely give and it cannot be extorted from them, not from special ones of your choosing, and not from anyone. Thus you are released from a burden never meant to rest upon you even if it is one you might have freely chosen. Your task is to create the new world and make it observable, not for you to recruit others to it.” (ACOL, T3:20.18)

This is yet another example of Jesus’s remarks in A Course of Love that proselytizing is not what we are to be about. Our lives will be enough to attract others; as we have read earlier, we will be living extraordinary lives, even though we are ordinary people. And these extraordinary lives will encourage others to start asking questions. Thus we don’t have to recruit. Our example will be enough.

To say this is not to speak from the ego, for the ego would have a field day if it were still in existence for those of us who are reading and taking seriously the words of ACOL. Our extraordinary lives will be recognized as a blessing from God, our inheritance—not anything that we have done to “deserve” these lives. All are welcome in the House of Truth, God’s Kingdom. All are One. And in the relationships that we enjoy with others, we will come to see that our oneness and our sharing are God-given benefits that draw us ever closer to Him.

We were told within the pages of ACOL that we are not meant to attempt to reenter the house of illusion in order to pull those within, out. There are individuals there with gifts, God-given gifts, who will transform life within. We stand just outside the doors of the house of illusion, in the House of Truth—a House that totally envelops the house of illusion. God has not forgotten anybody. God means for all of us to get home safely. And, indeed, all of us will.

We don’t have to figure out a way to create a new world. What we say and do, even what we think, will come from inner guidance. Ideas, fully formed, will not need to be “learned,” for we have moved beyond the need for traditional learning. We learn now through observation of ourselves and others. And eventually, we will see in ACOL, we move to an informing of self and others that is even beyond observation. The pathway in ACOL may seem complex, but reading it carefully is its own reward.

So we don’t actively recruit. We are not teachers and learners any longer. If we follow the way of Jesus, we live example lives. If we follow the way of Mary, we let relationships rule. The symbiosis of these two ways make for a good walk through the new world being created. Recruitment, no; living as who we are, yes. The living of the truth of who we are is all that is needed, all that is wanted by God.


Thank You for the inner guidance that tells me what to do and say, even what to think. My Self is speaking, and it behooves me to listen. May my life be illustrative of You. May I never let ego rule again. May the new way that You are showing me giving me my inheritance of an extraordinary life.

Be with my brothers and sisters on this beautiful day. The way back to You is smooth when we envision the best world that we know how. Guide that envisioning.


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