The Pathway Is Easy & Strewn with Good Wishes

“A question has been asked and a response is awaited. Are you willing to be chosen? Are you willing to be the chosen of God? All are asked. What is your answer?” (ACOL, T4:1.5)

Jesus goes to great lengths to tell us in A Course of Love that ALL are chosen, and that all have always been chosen. We have often heard that various members of different faith believe themselves to be the chosen of God. In ACOL, we learn that this is a misconception. God reaches out to all. And now we are ready to accept our place as His chosen. At least, we hope that we are. All are offered the hand of God. But it is possible that only some will accept. We must be among that number.

We might imagine that many things will be asked of us as God’s chosen, the ones who have affirmed that we accept His anointing of us with these words. But we would be particularly mistaken if we believed that more than service were being asked of us. Elsewhere we are told that we are The Accomplished, and so seeking to develop talents to move beyond being accomplished would not seem to be in order. Of course, we can develop talents for service, and this would be completely in line with ACOL. But we are particularly encouraged not to struggle to witness for God. Struggling is not necessary, though striving to understand the concepts of ACOL is necessary. The pathway is easy and strewn with good wishes. We have all that we need truly, for needs are answered at the time of their recognition. And so there are no needs. Our blessings truly are manifold.

So, in accepting this call to be the chosen of God, what awaits us in the future? Actually, the most that awaits is not a call for work, but for ease. Doing God’s Will is not laborious. Once we understand what He is asking us to do, we will do it willingly and without strain. And each will have a different task, a task that only he/she can fulfill so well.


It is reassuring to note that all are chosen by You. All. And all the time. Let us go easy with this assurance. Let me be relaxed as I seek to know what next thing you want of me. I know that productivity is not a god, though, and so productivity in and of itself is not the answer.

But You do want some means of service to others, my brothers and sisters on this earth. Help me to anser that call, always and forever.

Be with me as I seek to know what You would ask of me.



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