Thrive by Making Choices Internally

“Again let me repeat and reemphasize my statements: where once you turned outward in your seeking and saw within what you perceived without, now you turn inward and reflect what you discover within outward. What you discover within is in a way that what you perceive without is not.

“I have always been a proponent of The Way of Christ-consciousness as The Way to Self and God.” (ACOL, T4:2.2 – 2.3)

Jesus encourages us to look within, in the quotation for today. Always what is within has made what is without; our perceptions were made from projection (a tenet of A Course in Miracles). Now we are encouraged to take our cues from within just all the time. Externally driven choices can be misguided more often than not. Internally driven choices have a better chance of being right, especially when that internal choice is informed by the inner Christ-Self. And as we all develop Christ-consciousness as our modus operandi, we will make good decisions based on the internal. Our projections will not just make perception, but knowledge as well. The second paragraph of the quotation makes this clear: Christ-consciousness is the Way to Self and God. And Self and God can only be found internally.

Reflection on what we see inside ourselves is the new way, the new way of creating without planning. The Self will guide, if given half a chance. We all too often look to others, and it is true that observation of our brothers and sisters is a hallmark of A Course of Love. But these individuals whom we are observing are serving as mirrors for us. They show us what we have internally. And then we act upon the internal direction.

What is internal is real in a way that the outer world is not. There is a difference of opinion among ACOL enthusiasts about whether or not, in Christ-consciousness, the outer, physical world becomes true reality. But let us not get hung up on theology, for A Course in Miracles tells us that a universal theology is impossible. But a universal experience is not only possible but necessary.

Let’s ask for that universal experience today.


When I look inward, my patterns of fear dissipate. The inner Christ-Self heals me. This is something that I can benefit from each day. The pathway home would have been give over these lingering patterns of fear to something better—a self-confidence that assures me that whatever happens, I and my Self can handle it. This is a new way of thinking for me. But it is a way that works.

Thank You for quelling leftover patterns of egoic fear today, for all fear is actually leftover and egoic. The way to a better life lies with turning inward to divine revelation. And this is a blessing that is always available to me.

Help me remember that You are always, always, here for me.


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