Jesus: “I Am with You”

“Realize this without fear, for I am with you. This is akin to being stranded in a foreign land with none of the ways you learned how to adapt in the past being of service to you. That is how new this is—and more. But the differ¬ence is that you are not alone and that you are not in a foreign land but returned to your home of origin. What you cannot learn you can remember. What you cannot learn will simply be known through sharing.” (ACOL, T4:12.26)

“I am with you,” Jesus says. Traditional Christianity has said the same. An inspirational writer of the last century, Norman Vincent Peale, told many stories of sensing that Jesus was with an ill person, or one who was upset or conflicted. He recommended, even, that one pull up a chair to one’s bed, imagining that Jesus was sitting by the bed all the night through. His parishioners, some of them, tried it, and they became true believers that there was something going on with this advice. Jesus seemed really to be present.

A Course in Miracles also says the same thing, in other words. Jesus says to imagine that he is holding our hand as we walk along, and he continues by saying that this will be no “idle fantasy.”

I have sensed Jesus’s presence on two occasions in the past two days. Or so I imagined. There is power in these statements of his. Apparently he can clone himself to be with anyone, anytime. And the warmth that emanates from his personality is heartwarming, indeed.

We are creating the new, now. We are heading into Christ-consciousness, if we are not there already. And we are not stranded in a foreign land (though Jesus would be there for us as well). We are finally at home.

And all is well.


Thank You for giving me the sense of Jesus’s presence in recent days. This gesture is much appreciated. I long for a calm and relaxed demeanor that can handle any occurrence. And by imagining Jesus at my side, I come close to that desire.

Be with me today, as always. Help me to have good energy, to be ready and willing to do all that I can to relieve the burdens of my brothers and sisters. May they sense your Presence, as well as the presence of Jesus. This is not false thinking. And my future will bear it out.



3 thoughts on “Jesus: “I Am with You”

  1. Whenever we think of someone in Spirit with love they are there. So, of course, an Ascended Master such as Jesus would rush to our side at the mere thought and need of him. This post is very beautiful and very true. “Imagination” is something I struggle with. It is through imagination that I connect with the Spirit Realm yet my connection is very real. I think imagination is underrated. Imagination is where everything begins. It is in the imagination that we call to Jesus and he truly is there with us. There is no such thing as ONLY imagination. It is as real as the material physical world, which we can touch. Thank you for this beautiful blog piece.

  2. I want to thank you for following God. With God all things are more than possible, they are probable! I like what you are doing.

  3. Thank you for this. I am currently on Lesson 250-something in ACIM and intend to read ACOL afterwards. With strong intentions, I had asked Jesus to take more of a role in assisting me both personally and in the life coaching work I do. Shortly after, I was inspired to get ACIM. Coincidence? 🙂

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