Lesson of the Birds of the Air

“Expression of the Self of love in form is not something that can be learned. It is something that can only be lived. This is the time of the fulfillment of the lesson of the birds of the air who neither sow nor reap but sing a song of gladness. Expression of the Self of love is the natural state of being of those who have moved beyond learning to creating through unity and relationship.” (ACOL, T4:10.12)

A time of fulfillment! What great tidings are here for this holiday season. I have always been drawn to the lesson of the birds of the air, who do not sow nor reap, but who are cared for by our Father. Now we are being asked to truly learn this lesson, to take it unto ourselves and apply it to ourselves. That doesn’t mean that we will quit our jobs, but that they will not take center place with us any longer. We will trust in a Higher Power to keep us safe. And safe He does keep us. If our minds are clear, and we don’t dip into negativism, we will know a grace that surpasses anything and everything we have known before. We will be like those birds, free to soar through the skies. And all will be well on our flight.

If we express love, we are expressing our natural state of being. The ego is now long gone, though its patterns may remain. We may be tempted to fall back into habits of thinking, areas of mind and heart, that saw a persona take hold of us. We need not to do thus. We need to realize that our new persona, honed of unity and relationship with our brothers and sisters, and God Himself, will take us where we want to go. Home to God, yet staying on this earth, making a difference in the lives surrounding us.

Ask to be “natural” today. Ask to drop patterns, habits, of the ego that still threaten to encircle, to trap us in tentacles that would squeeze the real life out of us. If we love, we will easily step out of those tentacles. They will just fall off, never to entwine themselves around us again. And all will be well with us.


Be with me today as I seek to live naturally, without fear and trembling. The way back is strewn with flowers, and I would smell that glorious scent today. Help me to remember to thank You for the blessings that rain down upon me. Thank You now, I do say to You.

Help my nearest and dearest to have good days. May I do what I can to smooth the way of those near—and far. The blessings of a good God surround us all.


2 Replies to “Lesson of the Birds of the Air”

  1. I am currently doing ACIM, on Lesson 240 or so. I plan on doing ACOL afterwards. I enjoyed this post, thank you for the inspiration. Another great book similar in nature is “Conversations With God” by Neale Donald Walsch. You may want to look into that if you haven’t already. Blessings 🙂

  2. As you say, Celia,the Lord “doesn’t mean that we will quit our jobs.”

    When I take the advice of Jesus and actually “look at the birds” (Mat 6:26) I observe that they are in fact working their little tails off from sunrise to sunset, combing every inch of my backyard and the rest of the countryside to secure the gift by which their “heavenly father feeds them.”

    This is his word to me: Can I be as constant and intentional as the gleaning birds? Will I accept and extend the gifts of God? Can I leave behind the old anxieties surrounding the bad dream of scarcity and simply take in and give out the bountiful gift of Spirit that God spreads out each day before me?

    Thanks for the inspiration.


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