Union of Human & Divine = New State of Being

“The temporary experience has been elongated because of the appeal of the physical experience. What this Treatise is saying to you is that if the physical experience appeals to you, and if you create the union of the human and the divine as a new state of being, this choice will be eternally yours. It will be a choice of your creation, a creation devoid of fear. It will be a new choice.” (ACOL, T4:4.18)

Here, in A Course of Love, Jesus says a very startling thing: that we might choose to live in physical form forever, that we might occupy physical bodies forever. But he doesn’t mean immortality of any given physical form or body, and so it is certain that he is talking about reincarnation.

Previously, in A Course in Miracles, Jesus counseled those of us who might discuss ACIM with others, not to take a stand on reincarnation, unless we were with like-minded people. It would only be a distraction, and the ego was enough to handle. But in both A Course of Love and The Way of Mastery, Jesus does not seem to have such scruples. He implies quite strongly that we live different lives. And, we might imagine, many of us will have much to do over the millions of years that it will take for all of us to heal the illusory separation from God. (The “millions of years” are from ACIM.)

So we have work to do, and if Jesus’s elevated Self of form can be a new creation, we can feel better about our place on earth, our place to do this work.

Of course, we are surrounded by entities—including angels—who help us. We are never alone in the tasks set before us. And we are directly told not to attempt to recruit others to our way of thinking—unless and until they ask and are willing to see what we have seen. We are promised that we will be ordinary people living extraordinary lives, and that this very phenomenon will draw others to us. We will not be suffering, as many did in the past. We can put suffering behind us, and in this we will be well-supported.

The revelation in this passage is particularly important. Its promise is arresting to us. Can we really be happy encased in physicality for eons in the present and future? Jesus’s assertion seems to make it so; we will be happy.

Edgar Cayce, a psychic from the last century, said that many of us are “Sons of God” who came to earth to save the “daughters of men.” Of course, this is sexist language, but Edgar belonged to a different time and place. We say today that “Sons and Daughters” of God seek to release the “sons and daughters of men and women.” And we can be tantalized by Edgar’s assertion.

Salvation is the greatest gift that we can make of our lives. Many people are hurting; perhaps we ourselves are still hurting. Let God answer our needs; let Him do the healing. And then may the Christ-Self direct our many busy doings in the course of a day.

The way is clear. And the work becomes something that more closely resembles play. Salvation, as Jesus outlines it in ACOL, is effortless as well as limitless. Ask for help to our part to play this day. And be reassured that the Answer will come sooner rather than later.


Give me the stamina today to walk an easeful pathway back to You, always back to You. I know that salvation is meant to be easy, that seriousness is of the ego—the ego that I have turned from. Help me to do the part that you would point out to me, today.

May this day develop into a peaceful one. May my walk through this day be all that You would wish it to be.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

2 thoughts on “Union of Human & Divine = New State of Being”

  1. I wonder. Is this about reincarnation? Or it it something more like the ‘rebirth’ of the Buddhists? The words can mean the same thing but often do not. Just speculating.

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