Commune Directly with Our Innermost Being

“You are no more accomplished than anyone has been or is or will be. The truth of who you are is as accomplished as the truth of all of your brothers and sisters from the beginning of time until the end of time. Any text that tells you that you or those of your kind or time are more or better than any other is not speaking the truth. This is why we began with the chosen and will return again and again to the statement that all are chosen.” (ACOL, T4:2.7)

“Accomplished” as something that we are appears in this quotation for today to be a tenet of equality of one brother or sister to another. We are not “better” than another, and neither are we inferior. God is living through all of us, and talents that seem greater in one will be equalized on another plane of existence. Talents will all be shared equally, and this is a great blessing. We don’t have any reason to feel either superior or inferior, for we are indeed all equal. We are all chosen by God for a higher purpose, and it is up to us to discover that purpose, which differs from one person to another.

What else might “accomplished” mean? We don’t have to merit our grace from God. He gives to all equally, though it is true that not all recognize His blessings, especially His blessing of grace. Those who don’t feel God’s warmth, who cannot bring themselves to believe in a Higher Power, are living under a heavy burden. When we can believe that God is present in us and is living through us, we can make it through difficulties that would devastate somebody without our knowledge (and it is “knowledge”).

All are chosen by God for a better life than has been lived heretofore. All. And this means people of religions other than Christianity. The way back is set out for us in Scripture of many religions. It is just that we have chosen both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love as our way home. And we have chosen Jesus as our guide. We accept his words as the particular slant on reality that we want to believe. And then reality accommodates, for we do create our own reality.

If the day seems harsh, know that there is a higher purpose going on. All of us have bad days, and it behooves us to rise above them. Praying can help, can help mightily. And God hears our prayer. The Christ-Self Whom we are listens and provides comfort. This Christ-Self is performing the very comfort that in an earlier era was performed by the Holy Spirit. Now we no longer have to have an intermediary, but can commune directly with our innermost being. We are not afraid of God any longer.


What do I try to remember to do when I get upset? I try to sink deep inside, feeling the warmth of God Himself. He overwhelms me with peace, when I have focused on being calm enough to feel that peace. God knows when emotions overwhelm; our Christ-Self is, however, the fulcrum that doesn’t move. When I allow my Christ-Self to be my ruling self, I am in for a much better time.

Help me to know no nervous energy today. Nervous energy invigorates, but it also tires. I would enjoy this new day given me with a peaceful heart and mind that know that Your way is one of reassurance that You are always here for me.

Thank You.


4 Replies to “Commune Directly with Our Innermost Being”

    1. Dear Patty,

      I realized when we saw each other last year that since college our paths may have diverged, but we think alike. In some cases we have read different sources, but we have come to the same conclusions. Thank you so much for commenting.

      Your college roommate, Celia

  1. Dear Celia, I just read this post and realised it makes such a beautiful morning player. One that aligns the body and spirit to live a fulfilled day without the need to strive or compete as we are all achievers in god’s eye. Thank you for this deep inspiration.
    Kind regards, e.

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