Turn Inward to New Identity

“Now however, you are being called to accept your true identity even while you retain the form of your personal self.” (ACOL, T3:21.17)

We retain the form of our personal self, but that form is all. It is no longer egoic. It is the self that we present to others. And this change to non-egoism is very, very important. We will present a self that is consonant with the Self within, and this Self has been learning, through A Course of Love, how to love well and how to live well. Our true identity is ego-less, and by this we do not mean the ego-lessness that Freud might have imagined us to mean. We do have a persona that is our new identity. The ego that Freud said was essential was the personality that we developed to be able to live effectively as adults. The ego that A Course in Miracles and ACOL say is unnecessary is the egotistical false persona that we have adopted in our obsession to be independent of God.

We can never know this independence, and so the egoic self was developing in ways that were actually impossible. We can never be separate from God. As part of Him, we develop now in ways that make more sense. And when we turn inward, we know what some of those ways might be.

The way back home to God is not long nor laborious to achieve. The way back home is right before us in our next calm moment.

Catch a glimpse of enlightenment today. Don’t let egotism stand in our way. Don’t make this mistake, the mistakes that generations have made before us.

We know better now. In league with God we can achieve much. Let’s put what we know into action.


I would turn inward today, to a new identity with my real Self, the Christ Self Who has been hiding out within me for eons. It is time to look within. It is time. I ask for Your help in finding that part of You Who resides in me. Take me by the hand and guide me to new life.

The way back is not hard. Help me to remember this on cold, dark days. Days of summer are more easily accepted, but I would reach You year in and year out.

Thank You for keeping me safe, cocooned in Your embrace.



2 thoughts on “Turn Inward to New Identity

  1. I appreciate the distinction between Freud’s ego, the persona essential to live as effective adults and egoic nature to be separate from our true nature. Thank you.

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