Healing for the Subconscious Mind

“Only you can leave these conditions behind. The only way to do so is to, for a short while, be vigilant of your thought patterns so that you eradicate the idea of learning in separation and replace it with the idea of sharing in unity. Learning is a condition of the separated self, which is why it is no longer needed. You will not fully realize unity while you continue to hang on to this condition of the separation.” (ACOL, T4:12.10)

This quotation for today holds a strong warning to us. If we persist in the notion that learning is desirable, and adapt ourselves to methods that best served us in the days of separation, we won’t realize the great blessing of unity with God, the great blessing of Christ-consciousness. While nobody can give us a roadmap that will culminate in Christ-consciousness, we can know what we do that will hinder its coming. And learning is here set forth as one of those impediments.

We also know that removing the blocks to the awareness of love is the single most important aspect of what we can do to hurry Christ-consciousness. These blocks are the egotistical aspects of our persona, our personal self, those patterns of the ego that will persist if not deliberately turned from. The way back to God is not difficult, but it is just that no two paths are the same, for we are going into the subconscious and reversing long years of conditioning that have kept us locked in an illusory separation from God, but a separation that has tied us to misery.

These subconscious wishes and feelings need to be met head-on, not denied. And because they differ for each of us, nobody can dictate what any one person must consider. Contemplation and meditation, prayer and silence, will allow these subconscious imaginings to surface, and so time spent in silence is time well spent. Aside from this, there is little that one can advise.

But take heart. Jesus is working with our subconscious. God is taking us by the hand and taking us home. We have nothing to fear. Once this journey homeward is begun, the end is certain. And all of us are on the pathway back. Remembrance of what was true eons ago will surface, and sooner rather than later. We need merely drop judgment and fear, and leaving these behind will pave the way for a brighter future, a future of Christ-consciousness.

Let the subconscious rise to the surface and be healed. Spend time today in contemplation, and see if echoes of the past don’t come up. These echoes are what need to be healed. And once contemplated, the healing is already accomplished.


Allow me to dwell, with You, in silence today, in an effort to clear my mind of foggy notions. I would heal my subconscious mind. I know that I will drop judgment and fear when I realize that they are notions that only hold me back from You. I wish today for a new beginning. Guide me to that end.

Thank You for another bright and sunny day. Help me to be appreciative for all that You have given me, for gratitude is a great healer. Ingratitude ties me to the past and its mistakes, and I would be free of past mistakes today.


3 Replies to “Healing for the Subconscious Mind”

  1. Uncannily enough
    The Lord always gets me on ur post b4 sleep
    It’s night in India 🇮🇳 and I enjoy the posts as they deeply resonate
    Thank u

  2. Wow! While I don’t use Christian language in my blog to describe an insight, I do think it’s sort of similar. Learning as separation…wow! I can sense the truth of that. Although I’m not evolved enough yet to fully comprehend it. I’m not so sure I see the quote as a warning, I see it more as an offering. Like….hey folks, here is the way that is more pleasurable if you feel like giving it a try.https://unbreakablejoy.wordpress.com/2017/02/01/so-insecure/
    I added 2 of my blog posts. The first one reminds of the learning quote. The second one aligns with your discussion about images. Thanks for your post!

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