God’s True Reality Is Perfect

“God always knew what your mind chose to rebel against: that creation is perfect. Your mind, being of God, was constrained by the learning limits of the body and chose to rebel against the learning that was needed in order to come into the time of fullness of a being able to express itself in form, never realizing that this just delayed the learning that had to occur to release you from the limits you struggled against. The constant striving to be more and more, faster and faster—each being’s yearning, passionate, excessive drive to fulfill its purpose, like a drive to explore the ocean before knowing how to swim or the drive to explore new lands while still believing the Earth to be flat—God saw and knew to be consistent with the nature of man, even while the fear and struggle that this impatience generated was inconsistent with God.” (ACOL, T4:8.9)

Doesn’t this quotation sound like the eagerness of our adolescent children, straining against the bounds of parental authority? We, like they, once strained against the idea that creation, as God had designed it, could be improved upon. This sounds unbelievable, when actually stated directly, but nevertheless, eons ago we thought that we would try our hand at coming up with a “reality” that was better what God had provided for us. He immediately gave the Holy Spirit to us, the moment that we had imagined that we wanted to be separate from Him. God in His infinite wisdom knew that we would change our minds, that we would learn, albeit the hard way, that creation was already perfect, and our own imperfect creations, to protect His creation, were relegated to illusion only. Of course, things seemed real enough to us, and still do, but the fact is that we live in an illusory world and an illusory universe. And, like adolescent children who reconcile with parents after rebelliousness, we want to return home to God. Jesus has made the point that we all are like the prodigal son, and God welcomes us just as did that father in the New Testament parable.

Our way back is lightened by realizing that struggle actually prolongs our absence from God. The only thing that we have to do to move to Christ-consciousness is love with greater depth and feeling. That is all: just join with Love. And Love is God. And so we are joining with God, the separation healed.

Enjoy our return. We don’t have to make hard work of it. God welcomes us with all the Love that is His nature. He wants our return, the healing of the illusory separation. So His action, to reach down and lift us up into Christ-consciousness, will come the moment that we are ready. He decides that time, but we can speed it by removing the blocks to the awareness of love.

Love and do as ye will. Life is like that. Life is that.


Thank You for opening my understanding of what it takes to return to You. It sounds so easy—just “to love.” But this difficult world can all too often make the easy seem difficult. I would opt for “easy” today; I would join with You in the love that has actually never separated us from each other.

Be with me today as I seek to walk a path that is straight back to You.



Author: Celia Hales

A veteran student of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, I intend my blog to offer inspiration and insight into these remarkable volumes.

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