We Simply All Need to Help Each Other

“Surely there are already those called to represent not only their true Selves but this Course to the world. If this had not been the case, you would not be taking this Course. It would not be available, and it would not be known to you. So even while I have said that no one is called to leader¬ship and while I have surely meant this and do not call for leaders to amass followers, I do not mean to dissuade any of you who feel a call to represent this Course and the teachings of this Course with your lives and work. Those who feel this call are surely needed. And each of you will find the sharing of this Course to be among the easiest of ways to share what you have learned. You will almost certainly feel eagerness to share it and joy whenever and wherever you are able to do so. But some of you will find that you do no more than mention this Course as the one, or only one of the teachings that has led you to the truth.” (ACOL, T3:22.2)

Jesus is speaking to each of us, readers of A Course of Love, in this quotation, letting us know what might be expected. Certainly he is speaking to those of us who are promulgating the message. But he is also speaking to those who are simply living the message with their lives. Perhaps a mention of ACOL is all that we need to do. Perhaps just letting someone else know where our new ideas come from is enough.

Those of us who are actively spreading the word of ACOL are encouraged not to take ourselves too seriously. Nobody in this era ought to set himself/herself up as an authority, but the Christ-Self which we all share is the only authority, and we can still make mistakes in discerning what this authority is telling us.

We don’t need leaders to develop a following. We simply all need to help each other. The way back is not hard if we pull together. Let’s just make certain that we hold tightly to each other’s hand in this circle we are making.


Thank You for another good day. There are moments in everyone’s day that don’t measure up, but when we live in unity with one another, this happens less frequently. May I join with others, my brothers and sisters, in a display of unity that will warm Jesus’s heart.

Be with me in the coming hours of this day. I ask for Your patience. You are not through with me yet.



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