Abide in Love, for That Is Our Saving Grace

“Life-everlasting in form is not your only choice. As many of you believed that I was the Son of God and more than a man before my birth, during my lifetime and after my death and resurrection, so are you. So are all who came before me and all who came after me. All that being a Son of God means is that you represent the continuity of creation and that your fulfillment lies in the acceptance of your true inheritance.” (ACOL, T4:5.1)

In the quotation for yesterday, we seemed to be encouraged to live our lifetimes in form on earth, the elevated Self of form, embodying Christ-consciousness. Here, though, in this quotation for today, Jesus indicates that life on earth is not our only option for the future. We can be like him, living on other planes. Jesus indicates that being a Son (or Daughter) of God is our inheritance, our sole inheritance, and we have previously turned aside from that inheritance. I think it safe to say that Jesus certainly hopes that we won’t turn aside any longer.

Jesus frequently discusses in A Course of Love our equality with him. We are of the same Self, of course, as we realize that All are One in God. But we might have even more trouble recognizing that the man we have honored with our love is just of the same substance as are we. He just chose right sooner, in time, and time, as we know, is an illusion.

We don’t have to make a choice now as to whether to reincarnate in other physical bodies in the future, or continue our journey without distance on other planes. It is far too soon to make such a decision, and we don’t have all the facts. We are, instead, simply to abide in Love, knowing that the true and right decision will, in revelation, come to us at the right time. Revelation is the knowing that all of us will experience, the immediate knowing, when we have reached Christ-consciousness. Deep self-analysis was of the ego (though self-centeredness has also been a necessary part of our journey to enlightenment).

If we continue to have fears, we won’t make it. We must be fearless. We must also be free of judgment, in a state of forgiveness of everyone and everything for what actually has NOT been done to us. We made our choices. We have always been in the driver’s seat, and nothing about that has changed except that we have turned aside from the ego.

Rest in God’s Love. Know that whatever seems nebulous and veiled now will ultimately be as clear as a day with the noontime sun and a cloudless sky. Re-surrender to God each and every day, and see if life doesn’t start smoothing out, right here, right now. We need expect nothing less.


I do re-surrender to You. I do this each and every day, and my days are getting to be much better. I long for the knowledge, through revelation, that only You can give me. Correct my trajectory if I am going off on tangents—ever. Keep me safe in Your love.

Thank You for reassuring me that all is indeed well, that I need have no fears, that my fears will not save me. Thank You also for letting me realize that forgiveness of what has not actually happened, in true reality, is very easy indeed. This allows me to drop judging my brothers and sisters, as well as my Self.

Be with me today as I seek, as always, to walk the path that You point out.


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