Divine Revelation

“Learning, dear brothers and sisters, does come to an end, and that end is fast approaching. Coming to know through learning will be of the past as soon as Christ-consciousness is sustainable and you begin to come to know through constant revelation of what is. True learning has had only one purpose—the purpose of returning you to awareness of your true identity. Be done with learning now as you accept who you truly are.” (ACOL, T4:8.17)

I think Jesus makes the startling assertion that we should be through with learning because he is very desirous for us to just stop seeking for more and more spiritual guidance that is outside of ourselves. Our proper orientation in this time of Christ is within, to listen to the Self who is aligned with the Divine, God Himself, deep within the central core of our being. We have sought from the learned wisdom of the ages for so long that we are more or less trapped in a continuation of that pattern. That was the pattern for the time of the ego, but, as Jesus says, if we have come this far in A Course of Love, we have given up the ego as a bad idea, a motivator that failed to motivate, a savior that failed to save. We were never safe in the arms of the ego, but that was what our insanity told us—regardless of all evidence to the contrary. We are safe only in the arms of God, our Creator and Sustainer.

Learning is pushed aside in favor of revelation of the Divine from deep within us. Revelation of what is, not prescience about what the future will bring. We live in a consolidation of probable realities, and so no prognostication can always be accurate. This is why psychics often fail; we move into a new probable reality. (Much about probable realities can be found in Jane Roberts’s Seth transmissions.) Jesus also makes clear in ACOL that his words to us will not be predictive, that it is probable, but not for sure, that we will make the right decision for God, present and future time. It is probable, but not guaranteed. Our free will may delay what is an inevitable return to God.

Doesn’t it sound good to hear that divine revelation will be our way to know in the future, and maybe even in the present? To know what God is saying to us will take some times of meditation, prayer, and contemplation. If we don’t get still, the message will just fly over our heads. And never enter our mind and heart at all.

Be willing today to listen to God’s guidance, our deeper Self’s guidance. Ask, in fact, that this deeper Self make our decisions FOR us. That way we will know, if we are listening carefully, that our choices will be right not only for ourselves but also for all others. Life is a win-win, as Marianne Williamson says, when we are aligned with God.

If in doubt about anything that seems to require that a decision needs to be made, turn it over to a Higher Power. Then get still and take time to listen. We may have to be patient, because what we might need to hear can come only after certain changes have been wrought in us. It is said that God says, “Yes. No. Wait.” And we need to develop the patience to wait, for divine timing is not the same as ours. This lifetime we are in is a mere eye blink in eternity. Go with the flow, and don’t fault God if He asks us to delay a bit before we can see what He is working out.


I have a question on my mind today. I have re-surrendered to You, asking for an answer. What I am hearing is not what I, right now, want to hear. But I have asked You to guide me to want for myself what You want for me. That is the great paradox. I create my reality, but I surrender to You, knowing that my real will and Yours is always and only the same.

Be with me throughout this peaceful and mostly leisurely day. When I am quiet and still, I can hear better, and I hope for an assurance about this question sooner rather than later. Change me so that I am ready to hear Your answer.



Communion with God

“It was only the ego that made this desire seem to be for anything other than the purpose of expansion and enrichment of your being. If it is only in sharing who you are through expression of who you are that you come to know who you are, then this is true of God as well. God could not be the only being in all of creation who remains static and unchanging! How could this possibly be said of one whose name and identity is synonymous with creation? You like to think that God knows everything, and God surely knows everything that is. But consciousness of what is, the Christ-con¬sciousness that allows you to be in communion with God, is not a static state. While consciousness of the truth is never-changing, consciousness of the truth is also ever-expanding.” (ACOL, T4:8.14)

Our communion with God will show us that even He is ever-expanding. He is creation itself, and this truth helps to understand why God, like us, grows. This is a new thought, not part of traditional Christian theology, which holds that God is the Immovable. He is immovable in that He doesn’t deviate from Love; He is always and only just Love. Love in this way of understanding God is not an emotion, but is truly the ground of all Being. And our communion with Him will grow us as well. The more we surrender to God, each and every day, the more movement we will know to a better tomorrow.

Being afraid of tomorrow is a dead end. When we surrender to God and Love for our safety, for the first time we know real safety. Our greatest fears will come up as we approach Christ-consciousness, for the ego has been formed of fear, and we have left it behind now. If we look at our greatest fear, we will see that it is a fear of falling apart, a fear that the ground that we stand on will shake. It will shake if we try to preserve ourselves, for preserving ourselves is a pattern of the ego, a failing pattern, but nevertheless a pattern. When we re-surrender each day to God, we are releasing our biggest fears; we are seeing that they have no basis in fact. We drop them like a hot potato. And we are ever the better for the dropping.

Commune with God today. Let Him take care of us. When we relax in His arms, we know that all is safe, all is well. And we are much more courageous as a result. Don’t we all want to be courageous? We can be when we trust in God to hold us up.


I re-surrender to You this morning and every morning. I am much more courageous when I know that You are supporting me; the universe is supporting me. Thank You for this reassurance. Thank You for being You, never to let me fall into an abyss, never to let me fall apart. The more I trust in You, the more I release my fears to You, the better I feel. Thank You immensely for this better feeling.


God’s True Reality Is Perfect

“God always knew what your mind chose to rebel against: that creation is perfect. Your mind, being of God, was constrained by the learning limits of the body and chose to rebel against the learning that was needed in order to come into the time of fullness of a being able to express itself in form, never realizing that this just delayed the learning that had to occur to release you from the limits you struggled against. The constant striving to be more and more, faster and faster—each being’s yearning, passionate, excessive drive to fulfill its purpose, like a drive to explore the ocean before knowing how to swim or the drive to explore new lands while still believing the Earth to be flat—God saw and knew to be consistent with the nature of man, even while the fear and struggle that this impatience generated was inconsistent with God.” (ACOL, T4:8.9)

Doesn’t this quotation sound like the eagerness of our adolescent children, straining against the bounds of parental authority? We, like they, once strained against the idea that creation, as God had designed it, could be improved upon. This sounds unbelievable, when actually stated directly, but nevertheless, eons ago we thought that we would try our hand at coming up with a “reality” that was better what God had provided for us. He immediately gave the Holy Spirit to us, the moment that we had imagined that we wanted to be separate from Him. God in His infinite wisdom knew that we would change our minds, that we would learn, albeit the hard way, that creation was already perfect, and our own imperfect creations, to protect His creation, were relegated to illusion only. Of course, things seemed real enough to us, and still do, but the fact is that we live in an illusory world and an illusory universe. And, like adolescent children who reconcile with parents after rebelliousness, we want to return home to God. Jesus has made the point that we all are like the prodigal son, and God welcomes us just as did that father in the New Testament parable.

Our way back is lightened by realizing that struggle actually prolongs our absence from God. The only thing that we have to do to move to Christ-consciousness is love with greater depth and feeling. That is all: just join with Love. And Love is God. And so we are joining with God, the separation healed.

Enjoy our return. We don’t have to make hard work of it. God welcomes us with all the Love that is His nature. He wants our return, the healing of the illusory separation. So His action, to reach down and lift us up into Christ-consciousness, will come the moment that we are ready. He decides that time, but we can speed it by removing the blocks to the awareness of love.

Love and do as ye will. Life is like that. Life is that.


Thank You for opening my understanding of what it takes to return to You. It sounds so easy—just “to love.” But this difficult world can all too often make the easy seem difficult. I would opt for “easy” today; I would join with You in the love that has actually never separated us from each other.

Be with me today as I seek to walk a path that is straight back to You.


Choose to Live Differently—Better—Today

“What God, in effect had to do, what you in effect had to do in order to live in a nature inconsistent with that from which God could not disconnect, was disconnect from God. Since God was the center of your being, it was impossible to disconnect your heart and still live. What could be disconnected was your will—or in other words, your mind. Just as it is your nature to breathe oxygen, and not breathing oxygen is thus inconsistent with your nature, fearfulness is inconsistent with God. Judgment is inconsistent with God. Bondage or lack of freedom is inconsistent with God.” (ACOL, T4:8.8)

God’s nature, and His choice for us as well, includes freedom from fear, freedom from judgment, freedom from bondage. We left all of that behind eons ago when we took a wrong turn. Our heart didn’t disconnect, because our heart is the very center of our being, what is bonded with God. But our will, lodged in our mind, did just that—disconnected from God when we took that wrong turn. We have been trying to get back, mind with heart, for all the time since.

And we have suffered, though in illusion and never for real. We think that we suffer, and indeed suffering is very real to us. But we can leave this illusion behind, especially as we bring our mind into league with our heart. The way back is strewn with the well wishes of angels who guide our way. We cannot fail this time; we can only delay, and delay is senseless.

We need to release fear and judgment, and bondage, in that we lack freedom—and in the doing of this release, we will come to truly know God again. He hasn’t gone anywhere while we procrastinated. But the world is in a very bad way now, with many believing that they suffer, and it behooves us to do what we can to create a new world. This new world is something on which we stand at the brink. It is always darkest just before the dawn.

How do we release these negative feelings? It is as simple as saying that we do. Just that simple. And then we return to more releasing if the feeling returns. We can give up fear, we can give up judgment, and when we give up these two, our sense of being constrained, in bondage, will release as well.

Choose to live differently today. It is our choice. And the more we emit love to others, the more in line with our real purpose we will be. Our real purpose is expressing love (from The Way of Mastery). And when we express love, we feel better. It is a guaranteed new day.


Help me to live fearlessly and without judgment today. This will release me from any constraints that my karma has seemed to bring to me. I will be free of bondage. My life will be a testament to what Jesus is saying in A Course of Love. All of us need to let that testament shine through our busy doings in this world.

Help me to make good choices today. The way is clear when I listen to You. And I choose to listen today.


God Lives through Us

“You are now beginning to reach the stage of understanding wherein you can realize that it was not some separate “you” or some species without form who at some point in time chose to express love in physical form, and so began this experience of human life. You are now beginning to be able to under¬stand that it was God who made this choice. This was the Creator making a choice. Creation’s response was the universe, which is an expression of God’s love, an expression of God’s choice, a representation of God’s intent.” (ACOL, T4:8.1)

A Course of Love makes clear that God is living through us, that all of us—everything that lives—is part of God. And He projects a world through us; it is coming from within (in my opinion). He made the choice for physicality, given us all a locus for coming home to Him. It is we who decided to see if we could make something better than what creation held, creation as created by God. And in this decision to try to make unlike God, we made fear, and out of the fear, an egoic representation of ourselves that sought, however falsely, to protect us.

Doesn’t it make sense that being all alone in the universe, surrounded by bodies that seem to be separate from us, would be fearful? Of course! And this is exactly what happened.

But no more. In recognizing that God is living through us, and that All is One (including all of us), we have a smooth walk. We realize that appealing to the Divine will offer us blessings that we have denied ourselves heretofore. And the blessings are the harmony, peace, joy, power, and love that a creation of God requires.

We are rapidly making a transition to a better life, free of egoic constraints. As long as we can see that the many are really the One, we will not feel independent and isolated any longer. This will go a long way toward eliminating fear from our lives. And when realize that to judge another for presumed failings is actually a way to judge ourselves, we will drop this thought process as well. God has made it simple for us, for He simply says, “Love!” A loving attitude will quickly drop the fear and judgment, for they will be seen as narrowing concepts, not worthy of a child of God.

So: Love is, as it has always been, the way home. Spend five minutes a day in quiet contemplation of what Love can mean in our lives. This small increment of time will offer us great value in return for very little. For Jesus has emphasized that our way back requires only a “little willingness” (from A Course in Miracles).


I would gladly spend five minutes of my day contemplating for Love really means. This in itself, doing nothing but contemplating, alone, will go a long way toward ensuring that all will be well this day. Be with me as I think of You.

Help me to be willing to have it so. When I try to change large and small things in my world, I often get agitated. And this is no way to find my way back to You. I don’t take a passive attitude, but I do wait for guidance to lead me aright. Grant that my interpretation of guidance is accurate today.


Promise of a New World

“Some will choose to continue to learn through the full variety of the human expe¬rience even after it is unnecessary. Why? Because it is a choice, pure and simple. But because it is an educated choice, an enlightened choice, a free choice due to the learning that has already occurred, the choice will be one guided by love and thus be a joyous choice and ensure a joyous life. These choices will change the world.

“But the choice many of you will make—the choice to move from learning to creating—will create a new world.” (ACOL, T4:7.8 – 7.9)

Jesus is very eager to see a new world arise out of the chaos that we know now. He says that some of us will continue learning, out of choice, and thereby change the world. But many of us will go on to create a new world.

What could this mean? It can only mean that we are on the brink of something very grand. Christ-consciousness will emerge for many of us, and when a tipping point is reached, peace will truly reign. Of course, this doesn’t seem possible now. But it is always darkest just before the dawn, and it is dark now. The dawn is coming, is imminent—if we do our part. If we remove the blocks to the awareness of love, seek to relinquish fear, and thereby live in freedom untainted by that egoic leftover. If our choices are made without fear, we will have moved into the next realm—the realm of Christ-consciousness as a tipping point, the point at which things get better around the world.

Let us pray for such an outcome today. We are thankful for many things in our personal world, our little plot of land on which we reside. But we can pray for something better for all people, and if we pray diligently and often, forces will come to our aid that we have not foreseen. We are surrounded by angels (Jesus says so in A Course of Love), and they add their prayers to ours. Miracles abound in such a world, miracles that can and will transform this hostile and violent world into a world of peace and joy and harmony.

Do you believe it can happen? Belief is pivotal. And we can have such a belief if we trust what Jesus has said in ACOL.

Be sure today that Jesus would not mislead us. Be ready for the new world. And then ask what each of us can do to effect that new world.


Thank You, dear God, for the many blessings that I have. Thank You for my friends, my family (small though it be), my house, my neighborhood, my small city. These are not little blessings, and I know, within the depths of my being, that the more I gratitude I feel for present blessings, the more I open myself to something more.

Be with me now for a great today and a great tomorrow.


Always Listen to Our Heart

“Your natural state is one free of fear and judgment. This is all that makes up the difference between your natural state and your unnatural state. As your natural state returns to you through a heart and mind joined in unity, your body too will exist or abide within this natural state. It cannot help to, as it, just like your heart, exists in the state or reality in which you think you are. The only thing that has created an unreal reality for your heart and body has been the inability of the mind to join the truth with your conscious awareness. While your mind did not accept the truth of your identity or the reality of love without fear, it existed in a reality of fear and judgment, and bound heart and body to this reality. Your heart has now heard the appeal of this Course and worked with your mind to bring about this acceptance of the truth, a truth your heart has always known but has been unable to free you to accept without the mind’s cooperation.” (ACOL, T4:7.5)

The quotation for today is a summation of many concepts discussed often in A Course of Love. We have melded mind and heart, and the heart has “taught” the mind to be natural again. And being natural is our inheritance. We are in unity when we meld mind and heart to be wholehearted. But it is the heart that has to effect this change.

When we are in unity, we don’t experience fear and judgment. Fear and judgment are egoic states of mind for which patterns have still remained in us, though Jesus has told us that when we have come this far, we have indeed relinquished the ego. Fear and trembling, judgment and harsh denunciations—neither of them sound like Love or God, do they? And God is Love, pure and simple. Not simply an emotion, though, but a vast intelligence that is motivated by love for his creations—us. He gave us the free will that we used to imagine a world apart from Him, and He let us do so out of love, knowing that we were, in effect, rebellious adolescents that couldn’t be restrained without limiting us in ways that He would choose never to do.

But we could not actually be apart from God, for He is the manner and substance of our very being. He lives through us, though we vary in how much knowledge we have of the big picture. We, unlike God, are not omniscient. We are a part of Him, though, a part that wills our own reality, creating it out of our thoughts and emotions.

We need to return to the fold. We need to find God again. Our life will take a turn much for the better when we have removed, as best we can, the blocks to the awareness of Love, and that is the awareness of God. When we have returned to Love as our motivation, we will at first have glimpses of Awakening, and then lengthening glimpses, and then peace and joy uninterrupted. Fear and judgment will indeed be of the past. It will seem to be a miracle, and such it is. His Way, normally by revelation, will be unique to each of us, for He knows what it will take for us to return to the fold.

Ask the Divine to point out our way, our unique ways, today. There can be no better way to spend a day.


Thank You for taking me gently by the hand and leading me to You. Break down my resistance, if such it is, for I would be totally enthralled by You.

May I know peace and joy today, a day that I willingly and knowingly, turn aside from fear and judgment—the steps that I can take to remove blocks to the awareness of You.