Bad Days Will Diminish & Then Fade Entirely

“Let this idea gestate a moment within you and reveal to you the truth of which it speaks. The separated state of the mind created its own separate world. Cause and effect are one. The perceived state of separation created the perceived state of a separate world. The real state of union, returned to you through the joining of mind and heart, will now reveal to you the truth of what was created and allow you to create anew.” (ACOL, T4:2.27)

We are one not only with each other, but also with the real world. True reality. Not illusion. While I don’t believe that this world is truly “real,” in that it exists outside the projections that make our perception, I do believe that a sea change awaits us as we move into Christ-consciousness. The true reality that we see will change. Bad days will diminish and then disappear entirely. Our neuroses will be healed. Jesus will hold our hand through all of this; our transformation will be easy and peaceful, for we are being prepared through both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.

We are not living in a separate world any longer. We are not, of course, even living in separation from God any longer. We are One with Him, through the Christ-Self newly revealed to us. He lives through us, don’t you see? He knows what we are about, because He is living it with us, every moment of every day.

We are in a state of union, for our mind and heart are now one. And with this union we then reach out to others. These “others,” our brothers and sisters, are the relationship that makes God knowable. He cannot be seen outside of relationship. And so relationship is a very powerful tool.

“Unity and relationship” is a rallying call of ACOL. Jesus emphasizes these twin concepts repeatedly. And it is up to us to try to understand. We are One with All, but we are differentiated into parts, and these parts are in relationship to each other. This is how we know anything. This is how we learn through observation and in-forming.

We know how devastated we feel when a relationship is in turmoil. This is because we know that only through relationship can we know anything. We cannot live our lives peaceably if we are fighting with another. And this is the problem of our world. Our sometimes troubled world.

God will save us from ourselves, if we let Him. “Letting” Him is imperative, for he does not violate our free will. This free will, over the centuries, has gotten us into hot water.

But we are emerging now from the scalding waters. A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, and other writings are giving us new truth for a new age. And in accepting what is said, we acknowledge Jesus’s pivotal place in our world.


Thank You for giving me the calm and peace that I have. I am very optimistic about the future, though storm clouds do fill the sky. You are always here, even in the midst of storms. And that is my saving grace.

Be with me as I walk through another day. I hope that the storm clouds will diminish, and soon. Help me to see value in the rain. I will appreciate the sunny days ahead all the more.



3 thoughts on “Bad Days Will Diminish & Then Fade Entirely

  1. Dear Celia, just got to reading this post. It is just where I am these days. I’m on maybe my 8th or more times through the Course and am currently in C29 which is all about unity with God and serving while God serves us in unity. This message goes into deeper and deeper levels of my core over time. It brings such joy. Such a relief. And the whole concept of the bridge between us who are in relationship is itself Christ. The connections between us and everything that is is the Holyness. I’m not saying this very clearly, but I’m ‘getting it’!

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