Life Is Showing Us Something Very Grand

“The ability to cease all acts of comparison will arise out of this observa¬tion of your new Self, for you cannot observe your new Self without observing the truth that has always existed. The truth that has always existed is our oneness, and what you will observe about your new Self you will observe about all. We will be one body, one Self. No comparison will be possible. You will realize that differences but lie in expression and representation of the truth, never in the truth itself.” (ACOL, T3:22.11)

In this world in which we encourage diversity and respect it, it can be difficult to read Jesus’s words that we are actually all the same, but just live with different expressions of our being. This does not need to be read as a turning aside from diversity, because knowing that we are all equal can be a comforting thought. Since we express ourselves differently, though, diversity is still maintained. Our sameness is at base only. Expressions vary.

We are One. This is why at base we are the same and at base we are equal. We live the same truth also, and this truth is the true reality of our being—the harmony, peace, and the love that elicits that harmony and peace. We need to stop comparing ourselves to each other. This is a holdover from the days of the ego, and, like the ego, is best left behind. Comparisons only make us feel bad, for there always will be those who seem—I say “seem”—to have more. Actually, in eternity we are all given equal gifts. And the manner in which we express those gifts finds a place in time.

We need to observe our new Self, the new Self Who we share with all others. This is serving the new tool of observation as a means of learning, no longer depending on others, but depending on what life is showing us. And life is showing us something very grand, if we only have eyes to see.


May I reach out to others today, not by seeking to compare myself to them in any way, but simply to be there for them. All of us need each other. I can’t get along without other people, I know, and that is true for all of us, however much we might deny it.

Be with me on this lovely day, so that I enjoy the blessings that You have so abundantly rained down upon me. May I have a glimpse of enlightenment today. I know that this is happening when I am at peace, feeling joy, and being grateful.



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