Revelations Are Intensely Personal

“Examine what you may have felt the onset of true vision would mean. Have you considered this question? Have you expected to see in the same way but more lovingly? Have you thought you might begin to recognize those who, like you, are joined with me in Christ-consciousness? Have you suspected that you might see in ways literally different? That you might see auras or halos, signs and clues previously unseen? Have you included other senses in your idea of sight? Have you thought your instincts will be sharp¬ened and that you will know with an inner knowing that will aid the sight of your eyes?” (ACOL, T4:2.31)

Jesus sometimes makes comments similar to this one, but then refutes what he has said. But this doesn’t appear to be the case in this quotation. He leaves the comment alone as the prose moves forward. So I think that we are justified in thinking that Jesus, here, really means what he says. True vision will show us a new way of responding, for we will have additional ways of knowing. Ways that we call “psychic.”

We will see clues previously unseen. We will live with the psychic in a way that has previously been veiled to us. Now we will know in ways that will sometimes be difficult to tell others. They won’t understand where we are coming from. Our guidance, as revelation, is intensely personal to us, has meaning only to us. So we would be ill-advised to try to convince others of the truth of what we have seen in new ways.

We will have an inner knowing. And this is a very great blessing. As we move into new probable realities, we will know what the future holds—to some extent, though never complete. Fortunetellers often project inaccurately because individuals move into new probable realities, and their prognostication therefore, is no longer accurate. It is best, perhaps, to depend on inner second sight. This will alert us when we are about to move into a new probable reality, and our hopes and dreams for the future will be played out in a way that only we can comprehend.

True vision, knowing, is a great blessing. Trust in what comes to us. Try, insofar as possible, to eliminate self-doubt, for self-doubt is a great hinderer to what might transpire if we did not doubt. Trust. The way unfolds in its own time and in its own means. The end comes with a glorious “Aha!” when we listen to our inner Christ-Self to show us the way.


I would ask for revelations today about my best future, for I would move into the probable reality that is the most life-enhancing. Help me to make this move; be with me, night and day, day in and day out. Help me to walk my pathway with You by my side.

The way home does not have to be long. Nor hazardous. I would ask that You smooth pathway for me. Is that out of line? Should I make such a request? You are my friend, first of all, and friends want the best for us. I believe that You want the best for me, and I ask for the best today.



Bad Days Will Diminish & Then Fade Entirely

“Let this idea gestate a moment within you and reveal to you the truth of which it speaks. The separated state of the mind created its own separate world. Cause and effect are one. The perceived state of separation created the perceived state of a separate world. The real state of union, returned to you through the joining of mind and heart, will now reveal to you the truth of what was created and allow you to create anew.” (ACOL, T4:2.27)

We are one not only with each other, but also with the real world. True reality. Not illusion. While I don’t believe that this world is truly “real,” in that it exists outside the projections that make our perception, I do believe that a sea change awaits us as we move into Christ-consciousness. The true reality that we see will change. Bad days will diminish and then disappear entirely. Our neuroses will be healed. Jesus will hold our hand through all of this; our transformation will be easy and peaceful, for we are being prepared through both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.

We are not living in a separate world any longer. We are not, of course, even living in separation from God any longer. We are One with Him, through the Christ-Self newly revealed to us. He lives through us, don’t you see? He knows what we are about, because He is living it with us, every moment of every day.

We are in a state of union, for our mind and heart are now one. And with this union we then reach out to others. These “others,” our brothers and sisters, are the relationship that makes God knowable. He cannot be seen outside of relationship. And so relationship is a very powerful tool.

“Unity and relationship” is a rallying call of ACOL. Jesus emphasizes these twin concepts repeatedly. And it is up to us to try to understand. We are One with All, but we are differentiated into parts, and these parts are in relationship to each other. This is how we know anything. This is how we learn through observation and in-forming.

We know how devastated we feel when a relationship is in turmoil. This is because we know that only through relationship can we know anything. We cannot live our lives peaceably if we are fighting with another. And this is the problem of our world. Our sometimes troubled world.

God will save us from ourselves, if we let Him. “Letting” Him is imperative, for he does not violate our free will. This free will, over the centuries, has gotten us into hot water.

But we are emerging now from the scalding waters. A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, and other writings are giving us new truth for a new age. And in accepting what is said, we acknowledge Jesus’s pivotal place in our world.


Thank You for giving me the calm and peace that I have. I am very optimistic about the future, though storm clouds do fill the sky. You are always here, even in the midst of storms. And that is my saving grace.

Be with me as I walk through another day. I hope that the storm clouds will diminish, and soon. Help me to see value in the rain. I will appreciate the sunny days ahead all the more.


The Way Ahead Is Bright with Promise

“This is why it has long been stated that you are not called to evangelize or convince anyone of the merits of this course of study. This is just a course of study. Those whom you would seek to evangelize or convince are as holy as your Self. This holiness need only be observed. When you think in terms of evangelizing or convincing, you think in terms of future outcome rather than in terms of what already is. This type of thinking will not serve the new or allow you full awareness of the new.” (ACOL, T4:2.19)

There are several strains of meaning in this quotation, all meaningful. We are not called to proselytize. A Course of Love is just one course of study, and there are many others. In fact, there is a unique course for every teacher of God (from A Course in Miracles). Anyone trying to teach from what Jesus has said will apply their own particular interpretation to what he has said. That is why listening to one’s Christ-Self is so important; we don’t want to be misled by another.

Also, in seeking to evangelize, we are looking to future outcomes. And Jesus wants us to live in the present, with what “is.” We will create the new from this vantage point. We can’t reach ahead of ourselves in creating the new by anticipating the new and planning for it. Planning is not something we are to do. We will be told all that we need to do, at the time that we need to do it. Only if we are prompted internally to weave plans is it allowed to do so. And this happens rarely, I might believe.

We need to focus on what we have in our awareness. We need to know that we can’t proceed to the new from a fog of hidden expediencies. We don’t need a veil over our eyes. This is the time for clear thinking, for moving beyond neurosis, for acceptance of all that Jesus holds out to us.

The way ahead is bright with promise. We are embarking on a great adventure. Our psychic attunement will become enhanced as we walk along. Look for surprises, for they are out there waiting for us.


Thank You for this good day. Help me to go with the flow, to cease jumping ahead to what might be—whether that eventuality might be good or bad, in my current estimation. I can’t know what will be best for the future, so why should I even try to predict? Surely this is why ACIM and ACOL counsel against our planning against contingencies to come—unless prompted by the Holy Spirit or our inner Christ-Self.

Be with me to keep me placid and calm, at peace with the world and myself. Clear away any tendency to reach ahead in anxieties. This will only trip me up.

Thank You for always being here for me. Your way gives me a warmth in daily living that exalts the most mundane happening.


Be Aware of New Life Emerging

“Your awareness of the Self that you are now was not present in the past, but you can truly now, with the devotion of the obser¬vant, see that the Self you are now was indeed present, and the truth of who you were always.” (ACOL, T4:2.15)

We weren’t aware of the Self during the time of the Holy Spirit. It took moving into the time of Christ for us to be aware of an inner Self Who is actually the Christ-Self, moving into Christ-consciousness. We now turn to this Self as we used to turn to the Holy Spirit, but the Self, let out to play, transforms our lives. And it is in this transformation that all things are made better.

The Self will effect great change for us, when and only when we are ready for this change. Many of us are ready now, and there will be personality changes that go along with our increased awareness. We will be less prone to anger—if this is something that we have asked for help about. We will be less prone to feeling anxieties—if we have ask for help about this. What we believe to be our “inferior” personality traits can and will disappear when we ask for help. Remember that Jesus says in A Course of Love that we don’t have to be “perfect” to experience God’s grace and God’s bestowal of Christ-consciousness. This appears to be a slightly different interpretation than was given in A Course in Miracles, where Jesus said that he would correct all mistakes that we can’t correct, implying (to my mind) that these mistakes needed to be corrected before God would bless us with Awakening.

But thinking that we have to be perfect (whatever that means) suggests that the ego is not really dead in us, for the ego thinks in terms of sin and betrayal, agony and ecstasy—drama. ACOL gives a more realistic view of our mistakes, asserting that help is on the way when we ask for it. And there does not have to be a contradiction with ACIM, for Jesus has always been our help in times of difficulty. He promises us in both ACIM and ACOL that he is here for us. In ACIM, he suggests that we imagine him holding our hand as we walk along, nothing that this will be no idle fantasy. The same type of reassurance is present in ACOL, though he does not use the precise words.

So the Christ-Self has always been present. But previously, before the era of Christ, the Self was hidden from us.

We are indeed blessed that we have moved into a new time, a new time in which the Christ-Self guides us to new life.


I look forward to the personality changes that will come. My personal prayer, this morning, is to be kinder. And with this kindness will come a happier outlook. It is not a reach for perfection, but a reach for a higher Self. I want my Self to go through and through my little, or personal, self.

Be with me as this day unfolds. May the personality traits that ought to fall away, just do that—fall away. And with these changes, may my outlook create new and better circumstances in my little world.


Secret of Living Well

“Being first does not mean being better. That I was the first to demon¬strate what you can be does not mean I am better than you. Just as in your sporting events, a “first” is applauded, and soon a new record replaces that record-setting first; just as someone had to be “first” to fly a plane or land on the moon, being first implies only that there will be a second and a third. That attention and respect is given to those who first achieve anything of merit is but a way of calling all others to know what they can achieve. One may desire to best a sporting record and another to follow the first man into space and the one who desires to best a sporting record may feel no desire to follow the first man into space and vice versa, and yet, what one achieves but opens the door for others and this is known to you. Even those who did not desire to fly in a plane when this feat was first accomplished have since flown in planes.” (ACOL, T4:2.11)

Jesus, we are told, was the first to accomplish what he is trying to effect in us. Being first does not mean “better.” He has repeatedly said that even he is equal to all of us. And he would show us what he has accomplished. We need only listen to the words of the New Testament, A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, and others to recognize that his words hold great truth. His words hold the secret of living well in this sometimes troubled world.

Jesus was first in returning to God. Of course, we also think of the Buddha. And I have no explanation for that. Enlightenment is yet a mystery for us to solve. But we who follow ACOL need to take Jesus at his word, for if we start doubting him, we will be lost in miseries and dismay. He shows us a way back to God; let us take him at his word, and do the things that he says. Then we will indeed get to ultimate salvation in the quickest and most efficacious way.

It is egoic to want to be the “second” to Jesus, to want to “get there” before our brothers and sisters. We don’t know the timetable, and there may be good reason that our progress is delayed. Certainly a desire to achieve enlightenment prior to our brothers and sisters is an ego-oriented desire. And Jesus has told us that we have left the ego behind, and so this can only be a previous pattern, come back to taunt us.

Accept enlightenment when it comes in glimpses. Seek to remove the barriers to our experience of love, our awareness of love. Accept life as it is lived.

And our way back will be hastened and made real to us.


I would slow down and be grateful for what I have. So often I do things that seem to me to be less than the best. I am more sensitive as I walk ever closer to enlightenment. Help me to realize that being human and making mistakes are natural for me. As for everybody..

I do no one a service when I fail to acknowledge mistakes that call for an apology. I do nobody a service when I am overly sensitive, seeing fault where there is only bluntness. Help me to choose the best and highest way in every instance that I can. Help me to fine my way home by the shortest route.


Commune Directly with Our Innermost Being

“You are no more accomplished than anyone has been or is or will be. The truth of who you are is as accomplished as the truth of all of your brothers and sisters from the beginning of time until the end of time. Any text that tells you that you or those of your kind or time are more or better than any other is not speaking the truth. This is why we began with the chosen and will return again and again to the statement that all are chosen.” (ACOL, T4:2.7)

“Accomplished” as something that we are appears in this quotation for today to be a tenet of equality of one brother or sister to another. We are not “better” than another, and neither are we inferior. God is living through all of us, and talents that seem greater in one will be equalized on another plane of existence. Talents will all be shared equally, and this is a great blessing. We don’t have any reason to feel either superior or inferior, for we are indeed all equal. We are all chosen by God for a higher purpose, and it is up to us to discover that purpose, which differs from one person to another.

What else might “accomplished” mean? We don’t have to merit our grace from God. He gives to all equally, though it is true that not all recognize His blessings, especially His blessing of grace. Those who don’t feel God’s warmth, who cannot bring themselves to believe in a Higher Power, are living under a heavy burden. When we can believe that God is present in us and is living through us, we can make it through difficulties that would devastate somebody without our knowledge (and it is “knowledge”).

All are chosen by God for a better life than has been lived heretofore. All. And this means people of religions other than Christianity. The way back is set out for us in Scripture of many religions. It is just that we have chosen both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love as our way home. And we have chosen Jesus as our guide. We accept his words as the particular slant on reality that we want to believe. And then reality accommodates, for we do create our own reality.

If the day seems harsh, know that there is a higher purpose going on. All of us have bad days, and it behooves us to rise above them. Praying can help, can help mightily. And God hears our prayer. The Christ-Self Whom we are listens and provides comfort. This Christ-Self is performing the very comfort that in an earlier era was performed by the Holy Spirit. Now we no longer have to have an intermediary, but can commune directly with our innermost being. We are not afraid of God any longer.


What do I try to remember to do when I get upset? I try to sink deep inside, feeling the warmth of God Himself. He overwhelms me with peace, when I have focused on being calm enough to feel that peace. God knows when emotions overwhelm; our Christ-Self is, however, the fulcrum that doesn’t move. When I allow my Christ-Self to be my ruling self, I am in for a much better time.

Help me to know no nervous energy today. Nervous energy invigorates, but it also tires. I would enjoy this new day given me with a peaceful heart and mind that know that Your way is one of reassurance that You are always here for me.

Thank You.


Thrive by Making Choices Internally

“Again let me repeat and reemphasize my statements: where once you turned outward in your seeking and saw within what you perceived without, now you turn inward and reflect what you discover within outward. What you discover within is in a way that what you perceive without is not.

“I have always been a proponent of The Way of Christ-consciousness as The Way to Self and God.” (ACOL, T4:2.2 – 2.3)

Jesus encourages us to look within, in the quotation for today. Always what is within has made what is without; our perceptions were made from projection (a tenet of A Course in Miracles). Now we are encouraged to take our cues from within just all the time. Externally driven choices can be misguided more often than not. Internally driven choices have a better chance of being right, especially when that internal choice is informed by the inner Christ-Self. And as we all develop Christ-consciousness as our modus operandi, we will make good decisions based on the internal. Our projections will not just make perception, but knowledge as well. The second paragraph of the quotation makes this clear: Christ-consciousness is the Way to Self and God. And Self and God can only be found internally.

Reflection on what we see inside ourselves is the new way, the new way of creating without planning. The Self will guide, if given half a chance. We all too often look to others, and it is true that observation of our brothers and sisters is a hallmark of A Course of Love. But these individuals whom we are observing are serving as mirrors for us. They show us what we have internally. And then we act upon the internal direction.

What is internal is real in a way that the outer world is not. There is a difference of opinion among ACOL enthusiasts about whether or not, in Christ-consciousness, the outer, physical world becomes true reality. But let us not get hung up on theology, for A Course in Miracles tells us that a universal theology is impossible. But a universal experience is not only possible but necessary.

Let’s ask for that universal experience today.


When I look inward, my patterns of fear dissipate. The inner Christ-Self heals me. This is something that I can benefit from each day. The pathway home would have been give over these lingering patterns of fear to something better—a self-confidence that assures me that whatever happens, I and my Self can handle it. This is a new way of thinking for me. But it is a way that works.

Thank You for quelling leftover patterns of egoic fear today, for all fear is actually leftover and egoic. The way to a better life lies with turning inward to divine revelation. And this is a blessing that is always available to me.

Help me remember that You are always, always, here for me.


Envisioning a Better Future Will Make It So

“Let me repeat that during the time of the Holy Spirit, some were able to come to know themselves and God through the indirect means of this state of consciousness and to pass on what they learned through indirect means. Fewer were able to achieve a state of consciousness in which direct commu¬nication was possible, to come to know themselves and God directly, and to pass on this learning through direct means. What I am saying is that it is not impossible for those who remain unaware of the new consciousness to come to know themselves and God, and to continue to pass their learning on indirectly, or through indirect communication and contrast. But this also means that the great majority will become aware of the new state of consciousness and that learning will pass through them directly through observation and direct communication or experience. It means that the last generation born into the time of the Holy Spirit will live out their lives and that soon all who remain on earth will be those born into the time of Christ.” (ACOL, T4:1.27)

There is a great promise hidden in the middle of the quotation for today. “But this also means that the great majority will become aware of the new state of consciousness. . .” Can Jesus really be saying that the great majority of us will reach Christ-consciousness in this lifetime? It is not entirely clear if he is speaking to us, his readers of A Course of Love, or of people in general. Certainly we might stand a better chance if we are reading ACOL, for its tenets clear away the mist before our eyes and allow our non-physical eyes to have true vision. We know how to prepare for Christ-consciousness. We know that Jesus has promised us that we all are having glimpses of Christ-consciousness, and some of this is unawares.

When we are particularly mellow, question whether or not this peace is a glimpse. It may very well be. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could feel this way all the time? We can. It is only heartbeat away, for time does not really exist. We live in an eternity, and we ought to be happy today. This is a paraphrase from an Eastern thought, inspired man. Let us take it to heart.

Soon the current generation will pass from this earth, and all here will have been born within the time of Christ. Sanaya Roman’s Orin says that vibrations are passing through our earth now, vibrations that weren’t present previously. And these vibrations make it easier to reach Christ-consciousness. Jesus does not say this in ACOL, but doesn’t it make sense? Energy is what the universe is composed of, and vibrations are energy. A finer and higher vibration will teach us much. Let’s embrace the idea today.

We can move toward Christ-consciousness ever so slightly by envisioning this eventuality. Envisioning is powerful stuff. Let’s spend a while in visualization today, and see what differences emerge in our lives. We may get a surprise.


As I take to heart the message of A Course of Love, I find my daily life improving. Things just keep getting better and better. I thank You for this phenomenon, and my inner Christ-Self, for the two of You, merged as one, do make quite a difference in what I experience when I turn to You.

Thank You for guiding my hand as I write. I am not conscious of channeling, but if this happens, I thank You. Be with me for the remainder of this good day. And thank You for the help you give to set aright anything that just seems to be wrong.


Promise of a Better Reality

“All across the world, people of the world have been demanding to learn directly, through experience, and saying “no more” to the lessons of the intermediaries. What has grown in you has grown in your children and they are not only ready, but also demanding to learn through observation and direct communication or experience. Many not yet grown to maturity have been born into the time of Christ, and do not fit within the time or the consciousness of the Holy Spirit.” (ACOL, T4:1.24)

A word about our children makes sense, for they are our future. And our children will see things differently, just as we saw things differently from our parents. The way will look better to them if we don’t insist that they dwell on the way that we have done things. They want a new way, and their way will be better, we are led to believe. The means of direct learning through observation of what life presents is before us now, before us and our children. Let’s not drop the ball.

The Holy Spirit was an intermediary. And when we look to the Christ within, we are learning directly. We are also learning directly when we look to the outer world, a world of varied experiences that hold promise of a better reality. The future can look bright, when we don’t mar it by projecting our fears upon it.

Let go of fear today. Do things a different way. This will mean that we assuage boredom about the way that things have been. This will mean that we are developing a new way, creating the new.

And this is what Jesus longs for us to do. Don’t let him down.


I need to focus on an improved reality, one without fear, judgment, worry, and their attendant ills. I need to focus on living better, more in harmony with what I know to be true. A better reality awaits my nod. I have it within my power to follow You, and in that following, to create that new reality.

Thank You for comforting me. Thank You for being here for me, 24/7—through my sleep, through any bad times as well as good. And there don’t have to be any bad times. Your way smooths the way, always.

Be with me as I seek to create that better reality that Jesus so wants for us.


Spend a While in Quiet Reflection

“You have felt this shift coming and so has the world. This is the yearning we have spoken of as the proof of love’s existence and of your existence in a state of unity rather than a state of separation. This yearning called you to the limits of the state of consciousness that was the time of the Holy Spirit. This limit acted upon you as a catalyst to create desire for the new.” (ACOL, T4:1.22)

We do want changes in our world. We do want to create the new. We have become a little bored with the status quo.

But don’t choose new things in a willy-nilly fashion. Be discerning in what we create, for we do create our own reality—as New Age thought says. And this creation of the new, defined as Jesus defines it in this fourth treatise of A Course of Love, will create a world that is miles ahead of what we have had in the past. Things in the new era will get wonderfully better. We will welcome in a new world, not by struggle but by being all that we can be.

We don’t need to make elaborate plans about what to do to effect change. Just go along, watching for signs, for signs are discussed in ACOL in a very encouraging way. A Course in Miracles warned against planning that was not instigated by the Holy Spirit; our own planning would take us off the pathway back to God. Ask what we ought to do. Just ask. And then wait, in patience, for the Answer. We won’t have long to wait.

We have yearned for God’s nod. We have yearned for a better experience of living. And now the time is ripe for these yearnings to bear fruit.

Spend a while in quiet reflection. Ask, and we shall receive. Our probable reality can develop into quite a nice future in which to live.


I thank You for the many blessings that have rained down upon me in this lifetime. Any pain has receded; any struggles, passed away. Now is the time of the harvest of what You have had me create. I hope that this harvest of good things will benefit my loved ones and the larger world as well.

Be with me today and always. I ask this just all the time, but it is a heartfelt request. When I feel Your warmth, I know that all is well in my little world.


Our Father Embraces Us with Warmth

“The difference between this time and the time that has but seemed to have gone before has already been stated as the difference between the time of the Holy Spirit and the time of Christ. This has also been restated as the difference between the time of learning through contrast and the time of learning through observation. It is further stated here as the difference between learning by contrast and indirect communication and learning through observation and direct communication or experience. The same truth has always existed, but the choice of a means of coming to know the truth has shifted. All were chosen and all are chosen.” (ACOL, T4:1.17)

We are now learning through observation of the outer world of which we are a part. Some of this observation will include signs, harbingers of things to come. If the signs are good, we will know that we are on the right track. If the signs are bad, we will know that we need to alter our trajectory. We are living in the present when we observe, when we learn by observation. When we learned from the wisdom of the past, we were all too often encouraged to live in the past. And there is nothing there for us; it is over.

We are, Jesus tells us, now living in the time of Christ. We need an intermediary in the form of the Holy Spirit no longer. Elsewhere Jesus talks about “a” Holy Spirit that is a part of us, a part living in our depths. He says that he himself, 2000 years ago, lived with “a Holy Spirit” in him. If we have been lucky, so have we. But this indwelling of a Holy Spirit was necessary because we were, perhaps even Jesus himself was, somewhat afraid of God, fearful of Him.

Fear of God is simply an outmoded idea now. Jesus effected this 2000 years ago, and the New Testament and A Course in Miracles also did its part. Over the years, the image of a loving Father, one who embraces us with warmth, has taken hold. So most of us now don’t see God as sitting on a throne overhead, in judgment of all that we do. This is a giant step forward.

Revel in the time of Christ. Look for signs that we are on the right track. And if those signs say that we are, be grateful. Alter our direction if we are veering off the pathway back to God.

The signs will be clear. We live in a protected universe.


Thank You for granting me the blessing of Your warmth. It is the best part of my days. I do appreciate this warmth so very much. I have surely had dark nights of the soul, but the pain has receded now, and all I feel is warmth from You.

Be with me this day. Help me in my work and my life. Be with me as I walk through another day with You leading the way.


On the Pathway All Is Peace

“Some have chosen to come to know themselves and God directly. Others have chosen to come to know themselves and God indirectly. These are the only two choices, the choices between truth and illusion, fear and love, unity and separation, now and later. What you must understand is that all choices will lead to knowledge of Self and God, as no choices are offered that are not such. All are chosen and so it could not be otherwise. But at the same time, it must be seen that your choice matters in time, even if all will make the same choice eventually.” (ACOL, T4:1.11)

Here Jesus is making another pitch for following A Course of Love. It is a fast-paced route to Christ-consciousness, and though all will eventually reach this goal, it could take eons to work out. So whether or not we reach Christ-consciousness, and in our doing abolish suffering, matters to our brothers and sisters in time. And time can wind on wearily, taking all of us down to pain and suffering in its wake.

Enough! We have had enough of suffering. And what we think and what we feel will save us. This is another appeal to learning through both mind and heart in conjunction with each other—wholeheartedness, as Jesus says. Our minds need proof that the heart does not need. If we question our heart, don’t we see that this way being pointed out by ACOL is easy and peaceful? The route to Christ-consciousness is not any different on the pathway than the culmination of that pathway. All is peace when we are listening to the Christ-Self, newly released from our depths.


I hope that I am right, that all is peace on the pathway. It feels right to me, though our perception of peace may vary from day to day. If we relax into the day, the day is much more likely to turn out well. Suffering and pain don’t have to accompany us, though it is always true that they may have a message for us.

Ask to be free of pain and suffering today, if that is bothering us. Be glad that there is a way back to God that is joyous in the extreme.

Thank You to Jesus in A Course of Love for pointing out that way of ecstasy.


Enticing Way to Christ-consciousness

“This curriculum is mandatory and so some have rebelled and will rebel against it. Those who do not choose to learn from the curriculum, will, like school children, learn through what is not of the curriculum because they have chosen another means of learning. Means is what is being spoken of here. But all means are for one end. All will learn the same content, for all are chosen; and all learning, no matter what the means, will eventually lead them to the truth of who they are.” (ACOL, T4:1.10)

“This curriculum” is the curriculum of A Course of Love, a curriculum that seeks to bring us to Christ-consciousness as fast as our willingness will allow. Here we learn that not everybody will learn from ACOL. Other faiths exist in this world, and though Jesus is our chosen leader, the one whom we accept, not everybody follows him. Later on Jesus will make a pitch for us to “accept” him, seeing this as necessary, but in my view that is because we are choosing to follow his way as outlined in A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, not to mention the New Testament and even the Way of Mastery.

All are still chosen; this much we know. But there are advantages to learning from Jesus, especially for those us who grew up in the Christian faith. He is familiar to us; we trust him (or we have trusted at times). His is an enticing way, especially when he insists that his way is easy, not designed for struggle and sacrifice.

All learning of whatever faith will eventually lead to enlightenment for its adherents. But the way can be long, and a direct route is given here in A Course of Love. Would it not make sense that we ought to practice what we learn here, especially when the route is fast?

I would accept what life gives me, but I want help to accept it as well. And help is here, in the person of Jesus and in the manner of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love. The way is indeed enticing. It is a way that I choose to embrace fully.
Help me to go with the flow, to avoid resistance—resistance which only makes more difficult the way laid out before me. I ask for your help today to be easy and laidback in Your arms. I ask for You to embrace me, even as Jesus embraces us in ACOL.