Intuitive Glimpses

“This Course has led you through resigning as your own teacher, to becoming a true student, and to now leading you beyond the time of being a student to the realization of your accomplishment. You were once comfort¬able being your own teacher. You willingly gave up this role and became comfortable in the true role of learner. You are now asked to be willing to give up the role of learner and to believe that you will become comfortable and more in your new role as the accomplished.” (ACOL, T4:10.1)

If we see the “accomplished” in egoic fashion, we will develop a new ego to replace the one that we relinquished. And this would do us no good at all. If we see the “accomplished” as Jesus means it, as evidence of a Christ-Self who has emerged from deep within our mind and heart, we will not feel the ego at all; we will just recognize the truth of what he says, and we will newly listen to this Christ-Self as the source of our guidance.

We are living in the time of Christ now, and we give up learning from the wisdom of old. We listen to revelation from God Himself, in the moment, planning thrust aside. Living in the time of Christ, the new time, means that we don’t have an intermediary between God and ourselves; the Holy Spirit fulfilled that role when we were too fearful of God to listen to Him. But we don’t fear in the same way anymore. Our egos feared; our Christ-Self does not.

We will still feel the pattern of the ego when we approach enlightenment, Christ-consciousness. Our fear is thrusting up from layers of the mind that have become accustomed to fear. But the egoic fear is gone. We trust in a way that we have not heretofore. We know God in a way that we have not heretofore.

Listen well to the advice of what feels like guidance. These intuitive glimpses will stand us in good stead now. We will listen and be forewarned when we would best avoid certain issues. But we will listen and be relaxed when we hear things that previously would have aroused great fear within us; now we will not be moved.

The way back is assured when we listen to God’s guidance as seen through the lens of the Christ-Self. Listen well today, and be welcomed into His arms.


I thank You for guiding me with great delicacy. I thank You for taking away from my fears with great certainty. I can contemplate changes that previously would have been overwhelming. Now I am tired of any and all suffering, and I would do what I have to do to reach a greater rapport with You. I would reach Christ-consciousness when You say the word, and I ask that You look kindly on me. Thank You for the glimpses that You have given to me. These glimpses assure me that Christ-consciousness is not something to fear through drama and tears; Christ-consciousness can be peace-evoking in the extreme. And I ask for that peace of Yours today.


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