Our Turn to Love Will Save Us

“Once the original nature of the created becomes observable in physical form, physical form will surpass what it once was and become the new nature of the created. There is no reason why the original nature of your being cannot become a being the nature of which is form if you so choose it to be. There is a reason why the original nature of your being cannot exist in a form unnatural to love. A form whose nature is fear cannot house the creation of love.” (ACOL, T4:3.12)

We are creations, borne of God, who occupy form—however unreal that form may actually be. Even though A Course in Miracles called the physical world an illusion, there is no doubt that we perceive the bodies that we inhabit. And Jesus is doing a grand thing in A Course of Love: He is inviting us to embrace our physical forms as something that can be very good. We don’t have to wait until after death, and an ethereal world to come into our fullness. We can come into our fullness, living in the bodies that we know.

Yet there is an important, very important, proviso. We cannot come into our fullness if we cling to fear, for this is a result of our separation (illusory) from God, and fear is not natural to God’s Kingdom, the House of Truth. Because we thought that we were alone and lonely, abandoned by God, we dropped into fearful thoughts, and with this, the ego was born. And the ego has never done anything real at all; the egoic world has been lost in illusion from day one. True reality means that we drop into a world free of judgment and attack, free of fear—a world of harmony, peace, joy, love. This is our real heritage. This is what we are about.

We are moving into a new world, one in which form is not denigrated at all, but only if the fear that has dogged the steps of the physical is eliminated. We can and will make that change, for we are very weary of living in a fearful world. We turn to Love, and when we turn to Love, and with the elimination of judging and fear, we move into a new reality of enlightenment, Awakening, Christ-consciousness. Whenever we have a particularly harmonious day, we have in all likelihood experienced a glimpse of enlightenment. Let’s remove the blocks to the awareness of Love, and with that, we have done all that we can to invite Christ-consciousness. But it is enough. It is really enough.

The newly created world will transform life as it has been known for eons. We are on the brink of an ever-expanding newness, and with this newness will come joys that are still unknown to us. This is an exciting time for transformation. Be on the forefront. It will give us a good and very different life from the one that we have lived heretofore.


Be with me today. Basically, I want to focus on Love and invite the harmonious experience of this day, inviting a glimpse of enlightenment. I know that the only thing that I can do is to make sure that I neither judge nor fear anything today. Then my focus on Love will be genuine. I ask Your help, for without You I am completely and utterly incompetent to change my life at all.

Help us to welcome our brothers and sisters to a better world. When we reach out in Love, we reach out to individuals who are part of You. And this makes it easy to love everyone.


3 thoughts on “Our Turn to Love Will Save Us

  1. Spooks

    You are a true follower of love and spiritual matters. Your photo is one that emits love and kindness. It’s so warming to see that in a person nowadays.
    Love and light.


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