God Lives through Us

“You are now beginning to reach the stage of understanding wherein you can realize that it was not some separate “you” or some species without form who at some point in time chose to express love in physical form, and so began this experience of human life. You are now beginning to be able to under¬stand that it was God who made this choice. This was the Creator making a choice. Creation’s response was the universe, which is an expression of God’s love, an expression of God’s choice, a representation of God’s intent.” (ACOL, T4:8.1)

A Course of Love makes clear that God is living through us, that all of us—everything that lives—is part of God. And He projects a world through us; it is coming from within (in my opinion). He made the choice for physicality, given us all a locus for coming home to Him. It is we who decided to see if we could make something better than what creation held, creation as created by God. And in this decision to try to make unlike God, we made fear, and out of the fear, an egoic representation of ourselves that sought, however falsely, to protect us.

Doesn’t it make sense that being all alone in the universe, surrounded by bodies that seem to be separate from us, would be fearful? Of course! And this is exactly what happened.

But no more. In recognizing that God is living through us, and that All is One (including all of us), we have a smooth walk. We realize that appealing to the Divine will offer us blessings that we have denied ourselves heretofore. And the blessings are the harmony, peace, joy, power, and love that a creation of God requires.

We are rapidly making a transition to a better life, free of egoic constraints. As long as we can see that the many are really the One, we will not feel independent and isolated any longer. This will go a long way toward eliminating fear from our lives. And when realize that to judge another for presumed failings is actually a way to judge ourselves, we will drop this thought process as well. God has made it simple for us, for He simply says, “Love!” A loving attitude will quickly drop the fear and judgment, for they will be seen as narrowing concepts, not worthy of a child of God.

So: Love is, as it has always been, the way home. Spend five minutes a day in quiet contemplation of what Love can mean in our lives. This small increment of time will offer us great value in return for very little. For Jesus has emphasized that our way back requires only a “little willingness” (from A Course in Miracles).


I would gladly spend five minutes of my day contemplating for Love really means. This in itself, doing nothing but contemplating, alone, will go a long way toward ensuring that all will be well this day. Be with me as I think of You.

Help me to be willing to have it so. When I try to change large and small things in my world, I often get agitated. And this is no way to find my way back to You. I don’t take a passive attitude, but I do wait for guidance to lead me aright. Grant that my interpretation of guidance is accurate today.


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