Accept the Serenity of the New Personal Self

“As was said at the beginning of this Treatise, by the time the learning of this Treatise is complete, the personal self will continue to exist only as the self you present to others. It will be a representation only. It will represent only the truth. It will no longer be seen as your identity, but as representing your identity, an identity that has nothing to do with the thoughts of a sepa¬rated mind or the circumstances of the physical body.” (ACOL, T3:21.18)

This is a quotation of summation. We are our personal self, but this self, in its new identity, reflects the Christ-Self from deep within us. This personal self is no longer attempting to be separate from God, a feat that could never happen but has caused us much grief.

We are assuming a new identity, an identity that is calm and peaceful even in the midst of circumstances that previously would have thrown us. This new identity will eventually cast off all patterns of the ego (the ego as defined by A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love). We will be living a good dream, moving into true reality—a reality that is only found when we are living in love.

Accept the serenity of the new personal self. Don’t look for conflict, and we won’t find it. The way back is strewn with flowers. Pick one up on our way back.



Author: Celia Hales

A veteran student of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, I intend my blog to offer inspiration and insight into these remarkable volumes.

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