Divine Revelation

“Learning, dear brothers and sisters, does come to an end, and that end is fast approaching. Coming to know through learning will be of the past as soon as Christ-consciousness is sustainable and you begin to come to know through constant revelation of what is. True learning has had only one purpose—the purpose of returning you to awareness of your true identity. Be done with learning now as you accept who you truly are.” (ACOL, T4:8.17)

I think Jesus makes the startling assertion that we should be through with learning because he is very desirous for us to just stop seeking for more and more spiritual guidance that is outside of ourselves. Our proper orientation in this time of Christ is within, to listen to the Self who is aligned with the Divine, God Himself, deep within the central core of our being. We have sought from the learned wisdom of the ages for so long that we are more or less trapped in a continuation of that pattern. That was the pattern for the time of the ego, but, as Jesus says, if we have come this far in A Course of Love, we have given up the ego as a bad idea, a motivator that failed to motivate, a savior that failed to save. We were never safe in the arms of the ego, but that was what our insanity told us—regardless of all evidence to the contrary. We are safe only in the arms of God, our Creator and Sustainer.

Learning is pushed aside in favor of revelation of the Divine from deep within us. Revelation of what is, not prescience about what the future will bring. We live in a consolidation of probable realities, and so no prognostication can always be accurate. This is why psychics often fail; we move into a new probable reality. (Much about probable realities can be found in Jane Roberts’s Seth transmissions.) Jesus also makes clear in ACOL that his words to us will not be predictive, that it is probable, but not for sure, that we will make the right decision for God, present and future time. It is probable, but not guaranteed. Our free will may delay what is an inevitable return to God.

Doesn’t it sound good to hear that divine revelation will be our way to know in the future, and maybe even in the present? To know what God is saying to us will take some times of meditation, prayer, and contemplation. If we don’t get still, the message will just fly over our heads. And never enter our mind and heart at all.

Be willing today to listen to God’s guidance, our deeper Self’s guidance. Ask, in fact, that this deeper Self make our decisions FOR us. That way we will know, if we are listening carefully, that our choices will be right not only for ourselves but also for all others. Life is a win-win, as Marianne Williamson says, when we are aligned with God.

If in doubt about anything that seems to require that a decision needs to be made, turn it over to a Higher Power. Then get still and take time to listen. We may have to be patient, because what we might need to hear can come only after certain changes have been wrought in us. It is said that God says, “Yes. No. Wait.” And we need to develop the patience to wait, for divine timing is not the same as ours. This lifetime we are in is a mere eye blink in eternity. Go with the flow, and don’t fault God if He asks us to delay a bit before we can see what He is working out.


I have a question on my mind today. I have re-surrendered to You, asking for an answer. What I am hearing is not what I, right now, want to hear. But I have asked You to guide me to want for myself what You want for me. That is the great paradox. I create my reality, but I surrender to You, knowing that my real will and Yours is always and only the same.

Be with me throughout this peaceful and mostly leisurely day. When I am quiet and still, I can hear better, and I hope for an assurance about this question sooner rather than later. Change me so that I am ready to hear Your answer.


Communion with God

“It was only the ego that made this desire seem to be for anything other than the purpose of expansion and enrichment of your being. If it is only in sharing who you are through expression of who you are that you come to know who you are, then this is true of God as well. God could not be the only being in all of creation who remains static and unchanging! How could this possibly be said of one whose name and identity is synonymous with creation? You like to think that God knows everything, and God surely knows everything that is. But consciousness of what is, the Christ-con¬sciousness that allows you to be in communion with God, is not a static state. While consciousness of the truth is never-changing, consciousness of the truth is also ever-expanding.” (ACOL, T4:8.14)

Our communion with God will show us that even He is ever-expanding. He is creation itself, and this truth helps to understand why God, like us, grows. This is a new thought, not part of traditional Christian theology, which holds that God is the Immovable. He is immovable in that He doesn’t deviate from Love; He is always and only just Love. Love in this way of understanding God is not an emotion, but is truly the ground of all Being. And our communion with Him will grow us as well. The more we surrender to God, each and every day, the more movement we will know to a better tomorrow.

Being afraid of tomorrow is a dead end. When we surrender to God and Love for our safety, for the first time we know real safety. Our greatest fears will come up as we approach Christ-consciousness, for the ego has been formed of fear, and we have left it behind now. If we look at our greatest fear, we will see that it is a fear of falling apart, a fear that the ground that we stand on will shake. It will shake if we try to preserve ourselves, for preserving ourselves is a pattern of the ego, a failing pattern, but nevertheless a pattern. When we re-surrender each day to God, we are releasing our biggest fears; we are seeing that they have no basis in fact. We drop them like a hot potato. And we are ever the better for the dropping.

Commune with God today. Let Him take care of us. When we relax in His arms, we know that all is safe, all is well. And we are much more courageous as a result. Don’t we all want to be courageous? We can be when we trust in God to hold us up.


I re-surrender to You this morning and every morning. I am much more courageous when I know that You are supporting me; the universe is supporting me. Thank You for this reassurance. Thank You for being You, never to let me fall into an abyss, never to let me fall apart. The more I trust in You, the more I release my fears to You, the better I feel. Thank You immensely for this better feeling.


God’s True Reality Is Perfect

“God always knew what your mind chose to rebel against: that creation is perfect. Your mind, being of God, was constrained by the learning limits of the body and chose to rebel against the learning that was needed in order to come into the time of fullness of a being able to express itself in form, never realizing that this just delayed the learning that had to occur to release you from the limits you struggled against. The constant striving to be more and more, faster and faster—each being’s yearning, passionate, excessive drive to fulfill its purpose, like a drive to explore the ocean before knowing how to swim or the drive to explore new lands while still believing the Earth to be flat—God saw and knew to be consistent with the nature of man, even while the fear and struggle that this impatience generated was inconsistent with God.” (ACOL, T4:8.9)

Doesn’t this quotation sound like the eagerness of our adolescent children, straining against the bounds of parental authority? We, like they, once strained against the idea that creation, as God had designed it, could be improved upon. This sounds unbelievable, when actually stated directly, but nevertheless, eons ago we thought that we would try our hand at coming up with a “reality” that was better what God had provided for us. He immediately gave the Holy Spirit to us, the moment that we had imagined that we wanted to be separate from Him. God in His infinite wisdom knew that we would change our minds, that we would learn, albeit the hard way, that creation was already perfect, and our own imperfect creations, to protect His creation, were relegated to illusion only. Of course, things seemed real enough to us, and still do, but the fact is that we live in an illusory world and an illusory universe. And, like adolescent children who reconcile with parents after rebelliousness, we want to return home to God. Jesus has made the point that we all are like the prodigal son, and God welcomes us just as did that father in the New Testament parable.

Our way back is lightened by realizing that struggle actually prolongs our absence from God. The only thing that we have to do to move to Christ-consciousness is love with greater depth and feeling. That is all: just join with Love. And Love is God. And so we are joining with God, the separation healed.

Enjoy our return. We don’t have to make hard work of it. God welcomes us with all the Love that is His nature. He wants our return, the healing of the illusory separation. So His action, to reach down and lift us up into Christ-consciousness, will come the moment that we are ready. He decides that time, but we can speed it by removing the blocks to the awareness of love.

Love and do as ye will. Life is like that. Life is that.


Thank You for opening my understanding of what it takes to return to You. It sounds so easy—just “to love.” But this difficult world can all too often make the easy seem difficult. I would opt for “easy” today; I would join with You in the love that has actually never separated us from each other.

Be with me today as I seek to walk a path that is straight back to You.


Choose to Live Differently—Better—Today

“What God, in effect had to do, what you in effect had to do in order to live in a nature inconsistent with that from which God could not disconnect, was disconnect from God. Since God was the center of your being, it was impossible to disconnect your heart and still live. What could be disconnected was your will—or in other words, your mind. Just as it is your nature to breathe oxygen, and not breathing oxygen is thus inconsistent with your nature, fearfulness is inconsistent with God. Judgment is inconsistent with God. Bondage or lack of freedom is inconsistent with God.” (ACOL, T4:8.8)

God’s nature, and His choice for us as well, includes freedom from fear, freedom from judgment, freedom from bondage. We left all of that behind eons ago when we took a wrong turn. Our heart didn’t disconnect, because our heart is the very center of our being, what is bonded with God. But our will, lodged in our mind, did just that—disconnected from God when we took that wrong turn. We have been trying to get back, mind with heart, for all the time since.

And we have suffered, though in illusion and never for real. We think that we suffer, and indeed suffering is very real to us. But we can leave this illusion behind, especially as we bring our mind into league with our heart. The way back is strewn with the well wishes of angels who guide our way. We cannot fail this time; we can only delay, and delay is senseless.

We need to release fear and judgment, and bondage, in that we lack freedom—and in the doing of this release, we will come to truly know God again. He hasn’t gone anywhere while we procrastinated. But the world is in a very bad way now, with many believing that they suffer, and it behooves us to do what we can to create a new world. This new world is something on which we stand at the brink. It is always darkest just before the dawn.

How do we release these negative feelings? It is as simple as saying that we do. Just that simple. And then we return to more releasing if the feeling returns. We can give up fear, we can give up judgment, and when we give up these two, our sense of being constrained, in bondage, will release as well.

Choose to live differently today. It is our choice. And the more we emit love to others, the more in line with our real purpose we will be. Our real purpose is expressing love (from The Way of Mastery). And when we express love, we feel better. It is a guaranteed new day.


Help me to live fearlessly and without judgment today. This will release me from any constraints that my karma has seemed to bring to me. I will be free of bondage. My life will be a testament to what Jesus is saying in A Course of Love. All of us need to let that testament shine through our busy doings in this world.

Help me to make good choices today. The way is clear when I listen to You. And I choose to listen today.


God Lives through Us

“You are now beginning to reach the stage of understanding wherein you can realize that it was not some separate “you” or some species without form who at some point in time chose to express love in physical form, and so began this experience of human life. You are now beginning to be able to under¬stand that it was God who made this choice. This was the Creator making a choice. Creation’s response was the universe, which is an expression of God’s love, an expression of God’s choice, a representation of God’s intent.” (ACOL, T4:8.1)

A Course of Love makes clear that God is living through us, that all of us—everything that lives—is part of God. And He projects a world through us; it is coming from within (in my opinion). He made the choice for physicality, given us all a locus for coming home to Him. It is we who decided to see if we could make something better than what creation held, creation as created by God. And in this decision to try to make unlike God, we made fear, and out of the fear, an egoic representation of ourselves that sought, however falsely, to protect us.

Doesn’t it make sense that being all alone in the universe, surrounded by bodies that seem to be separate from us, would be fearful? Of course! And this is exactly what happened.

But no more. In recognizing that God is living through us, and that All is One (including all of us), we have a smooth walk. We realize that appealing to the Divine will offer us blessings that we have denied ourselves heretofore. And the blessings are the harmony, peace, joy, power, and love that a creation of God requires.

We are rapidly making a transition to a better life, free of egoic constraints. As long as we can see that the many are really the One, we will not feel independent and isolated any longer. This will go a long way toward eliminating fear from our lives. And when realize that to judge another for presumed failings is actually a way to judge ourselves, we will drop this thought process as well. God has made it simple for us, for He simply says, “Love!” A loving attitude will quickly drop the fear and judgment, for they will be seen as narrowing concepts, not worthy of a child of God.

So: Love is, as it has always been, the way home. Spend five minutes a day in quiet contemplation of what Love can mean in our lives. This small increment of time will offer us great value in return for very little. For Jesus has emphasized that our way back requires only a “little willingness” (from A Course in Miracles).


I would gladly spend five minutes of my day contemplating for Love really means. This in itself, doing nothing but contemplating, alone, will go a long way toward ensuring that all will be well this day. Be with me as I think of You.

Help me to be willing to have it so. When I try to change large and small things in my world, I often get agitated. And this is no way to find my way back to You. I don’t take a passive attitude, but I do wait for guidance to lead me aright. Grant that my interpretation of guidance is accurate today.


Promise of a New World

“Some will choose to continue to learn through the full variety of the human expe¬rience even after it is unnecessary. Why? Because it is a choice, pure and simple. But because it is an educated choice, an enlightened choice, a free choice due to the learning that has already occurred, the choice will be one guided by love and thus be a joyous choice and ensure a joyous life. These choices will change the world.

“But the choice many of you will make—the choice to move from learning to creating—will create a new world.” (ACOL, T4:7.8 – 7.9)

Jesus is very eager to see a new world arise out of the chaos that we know now. He says that some of us will continue learning, out of choice, and thereby change the world. But many of us will go on to create a new world.

What could this mean? It can only mean that we are on the brink of something very grand. Christ-consciousness will emerge for many of us, and when a tipping point is reached, peace will truly reign. Of course, this doesn’t seem possible now. But it is always darkest just before the dawn, and it is dark now. The dawn is coming, is imminent—if we do our part. If we remove the blocks to the awareness of love, seek to relinquish fear, and thereby live in freedom untainted by that egoic leftover. If our choices are made without fear, we will have moved into the next realm—the realm of Christ-consciousness as a tipping point, the point at which things get better around the world.

Let us pray for such an outcome today. We are thankful for many things in our personal world, our little plot of land on which we reside. But we can pray for something better for all people, and if we pray diligently and often, forces will come to our aid that we have not foreseen. We are surrounded by angels (Jesus says so in A Course of Love), and they add their prayers to ours. Miracles abound in such a world, miracles that can and will transform this hostile and violent world into a world of peace and joy and harmony.

Do you believe it can happen? Belief is pivotal. And we can have such a belief if we trust what Jesus has said in ACOL.

Be sure today that Jesus would not mislead us. Be ready for the new world. And then ask what each of us can do to effect that new world.


Thank You, dear God, for the many blessings that I have. Thank You for my friends, my family (small though it be), my house, my neighborhood, my small city. These are not little blessings, and I know, within the depths of my being, that the more I gratitude I feel for present blessings, the more I open myself to something more.

Be with me now for a great today and a great tomorrow.


Always Listen to Our Heart

“Your natural state is one free of fear and judgment. This is all that makes up the difference between your natural state and your unnatural state. As your natural state returns to you through a heart and mind joined in unity, your body too will exist or abide within this natural state. It cannot help to, as it, just like your heart, exists in the state or reality in which you think you are. The only thing that has created an unreal reality for your heart and body has been the inability of the mind to join the truth with your conscious awareness. While your mind did not accept the truth of your identity or the reality of love without fear, it existed in a reality of fear and judgment, and bound heart and body to this reality. Your heart has now heard the appeal of this Course and worked with your mind to bring about this acceptance of the truth, a truth your heart has always known but has been unable to free you to accept without the mind’s cooperation.” (ACOL, T4:7.5)

The quotation for today is a summation of many concepts discussed often in A Course of Love. We have melded mind and heart, and the heart has “taught” the mind to be natural again. And being natural is our inheritance. We are in unity when we meld mind and heart to be wholehearted. But it is the heart that has to effect this change.

When we are in unity, we don’t experience fear and judgment. Fear and judgment are egoic states of mind for which patterns have still remained in us, though Jesus has told us that when we have come this far, we have indeed relinquished the ego. Fear and trembling, judgment and harsh denunciations—neither of them sound like Love or God, do they? And God is Love, pure and simple. Not simply an emotion, though, but a vast intelligence that is motivated by love for his creations—us. He gave us the free will that we used to imagine a world apart from Him, and He let us do so out of love, knowing that we were, in effect, rebellious adolescents that couldn’t be restrained without limiting us in ways that He would choose never to do.

But we could not actually be apart from God, for He is the manner and substance of our very being. He lives through us, though we vary in how much knowledge we have of the big picture. We, unlike God, are not omniscient. We are a part of Him, though, a part that wills our own reality, creating it out of our thoughts and emotions.

We need to return to the fold. We need to find God again. Our life will take a turn much for the better when we have removed, as best we can, the blocks to the awareness of Love, and that is the awareness of God. When we have returned to Love as our motivation, we will at first have glimpses of Awakening, and then lengthening glimpses, and then peace and joy uninterrupted. Fear and judgment will indeed be of the past. It will seem to be a miracle, and such it is. His Way, normally by revelation, will be unique to each of us, for He knows what it will take for us to return to the fold.

Ask the Divine to point out our way, our unique ways, today. There can be no better way to spend a day.


Thank You for taking me gently by the hand and leading me to You. Break down my resistance, if such it is, for I would be totally enthralled by You.

May I know peace and joy today, a day that I willingly and knowingly, turn aside from fear and judgment—the steps that I can take to remove blocks to the awareness of You.


Be at Ease Today

“That you are living in the time of Christ does not mean that you will automatically realize Christ-consciousness, just as living in the time of the Holy Spirit did not mean that you would automatically realize the conscious¬ness of the spirit that was your intermediary. But just as during the time of the Holy Spirit, your understanding of your Self and God grew through the indirect means that were available to you, during the time of Christ, your understanding of your Self and God cannot help but grow through the direct and observable means now available. Just as in the time of the Holy Spirit the spirit was available to all as intermediary, during the time of Christ, Christ-consciousness is available to all.” (ACOL, T4:7.2)

We are seeing all-inclusiveness in action. Just as during the time of the Holy Spirit, the baptism of the Holy Spirit was available to all (but not received by all), now in the time of Christ, Christ-consciousness is available to all (but will probably not be received by all). But none of us are excluded, except by our own hand. It is true that God intervenes when He sees that we are ready, but we can do much to remove the blocks standing in the way of our readiness.

We need, first and foremost in this time of Christ, to love. Love is the great balancer of all things. Love is the way home. And when we love, we don’t fear and we don’t judge. We are at peace, relaxing in the arms of God, holding Jesus’s hand in a way that he says will not be illusion. What more could we ask for? If we haven’t reached Christ-consciousness yet, there is a reason, and it is not a reason that ought to get us down. We have simply not fulfilled all the requirements—yet. But there is nothing saying that the great miracle won’t happen today—or tomorrow. We need patience in such things.

When we seek to love, we set ourselves up for great blessings. And we quit our worrying and our sense of dis-ease. We allow peace to overwhelm us. And then the way is paved for a glimpse of enlightenment, a glimpse of Christ-consciousness. The faster these glimpses come, often the closer we are to maintaining and sustaining this great blessing. All in good time.

Enjoy today. Choose to give up our downhearted stance, if we indeed do have one. There can be a lot of frustration when we aren’t reaching Christ-consciousness, and we have been on the spiritual path for a long time. But struggle to attain actually moves the goal farther away, as Jesus tells us in The Way of Mastery.

Be at ease today. Know that God’s ways are not all known to us. And the goal may be the sweeter for being delayed.


I seek today to have peace and calm. I seek not to hurry through my “to do” list. These are things of this world that can blind our eyes to the world beyond. And I would see the world beyond today.

Be with me. Take from me any agitation, for agitation is not Your way. Help me to understand that every little bit of peace that I invite takes me closer to my goal of fully joining with You, the separation healed, the way ahead a good bit brighter.

Thank You.


Welcome a Miracle Today

“Christ-consciousness will be temporary or sustainable depending on your ability to refrain from judgment. What is flows from Love and knows not judgment. All that you envision, imagine, desire with love must be without judgment or it will be false envisioning, false imagining, false desire. This simply means false, or not consistent with the truth. It does not mean wrong or bad and is itself no cause for judgment. It is simply an alternative that will draw you out of Christ-consciousness and not allow it to be sustainable.” (ACOL, T4:7.1)

When we enter Christ-consciousness, we are fearless. Being fearless is a prerequisite. If this seems impossible, know that miracles are quite possible. Welcome a miracle today. And choose not to focus on the “impossibility” of Christ-consciousness coming swiftly. Many in our world are experiencing this sea change every day.

Once we do reach Christ-consciousness, Jesus says in the quotation for today that we need to avoid judgment, or that Christ-consciousness will not be sustainable. If we live in the present, we are probably less likely to judge, for judging is fast adhering to the past and the future. We are safe in the present; let’s remember that today.

Living in the present is a way to bypass much turmoil, for when we are experiencing something, even something bad, we aren’t tuned in to its “badness” in the present. We are just proceeding forward, one step at a time. It is when we look back or peer into the future that we get into trouble. Know that the God Who protects us now will still be there for us down the road. He never leaves us. He never forsakes us. And when we are surrendering to him anew each day, we know this.

“False” is the adjective for judging. But we don’t really do “bad” things in judging; we are simply struggling, and struggling is not going to get us to the sustenance of Christ-consciousness. Jesus says this in The Way of Mastery, a channeled work from the nineties. We often think that struggling, with its often attendant anxieties, will be the tribute that we pay for making progress. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Progress requires nothing negative from us at all. And progress is what we are about now.

So: Let us release judging now. We know when we are doing it, but we often don’t seem to know how to stop. Let it go. Let go and let God handle the issue. We were told in A Course in Miracles that only the Holy Spirit could rightly judge, for only He knew the past, present, and future—all circumstances—that caused a given thing to happen. Our own judgments are always and only false.


May I live in the present today. That is my guidance this morning. Thank You for being here for me. Thank You that I know that You are omnipresent.

May this be a good day. May the circumstances of my life smooth to a walkway that is serene, strewn with fallen autumn leaves to cushion my walk. Thank You.


Unequalled Opportunity Awaits Us Now

“You have the unequalled opportunity now, because you exist in the Time of Christ, to directly share Christ-consciousness and thus sustain Christ-consciousness. You can pass on the inheritance you accept in this fullness of time. In this time of unity, dedicate all thought to unity. Accept no separation. Accept all choices. Thus are all chosen in the fullness of time.” (ACOL, T4:6.8)

Sharing ourselves with others seems to be important to sustaining Christ-consciousness. And is not sharing ourselves important, regardless of our state of mind and heart? An isolated heart is a lonely heart, and Jesus would not have us lonely. We are meant for each other; we are meant to be interdependent, not autonomous, needing nobody. We need people. There is even an old song that says something to the effect that “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” This was secular knowledge that is very true.

When we “directly” share Christ-consciousness, we are a direct pipeline from God to our brothers and sisters. We are directly experiencing God now, for we are not going through the intermediary of the Holy Spirit any longer. We are no longer fearful of God, a habit that made an intermediary necessary for long years. When we are not afraid of God, we can turn inward without fear and trembling; we can experience the best of God’s living through us, knowing that we are making this reality, creating this reality.

If we don’t like what we are experiencing, we can change it. It is that simple. And it is that profound.

How do we change what we are experiencing when we are not fully happy? We go within; we reach downward, to the depths of our being, to a new choice. The Christ-Self is waiting there to catch us. We won’t have long to wait.

We seek unity with our brothers and sisters, with ourselves (unity with the Christ-Self), and with God (living deep within us). We have heretofore imagined ourselves in parts, separated from the Essence of ourselves Who is God. This is such a ridiculous notion when we really take a look at it. But now our minds are burdened with subconscious fears that do, in a way, make that separation real. And we need a way to bring the fears up to the light of day and then to know that the fears are meaningless.

Sometimes we are too distraught to quietly reach within. In such times, I have found that distraction helps. Distraction–occupying our minds and hearts with reading, listening to the radio, even watching TV—can heal us when we are too overwrought just to turn to God. We should not let the distractions rule us, though, for we have better things to do with our time. We need, as soon as the nervousness passes, to turn to God, once again, reaching that calm place within that had been veiled because of anxieties.

Our inheritance is our home in God. If this sounds too religious to us, we can say simply that our inheritance is to be fully our Self, for this Self is the god of the secular as well as the spiritual. To be fully our Self, we will know that the right and best way to survive this world is to join with others in a show of solidarity that will heal. Open our heart to the other people who share this world with us. Our joint inheritance points the way to a new and better tomorrow. We are meant to live, together, in this world.

The extent to which we join with others in a heartfelt sharing is the extent to which we will make further progress down the road to home.


Thank You for guiding me to just “let go” and let You take over today. Could I let go? Would I let go? When? This Sedona Method calms my heart today. The frantic busyness that I sometimes allow to take over is turned over to You, and I know that only peace is of any value.

Thank You for Your help today in making a fresh start on the rest of my life. Help me to have the energy and the will to reach out to others, especially today.


Our Natural State Is One of Pure Love

“In this time of Christ, this time of direct revelation and direct sharing, the probable future you imagine, envision, desire, will be what you create. This is the power of the devotion of the observant. A shared vision of unity and a return of all to the state natural to all is what I ask you to imagine, envision and desire.” (ACOL, T4:6.4)

We are in a new time now, the time of Christ. And Jesus is asking us here, in A Course of Love, to envision that all of us will return to our natural state, a state of love rather than fear, a state of Christ-consciousness. The ego was never a natural state for us, and that is why, regardless of what we did, we were in the process of eliminating it from our being, our psyche. The ego was constantly being undone, or who would choose fear if we knew how to avoid it? We choose to experience anxieties when we are afraid of what the present or future will hold, and this “being afraid” is the very fear that Jesus would eradicate. We experience what we, in the depth of our being, want to experience. We may sometimes choose fear out of ignorance and insanity, but there is a way out, and it is to turn to love, love of God, love of our very being, love of others.

We turn from fear when we choose forgiveness, recognizing that others have been acting in innocence borne of insanity as well. And forgiveness is the opposite of judgment. So when we forgive, we are setting aside that second bug-a-boo that Jesus would have us eliminate from our thoughts and evaluations. He would have us set judgment aside, and the best way to do that is to forgive. Everyone deserves forgiveness, for everyone has been doing the best that he/she knows to do, given the state of their knowledge of what’s right.

Why would we ever choose fear and judgment unless we didn’t know any better? Yes, patterns of past ignorance do still pervade our minds, and so what we think does make a difference here. Patterns of fearful thoughts may still assail us, and when this happens, we need to get quiet and go within, pray, spend time in communion with God. Quiet reading can also help. And often judgment comes when we are angry with someone, but have not acknowledged that anger. We sometimes think that a judgment can keep us from fear, if the words or actions of another have indeed seemed to cause fear in us, and we decide that rejecting that person, his words and actions, can save us. This is thinking that is somewhat amiss, because we never benefit very long from rejecting another. Rejection is the opposite of love, and God would have us love our brothers and sisters.

If we know that fears and judgments assail us at certain times, that doesn’t mean that the ego has returned, or that a new ego has formed. We have been in the habit of holding to fears and judgments, and even though we have now turned aside from both, the habit persists from deep within us, and so these patterns of the ego also need to be left behind. We are creating our reality, and when we ask for God’s help in creating better images, His help will be forthcoming. Patterns of the ego will be left behind; sometimes it just takes a little time, and this calls for patience on our part.


Be with me today and every day. May I choose love, and in that choice may my fears and judgments simply drop away. I would choose love to eradicate fear, and I would choose forgiveness to eradicate judgment. All of this is within my power, especially now in the time of Christ.

May this day offer me a glimpse of enlightenment. I know that when I get very calm, I see such a glimpse, sometimes passing very quickly. Stay and dwell with me a while. I know that I ask for what You would will for me.


Peace in This Lifetime

“Your vision of the afterlife was one in which God revealed Himself to you and, in that revelation, transformed you. The direct reve¬lations that will come to you now will transform you as surely as did those that came to so many others after death.” (ACOL, T4:5.12)

What a glorious promise this quotation really is! We will know in this lifetime, before our eventual death, the transformation that is promised. If we love enough, for Love is the key. Loving ourselves, God, and our brothers and sisters will make the transformation from fear and judgment to something much better. It will give us lives worth living, maybe for the first time. We will know peace in this lifetime. A blessing for which all of us would give our lives.

We are actually part of God; God is living a life through each of us. This is part of the theology of all of Jesus’s recent channeled works (A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery). We are That which is, God Himself. Lest we think this is too exalted a concept, think of who is saying it here, Jesus himself. And I do trust Jesus.

What will we know when we are enlightenment, awakened, Christ-conscious? We will indeed be fearless, and because of fearlessness, we will think clearly for the first time. Our egos have tried to protect us from ourselves, but this was always a false notion. The ego can protect nothing, for it is the very definition of insanity. And we are trying, sometimes slowly, to emerge from insanity. If one has ever been insane, they will tell you that there are glimpses of non-psychotic thinking before the veil falls from their eyes, and they are “sane” again. This is exactly what will happen in this larger insanity of which all of us partake on this earth, when we have not yet been transformed. We will have glimpses of sanity, of Christ-consciousness, and then the veils will drop from our eyes, and we will be transformed by vision, a form of seeing that our physical eyes can’t fathom.

Pray for a general Awakening for humankind in this day and age. We all need each other now. We all need God now. Each other, our Christ-Self, and God—a prescription that cannot fail.


May I have a glimpse of true enlightenment today. May my fears become a distant memory, and soon. This difficult world need not be difficult at all, for the Christ-Self knows how to negotiate its difficult transitions.

I would negotiate transitions today, easily. I wish for the best. I pray that it is Your will to grant that best to me. And to others reading my words.


When We Choose Love, We Choose What Will Save Us

“The same is true of you! You cannot express yourself independently of the whole! It is as impossible as it would be for the finger to do so. And yet you think that this is possible and that this is the meaning of free will. Free will does not make the impossible possible. It makes the possible probable. It is thus probable that you will use your free will in order to be who you are. But it is not guaranteed! It is your choice and your choice alone that is the only guarantee. This is the meaning of free will.” (ACOL, T4:5.9)

“Being who you are” is being who God created us to be, and that is a free individual, joined with Him, and not knowing egoic separation at all. For eons we have not been the people whom God created; we have been lost in illusion, an illusion that is simply another word for madness or insanity. We have been out of our minds. The ego had us chained to beliefs that caused us great fear, and with the fear came pain and suffering. The world can’t work without Love, and we were trying in vain to make it work with d judgment, that were constantly being undone. God knew in His creation that nothing could cause the universes to survive well except Love. His very Being was comprised of Love, and when that Being individuated Itself, Love was present in every part. Love had been extended to God’s creations.

We can’t get away from the need for Love. This is also like saying that we can’t get away from the need for God. If we find belief in God untenable, then we can just as easily believe in Love, and He will understand. Our minds have long wanted proof of God’s existence, and this proof, a knowing, can only come from the depths of our being, mostly likely through our intuition. There will come a time, in our movement toward Christ-consciousness, that we will just know that God is real, that Love is real, and that this Love is the backbone of the Whole. This Whole is everything seen and unseen, for energy is present in different frequencies, and some frequencies are too high for us to see with physical eyes. These frequencies, however, are discernible by our depths of mind and heart. And it is by turning within, in communion with that great depth within, that we will ultimately come to know rather than simply perceive.

Our free will still operates within certain parameters. We cannot, any of us, make the impossible, possible. God holds the trump card. But we can agree to the probable, and this probable includes using our free will to erase the separation from God that has caused us such miserable trouble. The separation was never real, for we have always been a part of God. But, lost in insanity, we made a world with effects that very nearly have destroyed us. Like Helen and Bill (co-scribes of A Course in Miracles), we come finally to the place where we know that there must be another way. And this “another” way is actually a better way.

Would not we want to walk through this perilous world without fear? This fearlessness is what we are walking toward when we turn inward and let our Christ-Self direct our movements and our voices. Would we like to give up holding grudges? This is what we will do in realizing that all of us have acted innocently, in insanity, with diminished responsibility because of this insanity. We will forgive, and in this forgiveness, we will cease attack, we will cease anger, and we will cease to judge. Of course, here we have the two impediments to Christ-consciousness, fear and judgment. And all of it is subsumed by fear, the opposite to Love.

Let’s let our inner Self direct our doings today. Let’s let Love overwhelm us. It is possible to feel so loved by God that we are made weak by the feeling. That is what we need to head toward. That very weakness, our vulnerability, will eventually settle into an invulnerability to things of this world. We can experience pain, but we will never, in this state of mind and heart, experience suffering again. We will be too close to God to let emotional overwrought hoodwink us into doubting the goodness of the universe(s).

Nothing bad ever happened, in reality. We just lost our way a little while, but time is an illusion, and now we are making our way back in remembrance of what was lost. Let our feelings of love well up within us. Make no decision against love today. Make no decision that would allow us to think God a figment of our imagination. In our depths, we know that His Love sustains us, wherever we are.


Be with me today. If bad things seem to happen, give me the equanimity to withstand anything this world can throw my way. Thank You for the greater calm that You have granted me in recent days. Communing with You allows Your love to become real to me.

May You guide my speech today to be comforting and consoling to anyone I see. May I rest in the peace that only You can give.


Abide in Love, for That Is Our Saving Grace

“Life-everlasting in form is not your only choice. As many of you believed that I was the Son of God and more than a man before my birth, during my lifetime and after my death and resurrection, so are you. So are all who came before me and all who came after me. All that being a Son of God means is that you represent the continuity of creation and that your fulfillment lies in the acceptance of your true inheritance.” (ACOL, T4:5.1)

In the quotation for yesterday, we seemed to be encouraged to live our lifetimes in form on earth, the elevated Self of form, embodying Christ-consciousness. Here, though, in this quotation for today, Jesus indicates that life on earth is not our only option for the future. We can be like him, living on other planes. Jesus indicates that being a Son (or Daughter) of God is our inheritance, our sole inheritance, and we have previously turned aside from that inheritance. I think it safe to say that Jesus certainly hopes that we won’t turn aside any longer.

Jesus frequently discusses in A Course of Love our equality with him. We are of the same Self, of course, as we realize that All are One in God. But we might have even more trouble recognizing that the man we have honored with our love is just of the same substance as are we. He just chose right sooner, in time, and time, as we know, is an illusion.

We don’t have to make a choice now as to whether to reincarnate in other physical bodies in the future, or continue our journey without distance on other planes. It is far too soon to make such a decision, and we don’t have all the facts. We are, instead, simply to abide in Love, knowing that the true and right decision will, in revelation, come to us at the right time. Revelation is the knowing that all of us will experience, the immediate knowing, when we have reached Christ-consciousness. Deep self-analysis was of the ego (though self-centeredness has also been a necessary part of our journey to enlightenment).

If we continue to have fears, we won’t make it. We must be fearless. We must also be free of judgment, in a state of forgiveness of everyone and everything for what actually has NOT been done to us. We made our choices. We have always been in the driver’s seat, and nothing about that has changed except that we have turned aside from the ego.

Rest in God’s Love. Know that whatever seems nebulous and veiled now will ultimately be as clear as a day with the noontime sun and a cloudless sky. Re-surrender to God each and every day, and see if life doesn’t start smoothing out, right here, right now. We need expect nothing less.


I do re-surrender to You. I do this each and every day, and my days are getting to be much better. I long for the knowledge, through revelation, that only You can give me. Correct my trajectory if I am going off on tangents—ever. Keep me safe in Your love.

Thank You for reassuring me that all is indeed well, that I need have no fears, that my fears will not save me. Thank You also for letting me realize that forgiveness of what has not actually happened, in true reality, is very easy indeed. This allows me to drop judging my brothers and sisters, as well as my Self.

Be with me today as I seek, as always, to walk the path that You point out.


Union of Human & Divine = New State of Being

“The temporary experience has been elongated because of the appeal of the physical experience. What this Treatise is saying to you is that if the physical experience appeals to you, and if you create the union of the human and the divine as a new state of being, this choice will be eternally yours. It will be a choice of your creation, a creation devoid of fear. It will be a new choice.” (ACOL, T4:4.18)

Here, in A Course of Love, Jesus says a very startling thing: that we might choose to live in physical form forever, that we might occupy physical bodies forever. But he doesn’t mean immortality of any given physical form or body, and so it is certain that he is talking about reincarnation.

Previously, in A Course in Miracles, Jesus counseled those of us who might discuss ACIM with others, not to take a stand on reincarnation, unless we were with like-minded people. It would only be a distraction, and the ego was enough to handle. But in both A Course of Love and The Way of Mastery, Jesus does not seem to have such scruples. He implies quite strongly that we live different lives. And, we might imagine, many of us will have much to do over the millions of years that it will take for all of us to heal the illusory separation from God. (The “millions of years” are from ACIM.)

So we have work to do, and if Jesus’s elevated Self of form can be a new creation, we can feel better about our place on earth, our place to do this work.

Of course, we are surrounded by entities—including angels—who help us. We are never alone in the tasks set before us. And we are directly told not to attempt to recruit others to our way of thinking—unless and until they ask and are willing to see what we have seen. We are promised that we will be ordinary people living extraordinary lives, and that this very phenomenon will draw others to us. We will not be suffering, as many did in the past. We can put suffering behind us, and in this we will be well-supported.

The revelation in this passage is particularly important. Its promise is arresting to us. Can we really be happy encased in physicality for eons in the present and future? Jesus’s assertion seems to make it so; we will be happy.

Edgar Cayce, a psychic from the last century, said that many of us are “Sons of God” who came to earth to save the “daughters of men.” Of course, this is sexist language, but Edgar belonged to a different time and place. We say today that “Sons and Daughters” of God seek to release the “sons and daughters of men and women.” And we can be tantalized by Edgar’s assertion.

Salvation is the greatest gift that we can make of our lives. Many people are hurting; perhaps we ourselves are still hurting. Let God answer our needs; let Him do the healing. And then may the Christ-Self direct our many busy doings in the course of a day.

The way is clear. And the work becomes something that more closely resembles play. Salvation, as Jesus outlines it in ACOL, is effortless as well as limitless. Ask for help to our part to play this day. And be reassured that the Answer will come sooner rather than later.


Give me the stamina today to walk an easeful pathway back to You, always back to You. I know that salvation is meant to be easy, that seriousness is of the ego—the ego that I have turned from. Help me to do the part that you would point out to me, today.

May this day develop into a peaceful one. May my walk through this day be all that You would wish it to be.


Certainty through Intuition

“Being fully aware that you have life everlasting is totally different than having faith in an afterlife. Faith is based upon the unknown. If the unknown were not unknown faith would not be necessary. Faith will become unnecessary, as life everlasting becomes known to you.” (ACOL, T4:4.13)

When we know something, Jesus is saying here that faith in the unknown becomes unnecessary. When we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that life everlasting begins in this lifetime on earth, and continues through eternity, we don’t have to have faith in the unseen. We may not “see” life everlasting, as we see another body on earth, but we see with vision, and we know in the depths of our hearts.

It is a startling assertion that faith in an afterlife will become unnecessary. But Jesus says many startling things in his channeled works (A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, etc.). When we have come to trust in our intuitions, then we will see why faith in an unknown becomes unnecessary. We believe because we trust in our intuitions. And that is all. But that is enough.

The Bible says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” And faith can seem nebulous indeed, to us on earth before we have walked along the pathway far enough and long enough to trust in an unseen God, One Whom we have come to know.

Knowing is the secret. Knowing is the way back. Knowing will come to us through our inner Self, the intuition that wells up from deep within us.


Be with me as I seek to express love today. Expressing love is the way back to You. It is the greatest thing that I could ever do with my day. I wish to express love with every fiber of my being.

Thank You for guiding me to the right sources to come to a better understanding of what You would ask of me. May I lean on You, now and always.


Teach Only Love, for That Is What We Are

“I am calling you to the new. I am calling you to transform. I am calling you to Christ-consciousness. I am calling you to everlasting consciousness even while you still abide in form. To be cognizant or aware of everlasting consciousness while you still abide in form is to be fully aware that you have life everlasting.” (ACOL, T4:4.12)

Life everlasting! Now this is an assertion that will take us back to the traditional church. But Jesus has does have new twist in A Course of Love: We won’t have to wait for the afterlife to fully occupy our physical forms and to transmute them into something better than we have seen before. Isn’t it good news that there doesn’t have to be waiting for what is beyond the veil of death? Actually the traditional church has taught that eternal life begins in this life, this physical life. And now Jesus is telling us that we will transform, while still in our bodies, to an “elevated” state of mind and heart. We will be the “elevated Self of form.” And we will not long for the afterlife as the only thing that can truly bring us peace, for we can have peace in our minds and hearts here, now, forever.

Although this peace sounds almost too good to be true, I trust what Jesus is saying in ACOL. He wants us to get on to living as elevated beings, beings that have transformed into Christ-consciousness, enlightenment, Awakening. He is trying to do his part to bring us a new day, an ultimate salvation. Our part is simply to remove the blocks that we have erected against love. When we teach only love—meaning that we express only love—our way is clear to jumpstart Christ-consciousness. Only living love will make this transformation possible. Only love.

The only way that this world will ever work is to have a global reawakening through the force that is love. Division among people must end, and sooner rather than later. We may seem very far from that epitome now, but we need to make a beginning, and, first of all, within ourselves. If we cling to fear in the face of division in our world, we ourselves won’t be able to transform. And our change is the change that will make further change possible.

There is no time to lose. Spend five minutes, as The Way of Mastery recommends, just sitting and contemplating what it would be like to be Christ-conscious. Envision the future that we would have. And know that this five minutes will effect great change—first in ourselves, and then in the outer world. The outer is in-formed by the inner. Inner change is always needed first. Without that, we are teaching a social gospel from a place of fear. We have provided fish, rather than teaching our brothers and sisters how to fish, and so what we do is not lasting.

We have to get ourselves straightened out before we can be of value to our brothers and sisters, ultimate value. But every little sign of progress is heartening. And five minutes of contemplating a better future will cause a shift that will be transforming.


Contemplation of You in our world will effect positive change in our world. I give you a little time each day, and I seek to expand that time so that all of life becomes a prayer. I don’t neglect my duties, but I do then with a lighter heart when I have turned to You first. Thank You for the guidance to do just that—to contemplate Christ-consciousness and what it would mean, to contemplate truly loving, and what it would mean.

Be with me today as this good day unfolds. May I slow down and truly live, resting when needed, working when needed. You guide, please, my thought processes so that they are in-formed by my heart.

And may all be well today.


The Heart Always Chooses Love

“Changing form is part of the pattern of life-everlasting. The change in the form you now occupy, the change I have spoken of as that of elevation of the personal self, is a natural part of the pattern of life-everlasting. It is long over-due. It is long over-due because you have rejected rather than accepted your inheritance.” (ACOL, T4:4.8)

Why have we rejected our inheritance? We have been scared, just filled with fear at the thought of altering our relationship to the ego. We have thought that the ego protected us from harm, because the ego has said “turn to me” for safety. But this is not safety at all. A false persona will never save.

What, then, will save? We merge with our innermost Self, the real Self, the Christ-Self, Who champions our release from pain. When we do this our persona can’t be in charge anymore. We have a new master, the real Self. And this Self walks courageously in our world, even when the world seems a dangerous place fraught with disaster. Courage is its own reward. We know that we have help of God when we ask for His help. We know that He comes from the depths to calm our troubled mind. Our mind and heart abide together in a new realm of wholeheartedness. It isn’t so much that we ignore our intellect, our mind, as we allow it to be informed by the heart. And the choice of the heart is always love, where there will be no fear.

If nervousness threatens to overtake us today, ask what these anxieties are showing us. I find that when I am overwrought, I am on the wrong pathway, and nothing will be really right until I redirect my footsteps. I seem to have an agreement with my Self that I will get overwrought when I am misperceiving, and that this fact of being overwrought will tip the scales to a better solution. The solution is always with the problem (from A Course in Miracles). And we won’t have to wait. Go inward to see what the nervousness is all about. Ask for God’s help. He always responds.

We live in an uncertain world. Jesus asks us in A Course of Love to occupy the elevated Self of form, and this is a form that knows fearlessness. This new form will save us now, as nothing else could or would. Be reassured that the moments of anxiety will fade away as we move ever closer to enlightenment, with more and more glimpses of Christ-consciousness. Ultimately there will be a moment when we know that everything has changed, that nothing is as it was before. And if we sustain this new feeling, we will have achieved what Jesus is pointing out to us: We will have achieved the sustenance of the elevated Self of form.


I need You today. This uncertain world has me worried, and You would not have me worried. Of course, know that my emotions are very human, not to be resisted but simply to be turned from, in peace. And I ask for Your help in making this pivot.

Be with me today as I seek to turn to fearlessness.


Our Turn to Love Will Save Us

“Once the original nature of the created becomes observable in physical form, physical form will surpass what it once was and become the new nature of the created. There is no reason why the original nature of your being cannot become a being the nature of which is form if you so choose it to be. There is a reason why the original nature of your being cannot exist in a form unnatural to love. A form whose nature is fear cannot house the creation of love.” (ACOL, T4:3.12)

We are creations, borne of God, who occupy form—however unreal that form may actually be. Even though A Course in Miracles called the physical world an illusion, there is no doubt that we perceive the bodies that we inhabit. And Jesus is doing a grand thing in A Course of Love: He is inviting us to embrace our physical forms as something that can be very good. We don’t have to wait until after death, and an ethereal world to come into our fullness. We can come into our fullness, living in the bodies that we know.

Yet there is an important, very important, proviso. We cannot come into our fullness if we cling to fear, for this is a result of our separation (illusory) from God, and fear is not natural to God’s Kingdom, the House of Truth. Because we thought that we were alone and lonely, abandoned by God, we dropped into fearful thoughts, and with this, the ego was born. And the ego has never done anything real at all; the egoic world has been lost in illusion from day one. True reality means that we drop into a world free of judgment and attack, free of fear—a world of harmony, peace, joy, love. This is our real heritage. This is what we are about.

We are moving into a new world, one in which form is not denigrated at all, but only if the fear that has dogged the steps of the physical is eliminated. We can and will make that change, for we are very weary of living in a fearful world. We turn to Love, and when we turn to Love, and with the elimination of judging and fear, we move into a new reality of enlightenment, Awakening, Christ-consciousness. Whenever we have a particularly harmonious day, we have in all likelihood experienced a glimpse of enlightenment. Let’s remove the blocks to the awareness of Love, and with that, we have done all that we can to invite Christ-consciousness. But it is enough. It is really enough.

The newly created world will transform life as it has been known for eons. We are on the brink of an ever-expanding newness, and with this newness will come joys that are still unknown to us. This is an exciting time for transformation. Be on the forefront. It will give us a good and very different life from the one that we have lived heretofore.


Be with me today. Basically, I want to focus on Love and invite the harmonious experience of this day, inviting a glimpse of enlightenment. I know that the only thing that I can do is to make sure that I neither judge nor fear anything today. Then my focus on Love will be genuine. I ask Your help, for without You I am completely and utterly incompetent to change my life at all.

Help us to welcome our brothers and sisters to a better world. When we reach out in Love, we reach out to individuals who are part of You. And this makes it easy to love everyone.


Listen to the Whispers of God-given Desire

“As the natural state of love is returned to you, judgment falls away because vision will arise. With the onset of the vision of love, many of you will make one final judgment in which you find everything to be good and full of love. Once all has been judged with the vision of love, judgment is over naturally for it has served its purpose. This is the final judgment.” (ACOL, T4:3.8)

Jesus doesn’t say it here, but judgment is the opposite of forgiveness, and forgiveness was the hue and cry of A Course in Miracles, the forerunner of A Course of Love. When we are loving and forgiving, we are in a state in which we are surrendering and re-surrendering to God at every point of departure. Surrendering and re-surrendering works; nothing else does.

We may think that we create our own reality, and we do. But if the reality that we choose to create is out of sync with what God knows is best for us, we get tangled up. ACIM and ACOL both assert that the will of God is actually our real, true will, and nothing else will work quite so well. We can rebel (and we have), but the shortest route to enlightenment is the straight line that our innermost self points out to us. This innermost self is the Christ-Self, and this Self is always in alignment with the powers that be, the God, the All, the One of everything.

We don’t seek to use our judgment to determine what to do, for we cannot possibly know all factors, past, present, future, that would determine how our choices would turn out. We turn to guidance, and we can evaluate this in several different ways. ACIM turned to the Holy Spirit, the feeling or intuitive sense that one might do a certain thing. ACOL turns to the inner Christ-Self, still ruling by feeling or intuition, but more precisely a direct route to God, of which we no longer cringe from in terror and fear. Our way is now more direct, for we know that God means us well, that He always points out the shortest route to the Christ-consciousness that we want. Every route will eventually take anyone there, but the shortest route is certainly preferred, for this world (and we ourselves) are in such agony that speed is to be desired.

Love finds all that we approach to be good and blessed. Even what seem like bad things, for things are actually neutral. We bring our interpretation to what we experience, and that interpretation puts a positive spin on our little world when we know that we are following surrender, re-surrender, and the guidance that surrender always gives us.

The way is not hard. No pathway that God points out to us, that we find to be tantalizing us with desire, genuine desire, is hard. Of course, we have to drop the egoic desires. And at this point in A Course of Love, Jesus assures that we have, in fact, dropped the ego. This will come to mean a lot to us, as we realize that our pathway just got swifter. Re-surrendering to what seems to call to us is the best way, the preferred way. And with this re-surrender comes the certain culmination of dreams we can only guess.


Be with me today as I re-surrender to You. I have found that this re-surrender is the only way that I can have peace. There are many unknowns in the future, unknowns that could unhinge me, unless I let You take the lead. And when I step back and let You do the guiding, I am reassured, once again, of the Love that guides my steps surely.

Thank You for this good day. May the day grow ever brighter, like my future.


Swift Walk Back to God

“Original intent has everything to do with the nature of things for orig¬inal intent is synonymous with cause. The original intent of this chosen experience was the expression of the Self of love in observable form. This original intent or cause formed the true nature of the personal self capable of being observed in relationship. The displacement of the original intent, while it did not change the original cause, formed a false nature for the personal self. This displacement of the original intent can be simply stated as the displacement of love with fear. It is as simple as that. Yet the way in which each of you have interpreted this displacement has come to seem quite complex.” (ACOL, T4:3.4)

We chose fear when we imagined ourselves alone and lonely, isolated in a world bereft of God. We thought, erroneously, that He had abandoned us because we had been disobedient. Yet we had merely been playing a game of separation, wondering if we could make something that we would like better than what God had created for us to enjoy. If we, in our physical forms, had not imagined that we were separate from God, there would have been no cause for suffering and pain, no cause to believe that we were isolated and had fallen from grace. This game became very real to us, and it is our blessing now to retreat from it, for we know that being loving children of God, reestablished in His good graces, is all that our heart could ever desire.

Our original intent was to experience life in observable form, physical form. We lost that original intent when we lapsed into fear; though we still occupied observable form, physical form, we thought that the encased body was all we could depend upon. So we retreated into fear. A bad choice.

God, acting from the Christ-Self deep within us, has always given us the outer circumstances that would take us back home as fast as we would allow. If we wish the pathway back to be a swift walk, then so be it. It will be a swift walk. When our minds are made up to return to peace above all else, we reach out to God and find that His arms have always been enfolding us.


Thank You for creating the circumstances that would allow me to return to you forthwith. I very much love and appreciate the warmth that I feel from You. My fears just dissipate when I experience the warmth that you send in my direction. Yes, you are living through me, and it behooves me to give You a good day.


World of Joy & Blessing, Peace & Love

“Learning to see anew is the precursor of learning to create anew. Creating anew is the precursor of the coming of the new world. Remember, only from a shared vision of what is can you begin to produce unity and rela¬tionship through unity and relationship. This is your purpose now, and this the curriculum to guide you to the fulfillment of your purpose.” (ACOL, T4:2.33)

Jesus has great hope in regard to what A Course of Love will do. He believes that if we follow, we will do a great deal to help this sad world. Indeed, we will create a new world, a world of joy and blessing, peace and love. The way may seem long to us now, but time is an illusion only meant to allow us to experience one section of eternity at a time.

Once again Jesus is emphasizing the importance of “unity and relationship.” He knows so well what he means, but when we hear it often, we often zone out. We are One, united but differentiated into parts of that One, and knowing through that relationship. Our unity and relationship is the key that will unlock treasures for us. It is the key to salvation, as set forth in ACOL. Ultimate salvation, or Christ-consciousness (Awakening or enlightenment).

Christ-consciousness comes first, usually, in glimpses. We have a particularly fine hour, an oasis of quiet and calm, and we know that this is how life is meant to be lived. In that happening, we have had a glimpse of Christ-consciousness. Once our thought processes slow down, we are well on the way to enjoying quiet and calm for more time in our busy days. And thought processes do slow in enlightenment. That doesn’t mean that we think any less; we just think more effectively, without the static that has hindered our forward movement.

Our purpose, then, is unity and relationship, for we can’t be both unified and out of relationship. We need others; we are living in a shared world, a shared reality. God knew what He was doing when He created us to be interdependent. The ego didn’t know what it was doing when it tried to encourage independence, autonomy above all else. We are not meant to be alone. And it is the particularly insane among us, the mad among, the neurotic, who prize being alone and separate as a way to handle life. This will never work. But we can’t tell another of this, only ourselves. Share when the brother or sister is ready to listen. In the meantime, pray, commune, with God that the insanity that we see all around us will abate.


Help us to give up our little insane ways of thinking, the ones that keep us from enlightenment. Let us love, above all. Let us hold nothing against another, or defenses do what they would defend against. We are Yours, pure and simple. And we need You, desperately. Help us to know that we live in a safe environment, that our invulnerability is real, even when it doesn’t seem so.

We belong to You. And what a blessing it is that this is so!