Communion with God

“It was only the ego that made this desire seem to be for anything other than the purpose of expansion and enrichment of your being. If it is only in sharing who you are through expression of who you are that you come to know who you are, then this is true of God as well. God could not be the only being in all of creation who remains static and unchanging! How could this possibly be said of one whose name and identity is synonymous with creation? You like to think that God knows everything, and God surely knows everything that is. But consciousness of what is, the Christ-con¬sciousness that allows you to be in communion with God, is not a static state. While consciousness of the truth is never-changing, consciousness of the truth is also ever-expanding.” (ACOL, T4:8.14)

Our communion with God will show us that even He is ever-expanding. He is creation itself, and this truth helps to understand why God, like us, grows. This is a new thought, not part of traditional Christian theology, which holds that God is the Immovable. He is immovable in that He doesn’t deviate from Love; He is always and only just Love. Love in this way of understanding God is not an emotion, but is truly the ground of all Being. And our communion with Him will grow us as well. The more we surrender to God, each and every day, the more movement we will know to a better tomorrow.

Being afraid of tomorrow is a dead end. When we surrender to God and Love for our safety, for the first time we know real safety. Our greatest fears will come up as we approach Christ-consciousness, for the ego has been formed of fear, and we have left it behind now. If we look at our greatest fear, we will see that it is a fear of falling apart, a fear that the ground that we stand on will shake. It will shake if we try to preserve ourselves, for preserving ourselves is a pattern of the ego, a failing pattern, but nevertheless a pattern. When we re-surrender each day to God, we are releasing our biggest fears; we are seeing that they have no basis in fact. We drop them like a hot potato. And we are ever the better for the dropping.

Commune with God today. Let Him take care of us. When we relax in His arms, we know that all is safe, all is well. And we are much more courageous as a result. Don’t we all want to be courageous? We can be when we trust in God to hold us up.


I re-surrender to You this morning and every morning. I am much more courageous when I know that You are supporting me; the universe is supporting me. Thank You for this reassurance. Thank You for being You, never to let me fall into an abyss, never to let me fall apart. The more I trust in You, the more I release my fears to You, the better I feel. Thank You immensely for this better feeling.



3 thoughts on “Communion with God

  1. I have been so busy lately with school and life in general that I rarely find the time to read all of your posts, however, when I do, I am blessed. This post was exactly what I needed for the Father loves us so…He loves me so much…Thank you for your obedience and consistency. So many of us need it.

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