Welcome a Miracle Today

“Christ-consciousness will be temporary or sustainable depending on your ability to refrain from judgment. What is flows from Love and knows not judgment. All that you envision, imagine, desire with love must be without judgment or it will be false envisioning, false imagining, false desire. This simply means false, or not consistent with the truth. It does not mean wrong or bad and is itself no cause for judgment. It is simply an alternative that will draw you out of Christ-consciousness and not allow it to be sustainable.” (ACOL, T4:7.1)

When we enter Christ-consciousness, we are fearless. Being fearless is a prerequisite. If this seems impossible, know that miracles are quite possible. Welcome a miracle today. And choose not to focus on the “impossibility” of Christ-consciousness coming swiftly. Many in our world are experiencing this sea change every day.

Once we do reach Christ-consciousness, Jesus says in the quotation for today that we need to avoid judgment, or that Christ-consciousness will not be sustainable. If we live in the present, we are probably less likely to judge, for judging is fast adhering to the past and the future. We are safe in the present; let’s remember that today.

Living in the present is a way to bypass much turmoil, for when we are experiencing something, even something bad, we aren’t tuned in to its “badness” in the present. We are just proceeding forward, one step at a time. It is when we look back or peer into the future that we get into trouble. Know that the God Who protects us now will still be there for us down the road. He never leaves us. He never forsakes us. And when we are surrendering to him anew each day, we know this.

“False” is the adjective for judging. But we don’t really do “bad” things in judging; we are simply struggling, and struggling is not going to get us to the sustenance of Christ-consciousness. Jesus says this in The Way of Mastery, a channeled work from the nineties. We often think that struggling, with its often attendant anxieties, will be the tribute that we pay for making progress. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Progress requires nothing negative from us at all. And progress is what we are about now.

So: Let us release judging now. We know when we are doing it, but we often don’t seem to know how to stop. Let it go. Let go and let God handle the issue. We were told in A Course in Miracles that only the Holy Spirit could rightly judge, for only He knew the past, present, and future—all circumstances—that caused a given thing to happen. Our own judgments are always and only false.


May I live in the present today. That is my guidance this morning. Thank You for being here for me. Thank You that I know that You are omnipresent.

May this be a good day. May the circumstances of my life smooth to a walkway that is serene, strewn with fallen autumn leaves to cushion my walk. Thank You.


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