New Consciousness Takes Hold

“The new patterns of sharing in unity and relationship and thus creating unity and relationship are only now being created by the one mind and heart that you share in unity with God. You will be the co-creator of the new pattern of consciousness that is sharing in unity and relationship, as you were once the co-creator of the pattern of consciousness that was learning.” (ACOL, T4:12.21)

“Unity and relationship” is a theme that is repeated quite often in A Course of Love. My interpretation of it is that we are all one, one with ourselves (heart and mind), and one with God, and one with our brothers and sisters. God is the All, the One, and our Christ-Self is a unity joined with Him. Yet we are in relationship, shared relationship with all that we know as one. If it weren’t for the relationship, we wouldn’t know anything, for differentiation or individuation is necessary for the All, the One, God, to know Himself. Our Christ-Self is shared with everyone, so that we are one Self.

These theological issues do not need to be fully understood for us to get the gist of them. We can know that we are united with all that exists, and yet we are differentiated into parts, in relationship with each of those parts individually. We can know something of the mystical import of those words, “unity and relationship,” by pondering their meaning in our heart. Our heart doesn’t need proof of God’s existence in the way that the mind sometimes seeks. Our heart knows in a way that the mind cannot, unless and until true reality has been taught the mind by the heart.

We are embedded in a consciousness that is somewhat new, in that we are sharing with one another, whereas as previously, we sought to know what we knew by learning from presumed authorities. Now we look within for verification of what is true and good, and when we look within, we find the guidance that we have long needed. This time, rather than the Holy Spirit, an intermediary between God and ourselves, we find guidance from our real Christ-Self, that which is merged with God, no longer afraid of Him as though he were Someone separate from us. He is not separate; our unity with Him is among the greatest of the tenets that ACOL shares with us, tenets of knowledge, always, not tenets formed from perception which may be faulty.

Share with our brothers and sisters in this Christmas season. Know the joy that can come from feeling God’s Presence deep within us. His warmth soothes the most troubled breast, for His solace is never-ending, always constant. If troubles come, know that they will pass when we create a new world. The things that happen that previously would have been considered troubles, difficulties, or problems, will seem mere trifles then. Our better future is assured. We need seek no longer. When we look within, to heart and mind joined, we know that we have found.


Thank You for the warmth that I have sensed in my life today. I feel close to Jesus as I read his channeled words, and as I take those channeled words unto myself and make them my own credo.

Thank You for this good day. Help me to be worthy of Your love, though I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that You love me, regardless of any and all mistakes that I make. Thank You for your steadfastness. Forgive the eons that may have passed when I turned away, lost in dreams and illusions. I would come home today, I would re-surrender to You each day, and I would be the woman whom You wish me to be.


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