Be Aware of New Life Emerging

“Your awareness of the Self that you are now was not present in the past, but you can truly now, with the devotion of the obser¬vant, see that the Self you are now was indeed present, and the truth of who you were always.” (ACOL, T4:2.15)

We weren’t aware of the Self during the time of the Holy Spirit. It took moving into the time of Christ for us to be aware of an inner Self Who is actually the Christ-Self, moving into Christ-consciousness. We now turn to this Self as we used to turn to the Holy Spirit, but the Self, let out to play, transforms our lives. And it is in this transformation that all things are made better.

The Self will effect great change for us, when and only when we are ready for this change. Many of us are ready now, and there will be personality changes that go along with our increased awareness. We will be less prone to anger—if this is something that we have asked for help about. We will be less prone to feeling anxieties—if we have ask for help about this. What we believe to be our “inferior” personality traits can and will disappear when we ask for help. Remember that Jesus says in A Course of Love that we don’t have to be “perfect” to experience God’s grace and God’s bestowal of Christ-consciousness. This appears to be a slightly different interpretation than was given in A Course in Miracles, where Jesus said that he would correct all mistakes that we can’t correct, implying (to my mind) that these mistakes needed to be corrected before God would bless us with Awakening.

But thinking that we have to be perfect (whatever that means) suggests that the ego is not really dead in us, for the ego thinks in terms of sin and betrayal, agony and ecstasy—drama. ACOL gives a more realistic view of our mistakes, asserting that help is on the way when we ask for it. And there does not have to be a contradiction with ACIM, for Jesus has always been our help in times of difficulty. He promises us in both ACIM and ACOL that he is here for us. In ACIM, he suggests that we imagine him holding our hand as we walk along, nothing that this will be no idle fantasy. The same type of reassurance is present in ACOL, though he does not use the precise words.

So the Christ-Self has always been present. But previously, before the era of Christ, the Self was hidden from us.

We are indeed blessed that we have moved into a new time, a new time in which the Christ-Self guides us to new life.


I look forward to the personality changes that will come. My personal prayer, this morning, is to be kinder. And with this kindness will come a happier outlook. It is not a reach for perfection, but a reach for a higher Self. I want my Self to go through and through my little, or personal, self.

Be with me as this day unfolds. May the personality traits that ought to fall away, just do that—fall away. And with these changes, may my outlook create new and better circumstances in my little world.



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