Teach Only Love, for That Is What We Are

“I am calling you to the new. I am calling you to transform. I am calling you to Christ-consciousness. I am calling you to everlasting consciousness even while you still abide in form. To be cognizant or aware of everlasting consciousness while you still abide in form is to be fully aware that you have life everlasting.” (ACOL, T4:4.12)

Life everlasting! Now this is an assertion that will take us back to the traditional church. But Jesus has does have new twist in A Course of Love: We won’t have to wait for the afterlife to fully occupy our physical forms and to transmute them into something better than we have seen before. Isn’t it good news that there doesn’t have to be waiting for what is beyond the veil of death? Actually the traditional church has taught that eternal life begins in this life, this physical life. And now Jesus is telling us that we will transform, while still in our bodies, to an “elevated” state of mind and heart. We will be the “elevated Self of form.” And we will not long for the afterlife as the only thing that can truly bring us peace, for we can have peace in our minds and hearts here, now, forever.

Although this peace sounds almost too good to be true, I trust what Jesus is saying in ACOL. He wants us to get on to living as elevated beings, beings that have transformed into Christ-consciousness, enlightenment, Awakening. He is trying to do his part to bring us a new day, an ultimate salvation. Our part is simply to remove the blocks that we have erected against love. When we teach only love—meaning that we express only love—our way is clear to jumpstart Christ-consciousness. Only living love will make this transformation possible. Only love.

The only way that this world will ever work is to have a global reawakening through the force that is love. Division among people must end, and sooner rather than later. We may seem very far from that epitome now, but we need to make a beginning, and, first of all, within ourselves. If we cling to fear in the face of division in our world, we ourselves won’t be able to transform. And our change is the change that will make further change possible.

There is no time to lose. Spend five minutes, as The Way of Mastery recommends, just sitting and contemplating what it would be like to be Christ-conscious. Envision the future that we would have. And know that this five minutes will effect great change—first in ourselves, and then in the outer world. The outer is in-formed by the inner. Inner change is always needed first. Without that, we are teaching a social gospel from a place of fear. We have provided fish, rather than teaching our brothers and sisters how to fish, and so what we do is not lasting.

We have to get ourselves straightened out before we can be of value to our brothers and sisters, ultimate value. But every little sign of progress is heartening. And five minutes of contemplating a better future will cause a shift that will be transforming.


Contemplation of You in our world will effect positive change in our world. I give you a little time each day, and I seek to expand that time so that all of life becomes a prayer. I don’t neglect my duties, but I do then with a lighter heart when I have turned to You first. Thank You for the guidance to do just that—to contemplate Christ-consciousness and what it would mean, to contemplate truly loving, and what it would mean.

Be with me today as this good day unfolds. May I slow down and truly live, resting when needed, working when needed. You guide, please, my thought processes so that they are in-formed by my heart.

And may all be well today.



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