Promise of a Better Reality

“All across the world, people of the world have been demanding to learn directly, through experience, and saying “no more” to the lessons of the intermediaries. What has grown in you has grown in your children and they are not only ready, but also demanding to learn through observation and direct communication or experience. Many not yet grown to maturity have been born into the time of Christ, and do not fit within the time or the consciousness of the Holy Spirit.” (ACOL, T4:1.24)

A word about our children makes sense, for they are our future. And our children will see things differently, just as we saw things differently from our parents. The way will look better to them if we don’t insist that they dwell on the way that we have done things. They want a new way, and their way will be better, we are led to believe. The means of direct learning through observation of what life presents is before us now, before us and our children. Let’s not drop the ball.

The Holy Spirit was an intermediary. And when we look to the Christ within, we are learning directly. We are also learning directly when we look to the outer world, a world of varied experiences that hold promise of a better reality. The future can look bright, when we don’t mar it by projecting our fears upon it.

Let go of fear today. Do things a different way. This will mean that we assuage boredom about the way that things have been. This will mean that we are developing a new way, creating the new.

And this is what Jesus longs for us to do. Don’t let him down.


I need to focus on an improved reality, one without fear, judgment, worry, and their attendant ills. I need to focus on living better, more in harmony with what I know to be true. A better reality awaits my nod. I have it within my power to follow You, and in that following, to create that new reality.

Thank You for comforting me. Thank You for being here for me, 24/7—through my sleep, through any bad times as well as good. And there don’t have to be any bad times. Your way smooths the way, always.

Be with me as I seek to create that better reality that Jesus so wants for us.


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