Our Father Embraces Us with Warmth

“The difference between this time and the time that has but seemed to have gone before has already been stated as the difference between the time of the Holy Spirit and the time of Christ. This has also been restated as the difference between the time of learning through contrast and the time of learning through observation. It is further stated here as the difference between learning by contrast and indirect communication and learning through observation and direct communication or experience. The same truth has always existed, but the choice of a means of coming to know the truth has shifted. All were chosen and all are chosen.” (ACOL, T4:1.17)

We are now learning through observation of the outer world of which we are a part. Some of this observation will include signs, harbingers of things to come. If the signs are good, we will know that we are on the right track. If the signs are bad, we will know that we need to alter our trajectory. We are living in the present when we observe, when we learn by observation. When we learned from the wisdom of the past, we were all too often encouraged to live in the past. And there is nothing there for us; it is over.

We are, Jesus tells us, now living in the time of Christ. We need an intermediary in the form of the Holy Spirit no longer. Elsewhere Jesus talks about “a” Holy Spirit that is a part of us, a part living in our depths. He says that he himself, 2000 years ago, lived with “a Holy Spirit” in him. If we have been lucky, so have we. But this indwelling of a Holy Spirit was necessary because we were, perhaps even Jesus himself was, somewhat afraid of God, fearful of Him.

Fear of God is simply an outmoded idea now. Jesus effected this 2000 years ago, and the New Testament and A Course in Miracles also did its part. Over the years, the image of a loving Father, one who embraces us with warmth, has taken hold. So most of us now don’t see God as sitting on a throne overhead, in judgment of all that we do. This is a giant step forward.

Revel in the time of Christ. Look for signs that we are on the right track. And if those signs say that we are, be grateful. Alter our direction if we are veering off the pathway back to God.

The signs will be clear. We live in a protected universe.


Thank You for granting me the blessing of Your warmth. It is the best part of my days. I do appreciate this warmth so very much. I have surely had dark nights of the soul, but the pain has receded now, and all I feel is warmth from You.

Be with me this day. Help me in my work and my life. Be with me as I walk through another day with You leading the way.


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