Remove the Veils from Our Eyes

“And yet, what might seem contradictory is that I have said that we can also use the certainty you have felt about your identity for our new purpose, the purpose of the miracle that will allow you to exist as who you are in human form. How, you might rightly ask, can you cease to identify yourself as you always have and use the only identity you have been certain of for a new purpose?” (ACOL, T3:21.19)

We would like to experience miracles all the time, and with the art of thought, we can do so. The art of thought is the miracle-readiness in which we ought to hold ourselves. It is the way in which the new personal self takes hold. The new identity. When we live in the sense that everything is a miracle, we live rightly. Although there is a point in which miracles cease to be meaningful (according to A Course o of Love), we are not there yet. And we can use looser definitions for a miracle. These looser definitions do, indeed, let us see that everything coming from the hand of God is a miracle.

We need to develop a new identity, for, after all, this is the purpose of the existence of A Course of Love. This new ego-less identity will take us far, give us great benefits, allow us to live peaceably and well. This new identity will give us great happiness, a happiness and joy that is unending. And do we not all want that?

The Self will come into its own when the ego is forsaken. We will not be far from enlightenment, for we will recognize that it is only our own hand that will open the door to a full life. We closed that door when we exited from the Kingdom in presumed separation. Now, maybe, we are ready to turn the doorknob again.

Let fears and anxieties subside, for these are borne of an ego that doesn’t trust God. Trust in God’s good graces to save us from ourselves. He is living through us, and so He can do what no “separated” self could ever do. He will achieve for us. He will remove the veils from our eyes, releasing our vision once again.

We don’t remember how good it was to live in unity with God. Maybe we are now ready to try this again, with a better outcome this time.


I am delighted to feel Your comfort 24/7. A great blessing. May You never withdraw from me, but keep me always close to Your side.

May this day end well. May my brothers and sisters have a similar outcome. May the prayers that I pray be heard, always and forever.


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