Promise of a New World

“Some will choose to continue to learn through the full variety of the human expe¬rience even after it is unnecessary. Why? Because it is a choice, pure and simple. But because it is an educated choice, an enlightened choice, a free choice due to the learning that has already occurred, the choice will be one guided by love and thus be a joyous choice and ensure a joyous life. These choices will change the world.

“But the choice many of you will make—the choice to move from learning to creating—will create a new world.” (ACOL, T4:7.8 – 7.9)

Jesus is very eager to see a new world arise out of the chaos that we know now. He says that some of us will continue learning, out of choice, and thereby change the world. But many of us will go on to create a new world.

What could this mean? It can only mean that we are on the brink of something very grand. Christ-consciousness will emerge for many of us, and when a tipping point is reached, peace will truly reign. Of course, this doesn’t seem possible now. But it is always darkest just before the dawn, and it is dark now. The dawn is coming, is imminent—if we do our part. If we remove the blocks to the awareness of love, seek to relinquish fear, and thereby live in freedom untainted by that egoic leftover. If our choices are made without fear, we will have moved into the next realm—the realm of Christ-consciousness as a tipping point, the point at which things get better around the world.

Let us pray for such an outcome today. We are thankful for many things in our personal world, our little plot of land on which we reside. But we can pray for something better for all people, and if we pray diligently and often, forces will come to our aid that we have not foreseen. We are surrounded by angels (Jesus says so in A Course of Love), and they add their prayers to ours. Miracles abound in such a world, miracles that can and will transform this hostile and violent world into a world of peace and joy and harmony.

Do you believe it can happen? Belief is pivotal. And we can have such a belief if we trust what Jesus has said in ACOL.

Be sure today that Jesus would not mislead us. Be ready for the new world. And then ask what each of us can do to effect that new world.


Thank You, dear God, for the many blessings that I have. Thank You for my friends, my family (small though it be), my house, my neighborhood, my small city. These are not little blessings, and I know, within the depths of my being, that the more I gratitude I feel for present blessings, the more I open myself to something more.

Be with me now for a great today and a great tomorrow.



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