Joyous Moments

“Why was this so? You eagerly awaited each learning challenge in the hopes that it would bring you to the state in which you now abide! You dreaded each learning challenge because you feared that it would not bring you to this state and that you would continue to need to learn, and to perhaps suffer from, the conditions of learning!

“You have arrived! The long journey that brought you here is over. Grow not impatient or desirous of a return to journeying before you begin to expe¬rience the joy of sharing and the new challenges of creating the new! This will be joyous journeying and your challenges will be joyous challenges!” (ACOL, T4:12.14 – 12.15)

We have reached a point of culmination, deep in the fourth Treatise for A Course of Love. We are giving up traditional learning of spiritual matters by reading widely, but this is only because this wide reading is normally done because we are still seeking. Reading widely doesn’t matter, if we can convince ourselves, now and forever, that we have indeed found. And Jesus makes it plain that when we turn to our heart, and let it lead our mind, leading into sharing with our brothers and sisters, that we have found what we sought.

We find this difficult to believe because habits die hard. We have sought to learn of spiritual matters through our reading as long as we have known how to read and write, as long as we have presumed to be on the spiritual pathway. Now we can indeed just stop a bit from our obsession with learning, and realize that that which we sought has been found. Christ-consciousness is only a hairbreadth away, though there is no time, and so the days, weeks, months, or years ahead do not matter.

Today’s quotation calls for a little celebration! We have been taught much by Jesus in A Course of Love, and we will now know him as a companion and partner in the mission to create a new world on earth.

Let us get a good start today.


It is easy to fulfill Jesus’s desires, if we realize that effort is not required or even considered desirable. We listen to our internal guidance, and then we know what to do. It is just that easy. If we are resistant, we need to tell ourselves that we are getting the worst end of the bargain. Your dictates always have our best interests in mind.

Thank You for a good day, all day long. Be with me as the day ends, and night moves on toward sleep. Your constant care is always with me, 24/7. A blessing beyond belief, but I do believe it.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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