Revelations Are Intensely Personal

“Examine what you may have felt the onset of true vision would mean. Have you considered this question? Have you expected to see in the same way but more lovingly? Have you thought you might begin to recognize those who, like you, are joined with me in Christ-consciousness? Have you suspected that you might see in ways literally different? That you might see auras or halos, signs and clues previously unseen? Have you included other senses in your idea of sight? Have you thought your instincts will be sharp¬ened and that you will know with an inner knowing that will aid the sight of your eyes?” (ACOL, T4:2.31)

Jesus sometimes makes comments similar to this one, but then refutes what he has said. But this doesn’t appear to be the case in this quotation. He leaves the comment alone as the prose moves forward. So I think that we are justified in thinking that Jesus, here, really means what he says. True vision will show us a new way of responding, for we will have additional ways of knowing. Ways that we call “psychic.”

We will see clues previously unseen. We will live with the psychic in a way that has previously been veiled to us. Now we will know in ways that will sometimes be difficult to tell others. They won’t understand where we are coming from. Our guidance, as revelation, is intensely personal to us, has meaning only to us. So we would be ill-advised to try to convince others of the truth of what we have seen in new ways.

We will have an inner knowing. And this is a very great blessing. As we move into new probable realities, we will know what the future holds—to some extent, though never complete. Fortunetellers often project inaccurately because individuals move into new probable realities, and their prognostication therefore, is no longer accurate. It is best, perhaps, to depend on inner second sight. This will alert us when we are about to move into a new probable reality, and our hopes and dreams for the future will be played out in a way that only we can comprehend.

True vision, knowing, is a great blessing. Trust in what comes to us. Try, insofar as possible, to eliminate self-doubt, for self-doubt is a great hinderer to what might transpire if we did not doubt. Trust. The way unfolds in its own time and in its own means. The end comes with a glorious “Aha!” when we listen to our inner Christ-Self to show us the way.


I would ask for revelations today about my best future, for I would move into the probable reality that is the most life-enhancing. Help me to make this move; be with me, night and day, day in and day out. Help me to walk my pathway with You by my side.

The way home does not have to be long. Nor hazardous. I would ask that You smooth pathway for me. Is that out of line? Should I make such a request? You are my friend, first of all, and friends want the best for us. I believe that You want the best for me, and I ask for the best today.



4 thoughts on “Revelations Are Intensely Personal

  1. Nikki

    I have dreams and visions and I know from experience what you are saying is true. It resonated with me and I completely agree with this post. Thank you for sharing as there are others out there I like the confirmation I am not alone.

    1. You’re not alone by any mean sister I know God Speaks to Us personally and about our personal and spiritual affairs, he give us Christ like knowledge of Things to come concerning Our well being He Loves Us and wants to help us he promised to never leave us or forsake us please know this with out a shadow of a doubt Our Help comes from the LORD.

    1. I do believe in a Higher Power Whom most call “God.” And I think this God is a Godhead Who knows all. A Course of Love does not always talk like that.

      Thanks for writing in.


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