Unequalled Opportunity Awaits Us Now

“You have the unequalled opportunity now, because you exist in the Time of Christ, to directly share Christ-consciousness and thus sustain Christ-consciousness. You can pass on the inheritance you accept in this fullness of time. In this time of unity, dedicate all thought to unity. Accept no separation. Accept all choices. Thus are all chosen in the fullness of time.” (ACOL, T4:6.8)

Sharing ourselves with others seems to be important to sustaining Christ-consciousness. And is not sharing ourselves important, regardless of our state of mind and heart? An isolated heart is a lonely heart, and Jesus would not have us lonely. We are meant for each other; we are meant to be interdependent, not autonomous, needing nobody. We need people. There is even an old song that says something to the effect that “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” This was secular knowledge that is very true.

When we “directly” share Christ-consciousness, we are a direct pipeline from God to our brothers and sisters. We are directly experiencing God now, for we are not going through the intermediary of the Holy Spirit any longer. We are no longer fearful of God, a habit that made an intermediary necessary for long years. When we are not afraid of God, we can turn inward without fear and trembling; we can experience the best of God’s living through us, knowing that we are making this reality, creating this reality.

If we don’t like what we are experiencing, we can change it. It is that simple. And it is that profound.

How do we change what we are experiencing when we are not fully happy? We go within; we reach downward, to the depths of our being, to a new choice. The Christ-Self is waiting there to catch us. We won’t have long to wait.

We seek unity with our brothers and sisters, with ourselves (unity with the Christ-Self), and with God (living deep within us). We have heretofore imagined ourselves in parts, separated from the Essence of ourselves Who is God. This is such a ridiculous notion when we really take a look at it. But now our minds are burdened with subconscious fears that do, in a way, make that separation real. And we need a way to bring the fears up to the light of day and then to know that the fears are meaningless.

Sometimes we are too distraught to quietly reach within. In such times, I have found that distraction helps. Distraction–occupying our minds and hearts with reading, listening to the radio, even watching TV—can heal us when we are too overwrought just to turn to God. We should not let the distractions rule us, though, for we have better things to do with our time. We need, as soon as the nervousness passes, to turn to God, once again, reaching that calm place within that had been veiled because of anxieties.

Our inheritance is our home in God. If this sounds too religious to us, we can say simply that our inheritance is to be fully our Self, for this Self is the god of the secular as well as the spiritual. To be fully our Self, we will know that the right and best way to survive this world is to join with others in a show of solidarity that will heal. Open our heart to the other people who share this world with us. Our joint inheritance points the way to a new and better tomorrow. We are meant to live, together, in this world.

The extent to which we join with others in a heartfelt sharing is the extent to which we will make further progress down the road to home.


Thank You for guiding me to just “let go” and let You take over today. Could I let go? Would I let go? When? This Sedona Method calms my heart today. The frantic busyness that I sometimes allow to take over is turned over to You, and I know that only peace is of any value.

Thank You for Your help today in making a fresh start on the rest of my life. Help me to have the energy and the will to reach out to others, especially today.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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