A Course of Love · ACOL

Be at Ease Today

“That you are living in the time of Christ does not mean that you will automatically realize Christ-consciousness, just as living in the time of the Holy Spirit did not mean that you would automatically realize the conscious¬ness of the spirit that was your intermediary. But just as during the time of the Holy Spirit, your understanding of your Self and God grew through the indirect means that were available to you, during the time of Christ, your understanding of your Self and God cannot help but grow through the direct and observable means now available. Just as in the time of the Holy Spirit the spirit was available to all as intermediary, during the time of Christ, Christ-consciousness is available to all.” (ACOL, T4:7.2)

We are seeing all-inclusiveness in action. Just as during the time of the Holy Spirit, the baptism of the Holy Spirit was available to all (but not received by all), now in the time of Christ, Christ-consciousness is available to all (but will probably not be received by all). But none of us are excluded, except by our own hand. It is true that God intervenes when He sees that we are ready, but we can do much to remove the blocks standing in the way of our readiness.

We need, first and foremost in this time of Christ, to love. Love is the great balancer of all things. Love is the way home. And when we love, we don’t fear and we don’t judge. We are at peace, relaxing in the arms of God, holding Jesus’s hand in a way that he says will not be illusion. What more could we ask for? If we haven’t reached Christ-consciousness yet, there is a reason, and it is not a reason that ought to get us down. We have simply not fulfilled all the requirements—yet. But there is nothing saying that the great miracle won’t happen today—or tomorrow. We need patience in such things.

When we seek to love, we set ourselves up for great blessings. And we quit our worrying and our sense of dis-ease. We allow peace to overwhelm us. And then the way is paved for a glimpse of enlightenment, a glimpse of Christ-consciousness. The faster these glimpses come, often the closer we are to maintaining and sustaining this great blessing. All in good time.

Enjoy today. Choose to give up our downhearted stance, if we indeed do have one. There can be a lot of frustration when we aren’t reaching Christ-consciousness, and we have been on the spiritual path for a long time. But struggle to attain actually moves the goal farther away, as Jesus tells us in The Way of Mastery.

Be at ease today. Know that God’s ways are not all known to us. And the goal may be the sweeter for being delayed.


I seek today to have peace and calm. I seek not to hurry through my “to do” list. These are things of this world that can blind our eyes to the world beyond. And I would see the world beyond today.

Be with me. Take from me any agitation, for agitation is not Your way. Help me to understand that every little bit of peace that I invite takes me closer to my goal of fully joining with You, the separation healed, the way ahead a good bit brighter.

Thank You.



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