Reflect the Love Found Within

“All systems have been based upon your desire to understand the world around you rather than the world within you. If you were to understand the world within, you would need no systems to understand or manage the world without.” (ACOL, D:2.19)

This quotation for today makes a point that Jesus has been dancing around for some time: Listen to the Self within, the Christ-Self who is a part of God Himself. The world within is well-constructed. The world without is only a reflection of that which is within. Projection makes perception (from A Course in Miracles).

When we were egoic in nature, separated from God (even though in illusion), we projected a world of chaos. When we listen to the Love that is at the center of our being, our heart’s love, we project a world that reflects true reality—harmonious, peaceful, serene. And this change in what we are listening to within makes all the difference. To listen to the ego was to invite a hostile and dangerous world; to listen to Love is to be on the right path, finally. Obviously, there is a world of difference.

We have been trying to learn a chaotic world, an impossible feat indeed. When we pay attention to the God within, we project a world much different, and true reality is never confusing. We are projecting true reality when we project Love., and the world changes accordingly.

Be wise today: Project true reality by being loving. First love God, then the Self, then our brothers and sisters external to us. Though we are all One, we don’t see it that way very often. We see others as separate from us, and as long as this perception holds, we will need to extend love to the beings whom we think are different from us. When we realize that we are all the same, though diverse in personality, we will have made giant leaps to what reality, the real world, actually holds.

Decide to start the new year off right. Decide for God, and all will be set aright in our little worlds, that which surrounds each of us, but is actually One with the All—God Himself.


I ask for the ultimate and final end of the ego in me, and I ask that no new ego form—making useless all of my attempts to find You and to find Your Love. Jesus says that we are beyond the ego now, but he also says that we can form a new ego, and such a pity that would be. Help me to walk the harmonious straight and narrow pathway that You point out to me.

May You take charge of the first thoughts that enter my mind in the morning. Those first thoughts make quite a difference, and I would have relaxed and easy thoughts, peaceful and happy. It is hard for some of us to get going in the morning, and our minds lapse into negativisms almost without our being aware of what is happening. I would alter that tendency, here and now.

Thank You for giving me a prayer to say this morning. Prayers work; prayers turn lives around. And I ask, in boldness, for a glimpse of Awakening this morning. The world cannot touch me when I am in the peace of a glimpse of Christ-consciousness.



Better Way of Living

“Although they may not have seemed so, all patterns have had to do with learning because you were, as a separated self, a being whose only function was learning. The function of all learning was to return you to your true iden¬tity. Because we are working now for the integration of your true identity into the self of form, or the elevation of the personal self, new patterns are needed.” (ACOL, D:2.15)

The new patterns of which Jesus speaks in this quotation are the ones having to do with observation and the in-forming that comes to us from the Self. We are in the midst of elevating the self of form, elevating the personal self into the Christ-Self. Hereafter the personal self will only be what we show to others; it is still just a persona, but a justified persona, a saved persona, saved from the wiles of the ego.

We are being returned to our true identity, and this true identity is the Christ-Self; this is the identity that God created us to have, and it was only the detour into fear that ran us aground. Now we are fast approaching a better way of living, a better life. And this better way will allow us never to turn pain into suffering and it will allow us to transmute pain into something better.

We have previously sought to learn all that we needed to live in this world. With observing the world around us, we are not learning per se. We are simply observing. And this observation will inform us of what we need to know to live successfully.

We are used to learning; this pattern has been with us for eons.  And so the logical thing, though not the right thing, is to continue what we have been doing–learning.  But are we satisfied with the lives that we are living?  Are we really satisfied with struggle?  No, emphatically no.  So it behooves us to try something new, something better, and something that will take us out of the mess that we have made for ourselves.

We need to take the radical step of leaving behind our seeking through the learned patterns of the past.  Turn inward.  Turn to the Self whom we are just now coming to know.  Our new guidance from within will save us, save us from the egoism of the separated self.  Our new guidance will take us home to God.

We are fast heading into Christ-consciousness. When the peaceful moments come, seek to elongate them. When spending time in solitude, let the silence of God’s harmony envelop us.

The way back is not hard, but it does take patience.


May I have another day of calm. As I string together these days of calm, I begin to feel ever encouraged that I will be able to maintain, and then sustain, a new state of being. Glimpses of Christ-consciousness, while good, are not sufficient to bring about the change that Jesus wants in us. Glimpses are meant to welt my appetite for more, meant to encourage me. And thank You for the encouragement.

Be with me today and always. I seek a calm and unperturbed manner, inside and out.


Crown Us with Enlightenment

“If you do not realize that you have learned all that you need to learn, you will retain the consciousness of the separated self rather than sustaining Christ-consciousness.” (ACOL, D:2.8)

Jesus gives us a warning in the quotation for today. If we still think that we need to seek, continually looking for “something” in ever-widening circles, we won’t realize that we have actually found. Found Christ-consciousness. It is the separated self, even when it has gotten beyond the ego, that does us in. It is the separated self who knows not what it does.

So know that we have found, in these final pages of A Course of Love. We don’t need to keep turning to wisdom outside ourselves. We turn inward, a point that this blog made yesterday. We turn to the Christ-Self for the guidance that we have previously sought in books. The learned wisdom of the past.

How does this work? The Way of Mastery indicates that we need to unveil all damaged parts of the subconscious mind, bring these parts up for perusal, and then in the process of bringing these hidden parts to the light of day, we are healed. Everyone’s subconscious is different, and so it means that learned wisdom of others won’t do it for us. We need our own wisdom, the wisdom of the Self, a Self that I believe comes from the Unconscious, a deeper part than just the subconscious. The Unconscious is God Himself, and our Self is the part of Him who we can come to know. It is not hard to do, but very natural.

We need to spend time in solitude, contemplating and musing over our lives. This will invite the subconscious to the surface, and, after this, it is an easy step to Christ-consciousness, a step that Jesus says in channeled writings to be a step taken by God Himself. All three channeled writings that I am consulting—A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, and The Way of Mastery—all say the same thing: It is God Who makes this decision about our readiness for enlightenment, Christ-consciousness, Awakening.

We can ask for a speedup, and this is in God’s will. An acceleration. And if we are diligent to follow the promptings from deep within, we will have that acceleration. But we must give up fear and judgment, planning and attack. We have to go through a purification process, though we have truly always been innocent of wrongdoing. We didn’t think we were innocent, though, and so guilty feelings need to surface from within. Then this guilt can be healed, and with the healing of guilt comes the great blessing of Christ-consciousness.

Be ready today to accept all glimpses of Christ-consciousness that come in calm and peace. Asking for ultimate salvation is definitely in God’s will, and He will act to crown us with enlightenment at the earliest indication that we are indeed ready.


Thank You for the calm that overtakes me today. I would extend this glimpse of enlightenment into something more sustainable. I know that I ask in Your will. Help me to eliminate judgment and fear from my emotions and my acts. Help me to be grateful, to You, for the many blessings that are mine.

And may I never entertain thoughts that are egoic. I would be finished with egoism in all its forms. It never brought me anything good, and I would seek only the good today.


Soothe Our Souls

“Patterns are both learned systems and systems of design. The pattern of learning was a pattern of divine design, created in unity and cooperation to enable the return to unity. This pattern has achieved its desired end and so is no longer needed nor appropriate. While it was once a pattern whose design was perfect for the desired end, continuation of this pattern will but interfere with your full acceptance of who you are in truth.” (ACOL, D:2.4)

Perhaps the idea that we are properly finished with learning is a concept hard to grasp. But I think Jesus has in mind our constant and continual seeking, something that really needs to have an end point, and that end point is now. We have, many of us, spent years on the spiritual path, sampling from a smorgasbord of theories, sacred scripture, channeled writing, and inspirational writing. When we found good concepts in one, we were intent on moving on to the next, something next that might be even better. And we did learn much. But we are in a habit now that needs to be broken. With A Course of Love, Jesus gives us enough for us to end our seeking. He gives us the truth of life on earth, and he gives us the truth of the ultimate salvation that awaits us, Awakening or Christ-consciousness. To continue to seek, thinking that we have not yet found, is a misrepresentation of the truth.

We listened to learned authority, but now is the time to turn inward, to the Christ-Self, the part of God Who dwells in every living thing. Learned authorities will not do it for us any longer, and we do realize this, for the longer we sought, we more we realized that everybody was saying the same thing in slightly different words. Now we need to rely on our own authority, our God-given nature of Self that has just been released in many of us. This Self gives us the guidance that previously an intermediary, the Holy Spirit, did. The time of the Holy Spirit, Jesus says, has ended, and we are now in the time of Christ. This change in terminology is because we are no longer fearful of God in the way that we were for eons; we don’t need an intermediary to soothe our souls because we are afraid that Divinity would damn us.

We know better now. A holy spirit does indeed dwell in each of us, and this somewhat mystical concept has not been abolished. But we need to look to our own indwelling guidance rather than to believe that something external to us is speaking to us. The Holy Spirit was not external to us, but many of us believed that He, as well as God Himself, existed externally. Jesus has corrected this misconception in both A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, as well as other channeled works such as The Way of Mastery.

So: Decide that the time to seek from anything external, especially including external authority, is over. Commune with one’s inner depths, and solace will surround us. We will know that Jesus’s way works. We will know that God takes care of us from the inside out. God is living through us. And we are all One with Him.


Thank you for the guidance that comes to me when I write in my journal. And I write often. Thank You for letting me know that this is one good way for us to commune. I would commune with You often and well.

Thank You for another good day. I sometimes obsess about wanting good days, as though You didn’t also want good days for me. Help me to give YOU a good day, for You live through me, and this is a revelation that speaks to my soul.


Let the Heart Lead

“You are now asked to do two things simultaneously: To accept the new and to deny the old. Acceptance is a willingness to receive. Obviously, when you consider this definition of acceptance, you will see that this is not the way of the old. Willingness to receive is quite contrary to the attitudes and actions with which you have led your life thus far. You were told within A Course of Love that willingness was all that was necessary for you to be able to take this Course into your heart and let it return you to your true iden¬tity. Those of you who found within this willingness an ability to receive and left behind your effort to “learn” this Course, began the work that is being continued here, the work of replacing the old patterns of learning with the new pattern of acceptance.” (ACOL, D:2.1)

“Acceptance” is a key concept of the third and final book of A Course of Love, the Dialogues. Acceptance is akin to the allowance that is described in The Way of Mastery, and it is akin to the forgiveness that is encouraged in A Course in Miracles. We are willing to allow life to go along as it will, not in passivity, but in simple acceptance of what is. This “what is” is the way that we live now. We can still change things, but we do so from consulting with our inner Self, being sure that what we do, and what we plan to do, will be in alignment with the best of creation.

Acceptance is a willingness to receive. It is true that to feel Love, or God, best, we give. But giving and receiving are one. And when we open to receive, it is made easier for us to give. We are attempting to leave behind the old, and to latch onto the new, to accept the new and to deny the old. What does this mean? It means everything to us now, for nevermore will we be living in a refusal to trust God. He would have us deny and accept, simultaneously. And so would Jesus. Jesus wants us to deny the old world that has been lost in egoism, and to start forming a newly created world. We don’t know what this will entail, but we hold ourselves in readiness, for we will know when the time to act is at hand—if we are listening to the inner Christ-Self.

Feeling the Presence of God within is the most fruitful thing that we can do at this point. Opening to God’s Love will dictate all of our present and future choices. It will make life worth living. It will give us a better life than we have ever been able to imagine. Harmony, peace, joy, serenity, compassion—all will descend upon us when we are ready. When we have accepted Christ-consciousness from our Father, God Himself.

Nobody, not even Jesus himself, knows exactly how this transformation occurs. He can give us pointers, but the pathway is different for everybody, for the subconscious differs in what needs to be healed. It is a matter of healing the subconscious that will lead to Christ-consciousness, and so time spent in prayer and meditation is time well spent. Accept that the way may still be long, but accept that it is in God’s own perfect timing that the miracle will occur. We will get over fear and judgment before the blessing arrives for us, and leaving behind these two bugaboos will mean much to our peace of mind.

Let the heart lead; let the heart inform the mind. And let the Christ-Self make the decisions, for these will be right on.


May this time in the history of the world be a time of culmination, a working out of things that I have been led to expect for a long time. Help me to have equanimity in the midst of what may at times be chaos. May I walk a peaceful pathway. Guide me to know what to do and what not to do, anything at all that will retain peace in my mind and heart.

Be with my friends and my significant other today. And my family. I have been surrounded by love throughout my life, even when I didn’t realize this. Thank You for giving me the insight to know that Love is always and forevermore present and accounted for. Love solves any and all problems, and Love makes life worth living.


Indwelling God

“This is akin to thinking of a god who exists outside or apart from your¬self. If you fully accepted your true identity, you would no longer look outside of yourself for guidance for you would realize that your Self is all there is. We are one body, one Christ. We are one Self.” (ACOL, D:1.23)

Surely this assertion of Jesus’s means that we have a mystical touching with God, a mystical touching that reaches into our depths. We know, from what Jesus has said elsewhere, that the Christ-Self is a part of God, this Christ-Self who we embody deep within. And he also tells (here, too) that this Self is one with all (“one body, one Christ. . . .one Self”). It takes a mystical understanding to comprehend, even a little bit, what this means. If we are One with all, we are One with God, the All, the One.

We are not omniscient, though. And we have long seen God as omniscient and omnipresent. So there are mysteries in what Jesus is saying here. The overall point is, though, that we are not to look outside ourselves, to try to pray to an external God. We look to the Self within, the part of God Who is within each of us. And we still get the guidance that we need.

Pray that God’s warmth will surround us today. Pray to be certain of His existence, maybe in a way of existence that we have never imagined before. Look within for counsel and for solace. And isn’t this better, a better concept? We could never be sure that a watchful eye from outside of us really had His attention on us, but we know better when we look within. The Self within is the core of ourselves, and our heart is the center of that Self. Let our heart tell us what we need to know today. Always let our heart tell us what we need to know.


I thank You for this day. I thank You that I know to dwell within the center of my being as much as it is humanly possible. Your Entity is mine. You and I work together, for You live through me. Help me to give You a good day today. Help me always to give You a good day.


Be Willing to Have It So

“This cannot be done through learning, for as you have been told, learning was the means of the separated self’s return to unity. These lessons have been given. They can be reviewed and reviewed again. They can be used as continuing lessons until you feel that learning is fully accomplished. They can serve as reminders as you continue to become the Self you have learned that you are. But further learning is not what will complete the transfor¬mation of the personal self to the elevated Self. Learning will not sustain Christ-consciousness.

“So what is it that we will now do? If I do not teach, and you do not learn, what is our continuing means for completing this transformation? As you have been shown, this will not occur by means of preparation but by means of acceptance. This will not occur by means of trying but by means of surrender.” (ACOL, D:1.17 – 1.18)

Acceptance is another way of saying “allowance,” which is the term used in The Way of Mastery. Both acceptance and allowance are another way of saying, “Be willing to have it so.” This is a very great revelation, a revelation to all that has gone unknown and unused until now. Joseph Campbell once quoted a Buddhist master as saying that his secret was to “be willing to have it so.”

Does this mean that we stand passive? Not at all. We simply accept the next right thing that our Self unveils as our direction, what we are to create next in our experience.

It has heretofore been a mystery, a sort of paradox, about how we could create our own reality—if we were to follow God’s will for us, and His will has been set forth as the only way that works. But God is within us, and the Self is a part of Him, and when we listen to that Self, we are following the highest and best that we know to create. So the seeming paradox is not really a paradox at all, but the way that we are to proceed in our lives as people who have found the right path to follow.

We don’t learn anymore from external authorities; we turn inward, and there we dialogue with Whom we will, and, of course, most importantly, we follow the promptings of the Self formed out of grace. This is our Christhood, the ultimate that we have sought to find. And when we listen to the promptings of that Self, we will lead magical lives, lives filled with grace and adventure. We will not have magical thinking, though, as A Course in Miracles points out. This use of the term “magical” implies something that is of our former insanity, our madness, when we are living the egoic self that was born out of separation from God—a separation that was purely illusory, but in which we believed faithfully. My use of the term “magical lives” is meant to connote a freedom, and a willingness to be “like the wind” (from The Way of Mastery). We know not wither we will go, and others cannot always understand us, because we are living by different lights than the world respects. We travel by our own lights, and this makes all the difference.

So we march to the beat of a different drummer. We let Love, or God, or Self, lead the way. We follow nudges to turn right or left without fail (at least most of the time, for we are still fallible creations). We are at home in God in this new way of living, and unfailingly, our part in creating a new world will be revealed as we take each step forward.


Guide me to listen to my Self today. Let me be through with the madness of the ego, once and for all. Help me not to be too direct, if this disturbs my brothers and sisters. But never let me fail to speak well for You. I would create my own reality by following the prompting of my Self, a part of You. I pray that I will not ever be misled in this new adventure.

Thank You for a good day. As I write this, the sun is shining, the day is balmy, even though it is wintertime. Thank You for the climate in which I currently dwell. Thank You for the varying seasons of the year. Thank You for this beautiful earth that we all occupy.

Be with me throughout the day. Help me to be grateful for those things that I have heretofore taken for granted. I would take nothing for granted today.