No Longer See Illusion

“This certainty is antithetical to you. You think that to believe in one truth is to deny other truths. There is only one truth. Untruth must now be denied.

“This will sound intolerant to you. It is a stance intolerant of illusion. You must no longer see illusion for it is no longer there! This is how you must live with it. You must live with it as you once lived with the truth. You must find it unobservable! It must become a concept only. Illusion is a set of facts, or in other words, a set of information. These facts are subject to change and mean one thing to one person and one thing to another. Illusion is symbolic. And what’s more it symbolizes nothing for it does not symbolize what is!” (ACOL, T3:21.8 – 21.9)

Jesus says a great deal in A Course of Love about living the “truth.” But maybe we understand him better when he talks about illusion, as he does in this quotation for today. We know intuitively that we have been living in illusion, that we have gotten many things wrong, that we have misinterpreted. And now we would be through with all that. But how?

The solution is to go within. Commune with our depths. We now have a better understanding of what our inner Christ Self is all about. And communing with its depths will give us what we want and what we need. This is how we will be able to tell what our truth is, and this truth is the same for everyone, unlike illusion, which differs for all.

We get tripped up by illusion, still. When we analyze, we are falling into the patterns of the displaced ego, falling into those patterns out of habit. But when we honestly and sincerely commune with our depths, in stillness and quietness, we know more. We know better.

And we are actually touching real truth for the first time ever.


I would seek answers today to any and all dilemmas that I still have, and these answers come from communing with my depths. I know that there are answers there, for I sense them. I would find a solution to any and all problems that crop up over time, just by going within.

Thank You for giving me this solution. Thank You for being here for me, living Your life through me.


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