The Heart Always Chooses Love

“Changing form is part of the pattern of life-everlasting. The change in the form you now occupy, the change I have spoken of as that of elevation of the personal self, is a natural part of the pattern of life-everlasting. It is long over-due. It is long over-due because you have rejected rather than accepted your inheritance.” (ACOL, T4:4.8)

Why have we rejected our inheritance? We have been scared, just filled with fear at the thought of altering our relationship to the ego. We have thought that the ego protected us from harm, because the ego has said “turn to me” for safety. But this is not safety at all. A false persona will never save.

What, then, will save? We merge with our innermost Self, the real Self, the Christ-Self, Who champions our release from pain. When we do this our persona can’t be in charge anymore. We have a new master, the real Self. And this Self walks courageously in our world, even when the world seems a dangerous place fraught with disaster. Courage is its own reward. We know that we have help of God when we ask for His help. We know that He comes from the depths to calm our troubled mind. Our mind and heart abide together in a new realm of wholeheartedness. It isn’t so much that we ignore our intellect, our mind, as we allow it to be informed by the heart. And the choice of the heart is always love, where there will be no fear.

If nervousness threatens to overtake us today, ask what these anxieties are showing us. I find that when I am overwrought, I am on the wrong pathway, and nothing will be really right until I redirect my footsteps. I seem to have an agreement with my Self that I will get overwrought when I am misperceiving, and that this fact of being overwrought will tip the scales to a better solution. The solution is always with the problem (from A Course in Miracles). And we won’t have to wait. Go inward to see what the nervousness is all about. Ask for God’s help. He always responds.

We live in an uncertain world. Jesus asks us in A Course of Love to occupy the elevated Self of form, and this is a form that knows fearlessness. This new form will save us now, as nothing else could or would. Be reassured that the moments of anxiety will fade away as we move ever closer to enlightenment, with more and more glimpses of Christ-consciousness. Ultimately there will be a moment when we know that everything has changed, that nothing is as it was before. And if we sustain this new feeling, we will have achieved what Jesus is pointing out to us: We will have achieved the sustenance of the elevated Self of form.


I need You today. This uncertain world has me worried, and You would not have me worried. Of course, know that my emotions are very human, not to be resisted but simply to be turned from, in peace. And I ask for Your help in making this pivot.

Be with me today as I seek to turn to fearlessness.



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