Our Way Will Be Transformed

“Observe the personal self with one last act of love and devotion, and in so doing transform the personal self into a representation of the truth. Realize that what we have called “closed eyes” observation is really the observation of a Self beyond the personal self. To call forth observance is to call forth the sight of your true Self. To call forth the sight of your true Self is to call your true Self into observable form. Calling the true Self forth into observable form is the end of the old and the beginning of the new.” (ACOL, T3:22.17)

We are on the cusp of the “Treatise on the New,” seeing here the last daily quotation from the treatise on the personal self. And in observing the self, the Self, we see what we have heretofore found lacking in our everyday life. Others’ words did not ever teach us as much as observing from the events of our life might. And when we observe from the events of our life, everything and everyone is taking us home to God, transforming the egoic personal self into a real personal self that reflects the inner Christ-Self.

What a blessing this is! When we welcome the Christ-Self out to play, we can cease worrying about anything at all. Our way will be transformed. We will experience love in a different fashion from all the preceding years, years in which special love led to dramatic highs and lows that disturbed our tranquility.

We are done with all that now. We are on the home stretch. And the joy of living in the present in upon us. We love our brothers and sisters, all of them, with a greatness that heretofore eluded us. Our significant others do not have to ever worry about diminished love for them now that we are turning aside from loving in a special way. The special way was flawed, and it could lead to a cessation of love as much as anything. Holy love is always there. And our significant others are likely the first recipients of this holy love.

I so much want to show holy love for all of my significant others. I want them to feel the depth of my love, and I want that deep love to be unwavering. Help me to realize this greater way of viewing love. Indeed, it is Love with a capital “L.”
Be with me today as I seek to follow in Your footsteps. Help me to commune with my inner Christ-Self so that I know what and how to effect change, good change, that will be lasting.
Thank You for being with me on yet another glorious day.

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