Creating a Future Unlike the Past

“This is the beginning of our co-creation. Do not seek for me to impart knowledge to you in these concluding words. Absorb the following pages as a memory returned to your reunited heart and mind. No longer regard me as an authority to whom you turn, but as an equal partner in the creation of the future through the sustainability of Christ-consciousness.” (ACOL, T4:11.5)

In the concluding pages of A Course of Love, Jesus sees us as an equal with him, partners, companions, friends. No longer are we to see him as our teacher, imparting knowledge about the future, for he specifically states that ACOL will not be predictive. He is Christ-consciousness, as he hopes that we will be—and soon, if not already. Christ-consciousness is “what is,” and therefore does not pretend to predict from all the probable futures which one we will inhabit. Many of us will inhabit different probably realities, meaning that the psychic is rendered null and void.

What does “co-creation” mean? We are working with Jesus to create a new world. At least this is his hope. We are remembering how creation really is, a remembrance that goes back to the point where memory fails us. We are going back to the beginning, a journey that A Course in Miracles suggests also. We are retracing steps that we have taken previously, going back in time. Time is like a giant carpet that is being rolled up.

This is part of the theology of ACIM and ACOL, and perhaps theology will only delay us, for we cannot all agree on theology. In ACIM, Jesus tells us that a universal theology is impossible, but that a universal experience is not only necessary, but required. We are living that universal experience now. We are fast traveling home.

Jesus hopes for the sustainability of Christ-consciousness in us. He does not want us simply to see fleeting glimpses. The world needs us now. Our part is to remove the blocks to our awareness of Love. And Love is God. God is trying to get through to us, to live through us (as He has always done). No longer insane, we will see a brighter future of no imprisoned will when we follow His guidance. Our wills have been imprisoned as long as we thought that everything and everyone in the world would have to change instead of us. That created our imprisonment. Now our perceptions are being cleansed, leading to knowledge, which is true reality. And we are being changed, first slowly, and then in a rapidly increasing manner. A crescendo of change is upon us. Are we ready?


I would do my part, insofar as I am able, to remove the blocks to the awareness of Love. But I am finite, and I can achieve this only if You show me how. Completely and totally. I will be like putty in Your hands, if You wish it. I will be malleable. I will do as You say, but please, dear God, keep my mind from misconceptions as I walk ever closer to You, ever straighter toward the end that You seek in me.

Be with me today as I seek Your guidance to know how to love, fully and completely. Keep my fears in check. Indeed, if it is Your will, drop them from me entirely.

Thank You.


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